How to Use Echo Dot as a Speaker with AUX?

Whenever it comes to user-friendly experiences, Echo Dot gets the best gaze. From building a smart home to make and receive calls whenever you want, the voice command service of Echo Dot has no competition.

But do you know you can use it as a speaker with AUX? Yes, you can. Do you want to know how to use Echo Dot as a Speaker with AUX? Check it out!

Amazon Echo Dot AUX Input Automatic

Amazon Echo Dot AUX Input Automatic
  • First of all, you have to get your hands on the right cord. Well, if you are interested to use the AUX input on the Amazon Alexa, you have to pick up the accurate cord. Here, certify that your hands are on the 3.5mm AUX cord. This is the Amazon cord or AUX cable.
  • Once you get the cord, it’s time to add it to the device. Go through the end of the cord and add it to the compatible Echo device. When you are done with one end, you have to move to the other end of the cord.

Hold this end of the cord and add it to the audio output device. Check if both ends are connected properly or not.

  • When both ends are connected in the right manner, you can easily go through the audio of your device and switch it on. Play the music you want and enjoy dancing to the music!

Amazon Echo Dot AUX Input Manual

Amazon Echo Dot AUX Input Manual

There are chances that the audio will not start playing from your Alexa device. If it doesn’t work automatically, you have to work manually at times. In this case, you need to reach out to the output sources on your audio output device.

From there, all you need is to select the output source and then go for it! Get into the Sound Settings on the audio output device first. There, you have to check out the appropriate AUX output source and then make it work!

  • For this, your first job is to get into Alexa App on your smartphone. Once you get in, there, you will see an option called Devices. Tap this one and get in.
  • Once you are already in, search for the option Connected Devices. You might need to scroll a bit to get this one. After you have found the Connected Devices, check out the device list. In the list of devices, you will see the AUX Audio listed there,
  • After you get the AUX Audio, tap on it. It will take you to another two options, one called Line In and the other one Line Out. From this list of two, you have to get your fingers on Line Out and tap it. You have already connected the Echo Dot with the audio device.

Now, it will work as a speaker and you can play audio or any music on your device and the Echo speaker will play it for you!

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Amazon Echo Dot AUX Output

Well, if you are new to Amazon Echo dot, you might not know about the AUX output service of the device.

All the Echo devices including the Echo Dot also come with the facility of AUX output facility. We mentioned it because some of the Echo Dot devices do not have the AUX-in facility.

But the best part is, even those devices can work with AUX output easily! With this one, you are free to use the device, add it to the external speaker, and listen to good music or audio.

FAQs on Echo Dot and AUX Speaker

How do I connect Echo Dot to car AUX?

To connect the Echo Dot to AUX, all you need is to plug in the get the AUX cable and connect both the ends with the devices. One goes for the car’s auxiliary port and the other end into the Echo Dot’s port. When they are ready, you have to turn on the car first. After this, set the stereo’s input to AUX. Check the Bluetooth of your phone and go through the Alexa app. There, all you need is to select the Amazon Echo and you are ready to play music!

Can I use Echo Dot as a wired speaker?

Yes, you can easily connect Echo Dot with wired speakers. The speakers that are compatible with Echo Dot can easily be added to it with the jack. You don’t need Bluetooth for it! However, if the jack is not compatible or the device you are adding isn’t compatible with Echo Dot, it won’t work.

Can you use Alexa as a speaker without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can switch to Bluetooth if you do not want to connect the Alexa with Wi-Fi. All you need is to pair the appliance with the Bluetooth-enabled device. Get the smartphone, switch on the Bluetooth and start searching for the device. From the available Bluetooth device list, pick up the Alexa or Amazon Echo. Connect it and you’re ready! Feel free to enjoy the calls, music, and much more!

How To Use You Amazon Echo As A PC Speaker

Wrap Up

So, now you know how you can use Echo Dot as a speaker with AUX! As Amazon Echo Dot has come up with so many Echo devices, it sometimes gets tough to understand which device work with which one.

And to ensure if things work the same way or not, check the generation of the Echo Dot along with the compatibility of the appliance.

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