How to Make a Discord Bot Join a Voice Channel

Discord bot is an artificial intelligence that is most likely a user-like server member that automates various actions. But next to the name of it, there will be a “Bot” tag to make things clear compared to the regular members. There are pretty useful things that can be done using these bots.

From adding new members to banning someone, you can perform various tasks through them to maintain the server. You can also make some bots to add music or games to the server along with moderating discussions. Because of all these, how to make a Discord bot join a voice channel becomes the most commonly asked question among the users.

Benefits of Adding a Discord Bot to a Voice Channel

Discord bots are mainly for making things easier for you to maintain the server by assisting in many ways. For example, you can add bots to your voice channel based on your desired purposes. Doing so will benefit you in many ways, along with keeping the channel in proper shape even with less hassle. 

Now the benefits of adding the bots to your voice channel are:

  • Offers extra security of the voice channel
  • Various new features will be added to the server as per the types of bots you prefer to add
  • It will save your time by automating various tasks on your Discord server to maintain it
  • Adding the right bot will make it a lot easier to build a truly engaging community

How to Make Discord Bot Join Voice Channel – The Easiest Path to Follow

Adding bots in a Discord voice channel is a task that requires you to perform some basic tasks. You can’t add a bot of any type without knowing the process. To complete the task, you must perform the action correctly, and the steps you need to follow are:

Phase-1: Check the Permission

If you want to add the bots to your voice channel, you need to be the server owner. In case when you are not the server owner, you must be one of the administrators of that respective voice channel. But things get a bit complex when you don’t possess either of those roles.

Then you will have to take permission from the server owner to add a Discord bot to the voice channel you are added. Things might change a bit, and you might be the owner, and some members might seek permission to add bots. If that’s the scenario, here is how you can assign permission to the members:

Step-1: Access the Server Settings

At first, you will have to locate your server icon from the left of your screen and click on it to enter the server. After entering the server, click on the “Server Settings” option, which will disclose some more options.

Step-2: Assign Roles and Permissions

From those newly revealed options, click on “Roles” and then locate the role you want to assign to that member. Next, click on that role name, which will bring up the “Edit” button containing a pen-like icon.

Assign Roles

Press it, select the “Permission” section from which, turn on the “Administrator” switch, and of course, save the changes to assign the role.

Administrator pic

Phase-2: Download and Set Up the Desired Bot

If you are the server owner or an administrator, you can make a bot join your server. To do so, you must choose the bot type first and find the perfect bot for your server. When you are done selecting it, you will have to download the bot to get things going.

You can download it from any forum or through a link by searching in google, or even get it from a friend. After downloading, you will have to set the bot up with various things to make it work. Now, the process of setting the bot up is:

Step-1: Download and Authorize the Bot

Whichever bot you download, you need to click on the “Add to Discord” option right after downloading. At that point, a pop-up notification window may appear requiring authorization, and you must click on the “Authorize” option from that window.

Step-2: Select the Permissions

After completing the first step, you will be directed to your Discord account, from where you will have to locate and click on your desired server icon. It will make you enter that respective server, and you will find another notification panel containing numerous permission options.

Those permission options are the ones that you can assign to the bot. You will have to select the permissions according to how you want to use your bot on the server.

Step-3: Authorize Again and Add the Bot

Then you will have to scroll downwards and click on “Authorize” to almost get the job done. In the next phase, you will have the option of setting up the bot for whichever automated tasks you want to assign the bot or which type of bot you want it to be.

Final Thoughts

Adding bots to the Discord server is for making the task easier for the server owner and the administrators. But even if you are just a common and regular member, you may also want to add a bot. In that situation, how to make a Discord bot join a voice channel is most likely to appear. 

By following the instructions discussed above, you can add bots to your voice channel. You are capable of doing so when you are either a server owner or an administrator of that server. But when you are just a general member, you will have to take permission from the server owner regarding that issue.

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