How to Stream VR on Discord

Discord is undoubtedly one of the most popular online VOIP software available. It brings together multitudes of gamers and non-gamers, giving them anything they need to connect effectively. Previously, the only method to broadcast on Discord was to link to an independent third program like Twitch and use Discord’s Streamer Mode to protect your security and private data.

On the other hand, Discord now has its own devoted broadcasting service called Discord ‘Go Live,’ which enables members to view each other play games and share their screens at the push of a button. You may also use this ability to stream VR video games on Discord. This post will provide you a quick overview of how to stream VR on Discord.

Stream VR on Discord

About VR Games

The use of a three-dimensional (3-D) artificial atmosphere to digital games is known as virtual reality gaming. Virtual reality settings are produced with VR technology and exhibited to the consumers in such a manner that they exceed the real experience, allowing the user to suspend disbelief and perceive the VR environment as genuine as possible.

At its most basic level, a VR game can consist of a 3-D picture that can be examined dynamically on a computer by moving keys, a mouse, or touchscreens. VR headgear, wrap-around screen panels, and VR spaces enhanced with wearable technology and sensory items such as smells and haptics devices providing tactile input are more complex and realistic instances.


VR Streaming

Virtual reality (VR) video broadcasting is becoming increasingly popular in the internet video world. This unique take on video is assisting businesses in connecting with their audiences in a more realistic and captivating way than traditional video material.

After years of being seen as “modernistic,” virtual reality and 360 video transmissions are advancing at a breakneck pace. These innovations have been in the works for years, but processing power and connectivity have just recently caught up to make them a possibility. At long last, the virtual reality revolution has arrived.

VR Stream Setup

VR video streaming necessitates a unique streaming configuration that employs unique approaches. When compared to a standard broadcast configuration, there are a few distinctions.

Camera and Audio

First and above all else, there’s the camera.  The trouble is, you’ll require more than one. 360 video captures used to be prohibitively expensive, requiring custom-built set-ups with several cameras controlled by a sole controller. However, this has altered in recent years. Modern cameras with 360-degree filming capabilities are surprisingly inexpensive.

Another crucial aspect of VR media is audio. If the sound is off, a beautiful 360 footage might be entirely spoiled. For the greatest effect, VR and 360 videos must be accompanied by professional multichannel audio recording. This necessitates the use of panoramic microphones and meticulous mixing to guarantee that the appropriate sounds are delivered to the viewer at the appropriate moment.

Tripods and installation gear will be required to sustain all of this. This might mean a whole new production set-up.


360 video is generally merged after it is recorded. Since nearly all 360 cameras are actually many cameras filming independent video feeds, this is the case. This step is skipped by certain cameras. There is a range of software available for combining these many feeds into a single spherical stream.

Transcoding and Encoding

Of course, any broadcasting video must be encoded before being made available in a digital form. This is also true for virtual reality and 360 videos. After the video has been merged, it is encoded. Software or specific device encoders can be used to do this.

This form of video footage, on the other hand, appears to have exceptionally huge file sizes. Because file sizes must be kept to a minimum, transcoding is very critical. Streams should preferably be given at a variety of bitrates to accommodate viewers with varying internet connections.


When it arrives at uploading, file capacity becomes a consideration. To transmit high-definition video, your broadband upload speed should be at least twice as fast as the bandwidth you expect to utilize.


The final and most crucial stage is viewing. VR live streaming can only be accessed by those with exceptionally strong internet connections and capable hardware. A headgear like the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, or HTC Vive is required for a realistic interaction. On a smartphone or desktop, they’ll also require a media player that allows them to navigate around a 360-degree frame.

SteamVR Status Window Discord Streaming Fix

Streaming VR on Discord

When you’re through with the VR Stream Arrangement and want to broadcast it with other members of your server or gaming pals, perform the instructions below:

  • You presumably already know that you need a server to utilize Discord for broadcasting or general discussion. Merely connect to the server to begin the streaming procedure if you have one.
  • Proceed by loading the VR videogame you wish to broadcast to your Discord server once you’ve connected.
  • For certain users, Discord will automatically detect the game they wish to broadcast. Merely select the ‘Go Live’ option directly above your connectivity status in this situation:
  • When you select the ‘Go Live’ icon, you’ll be presented with a variety of options, including which channels to broadcast to, what resolution to transmit in, and your fps output. Because this is a VR game, choose the maximum quality and frame rate for the best experience, then hit ‘Go Live.’

You’ll get a tiny preview window once you’re online, displaying you what the other users are viewing. 


As technology evolves and improves to accommodate this type of realistic video streaming, it’s an exhilarating experience for VR video broadcasting. Discord is a terrific platform for connecting people from everywhere in the world, and the addition of such functionalities enhances the user interaction. Hopefully, this article on how to stream VR on Discord will assist you in having a fantastic time.

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