How to Measure Marine Speakers?

If you’re exhausted with poor sound quality of the speaker, it might be because of the improper speaker. You might think of modifying the speaker for a better experience. Well, when it comes to modifying them, several questions will pop up in your mind. The first one among many is how to measure marine speakers.

My uncle Tom, an 80-years-old boatman who reminds me of Santiago often ends up praising the speakers he’s proud of. On the other, I have millions of complaints against my marine speakers. Primarily, I can’t get the voice from the other end. So, I once asked him about how to measure marine speakers so that I can enjoy my time onboard dancing.

Let’s get Uncle Tom’s guidelines on how to measure marine speakers.

Measure Marine Speakers?

How to Measure Marine Speakers?

When it comes to measuring marine speakers, the owner’s manual can tell you the size most exactly. However, sometimes owner’s manual lacks this information. In that case, the outside diameter of the speaker grill can provide you with the correct size of the speaker.

Nevertheless, you’re might be still in dark. Don’t worry! Come up with the mounting hole cut out of the existing speaker. Once you measure the mounting hole cutout, give it a shot to learn about the depth of the speaker as well as the maximum mounting depth.

If you manage to learn the current mounting depth and the maximum mounting depth, you can use this measurement in your next purchase to get the most suitable speakers for your marine.

Marine Speakers

Measuring the current one is the best way to determine the correct size of the speaker for your marine. Nevertheless, if you find it inadequate for your boat, you should end up with a bigger one, right?

If you like to purchase a bigger one as opposed to the existing one, first measure the total area of the boat (if you like to get sound from any corner of the boat). Mainly, measure the distance from the hub and between the targeted corner and the center.

Keep the distance (the hub and between the targeted corner and the center) in your mind to determine the size. It might be the floor or the bottom of the seat above. Similarly, it might be an angle to the right or left.

If you consider and equate the distance while measuring the distance, you can get the exact diameter that’ll get you to the perfect speakers for your boat.

Understanding the Speaker Size

Understanding the size of the speaker is way crucial as covering the total area is your goal. Oftentimes, you may like to keep any portion free from sound. Whatever, you have to understand the size and find the appropriate one for your boat.


Q 1: What Size Are Standard for Boat Speakers?

The most standard size of the boat speakers is 6.5”. They are the best-selling and most available too. These 6.5” speakers are designed in a way that would be greatly suitable for most of the boats. In addition, they come with the best quality tiers, color options, and LED lights.

Q 2: What is the Standard Watts for a Speaker?

It largely depends on the users. Therefore, the standard watts for the speaker sometimes vary. Some people find 20 watts good enough, while some listeners think 30 is perfect. However, the standard watts are recorded for the home speaker between 15 to 30 watts. However, when it comes to massive gathering, 50 or 100 watts should be standard.

Q 3: Should I Get A Box for My Marine Subwoofer?

Generally, subwoofers are made for unlimited baffle applications. Therefore, if your subwoofer is made for the unlimited baffle, it requires no box. Similarly, if your subwoofer designed is for an enclosure, put it in the box.

Q 4: How To Wire Marine Speakers?

To begin with, strip the wire of the speaker to around 3/8” to ½” length of the bare wire. Then, twist the wire firmly so that they keep together securely. Now, push one of the terminals to unleash the hole. Once, you did that, insert the bare wire up to the insulation. Unleash the terminal to put the wire in place. Now, repeat the same process for the second one.

Q 5: Can I Exchange Marine Stereo with Car?

Absolutely, you can. You can even give it a shot for your truck or motorcycle too. They are amazing when it comes to installing such vehicles.

The Bottom Lines

Measuring marine speakers is not a daunting task anyway. However, some people find it way difficult. So, if you like to get the perfect speakers for your boat, you have to know how to measure marine speakers.

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