Discord Bot Unexpected Token Invalid – Fix the Issue

There are tokens for the respective bots to perform properly in a Discord server. It is mainly an alphanumeric phrase that acts as the authorization code with which you can make the bot perform the desired task. It is a crucial part of setting up the bot on your server for further automated tasks.

But it is unfortunate when out of nowhere, it shows that the Discord bot’s unexpected token invalid. Because of it, that token won’t work, and you won’t be able to assign any task to that bot. But fixing processes are available to get you out of this horrible situation.

Reasons for Which Discord Bot Token May Unexpectedly Show Invalid

Reasons for Which Discord Bot Token May Unexpectedly Show Invalid

There are various tokens for various Discord bots. All the assigned tasks will be performed properly if the respective token is valid. There are various reasons for which a Discord bot token can suddenly show as invalid out of nowhere. Out of those numerous reasons, the most responsible ones are:

  • If you do not import the config or env file correctly, the Discord bot token will show as invalid
  • Copying the client secret instead of the bot token is another reason for which the token can turn into invalid
  • When the Discord bot token is not updated correctly after resetting, there is a high chance of getting it invalid

Discord Bot Unexpected Token Invalid – How to Fix the Issue

It is unfortunate to face this problem when trying to make the bot perform your desired automated task. Discord bot invalid or unexpected token failure is the last thing you would want while adding a bot to the server. However, as it can happen because of some faults or errors related to the token, it can be fixed as well. 

Now, the fixing methods you need to go through based on the reason of the problem for solving this unwanted issue are:

Method-1: Import the Config or ENV File Again and Correctly

While adding the bot to the server, you need to import the bot token to Discord. For doing so, at first, you will have to copy the configuration of the bot token. Then, you will have to paste that bot token in the “client. login” section. 

Along with that, the env file also needs to be imported to your Discord server. Mostly, the invalid token issue happens when the config or env file is not correct. For example, you might miss some section of the config or env file while importing it. If that happens, you need to import the env file correctly once again.

Then, you will have to paste the token again in the “client. login” even if you have done it earlier. You must complete the whole process once again to ensure there is no error that can declare your bot token invalid. 

In the next part, you will have to run the script, and hopefully, this time, your bot token will be shown as valid.

Method-2: Make Sure to Copy the Bot Token and not the Client Secret

The bot token must be copied to Discord to run the bot and make it perform your desired automated task. But the problem appears when you copy the wrong bot token. You may also end up copying the client secret instead of your preferred bot token, which will also declare your bot token invalid.

That’s why you must keep a close eye on the difference between the bot token and the client’s secret. You can also take help from someone experienced to ensure you copy the bot token and not the client’s secret. When copied, just paste it to the section from where you have added bots previously.

As you provide the correct bot token, there will be no invalid issue this time, and you will be able to use the bot on your Discord server.

Method-3: Update the Discord Bot Token After Resetting

You may forget to update your Discord bot token after resetting. As a result, it can lead the bot token to be declared invalid, which you will never want. Because of that, you must update the Discord bot token after resetting. As you do so, the Discord bot token will no longer be shown as an invalid token.

Once the token is declared as a valid one, the bot will start performing properly. Then you can make the bot perform whichever tasks you assign to it. You may be interested in the post How to Make a Discord Bot Join a Voice Channel

Final Thoughts

Discord bot token may show as invalid either at the time of adding the bot or when you are trying to launch Discord. When it appears, your bot won’t even operate, let alone perform your desired automated tasks.

That’s why it is a must to seek solutions for the Discord bot unexpected token invalid issue. However, you won’t have to overthink this issue as there are solution methods available which are discussed above. 

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