Discord Add Account Not Showing

One of the features that get people’s attention about Discord is its ability to add a new account for free. If you’re trying to add a new account and it says “Add Account” but then it won’t work, this article will help you fix the problem.

You may be wondering, “Why is my add account option not showing up?” You can’t see the button on the Discord login page. When you go to add a new account, you’ll get a big red message that says “Accounts cannot be added at this time.”

There are two main causes of this issue: either your computer is not authorized to add an account or the servers for adding an account are down.

This article will help you determine why it’s not working, and how to get your add account option back.

How To Add Another Account On Discord Mobile

Add Another Account

Step 1: Download and Install Discord on your Mobile Phone

If you have a smartphone, this would be the easiest way for you to add your new account.

Step 2: Open the Discord App on your Mobile Phone

If you’re on Android, simply click on the app icon and if you’re using an iPhone, you need to press the Discord icon.

Step 3: Sign In to Your Account or Create One

If you have an account with Discord or own one before, then this third step is unnecessary since you can log in right away. Click on the “Create Account” button. This will give you so many options that include creating an account with your mobile phone number or using your email.

Step 4: Add Another Account to Discord

To add another account on the Discord App, simply click on “Add New Account” and then select what device would be best for you.

Step 5: Enter Details on Creating an Account

If you are creating an account, you will need to enter your username and password into the fields that appear. When you are done filling these details in, simply click on “Log in”.

How To Switch Accounts On Discord Mobile

How To Switch Accounts On Discord

Step 1: Click on Your Profile Photo at the Top

As with your Discord profile, you need to click on your profile photo at the top right-hand corner of your screen before you can proceed. This will bring up a drop-down menu where you can see your avatar, username, and more.

Step 2: Select “Account Settings”

From the drop-down menu that appears, click on “Account settings” and an Account Settings page should appear where you can choose what settings you prefer for your account. This can also be changed at any time on the Profile screen.

Step 3: Choose Your Preferred Setting in Account Settings

You will see your settings, options, and settings categories. If you have preferred options, then click on “Save” and continue with the rest of the steps below.

Step 4: Switch Accounts on Discord

With the account settings page still open, you now need to switch between your Discord accounts. Simply click the drop-down menu and choose your preferred settings and click “Choose Account” as seen in the image below. This will guide you through to the Account Switcher page where you can log in to your account using all of your devices, email, or phone number.

You can only have five accounts on Discord at a time. If you want to add more, then delete the one you don’t want anymore and then start over.

How To Add Alt Accounts On Discord

Alt accounts and groups can be removed from Discord in order to avoid confusion when accidentally joining a group or alt account. This can be easily done by following the steps below:

You must log in to your account on a different device before you can remove the alt accounts or groups that you are a part of. If you are using a computer, use another browser to open your Discord tab under the account that you want to remove. If you are using a mobile device, open the web version of Discord, log out and then log in to the other account.

Step 2: Click the three dots on the right.

Doing this will open up another menu with options that you can use in order to navigate through Discord. Click on “Settings,” which will open up another settings page for your account. Then, click “Group Settings”.

Step 3: Select the Groups.

Once you click on the Groups menu, you will see all of the groups and alt accounts that are associated with your account. In order to remove all groups, select all and select “Remove”.

Step 4: Exit and re-enter Discord.

After you are done removing the alt accounts or groups from your account, log out and then log in again. A message will appear informing you that your alt accounts have been removed and showing how many were removed in total.

Discord Account Switching IOS

If you are using an iPhone and have Discord installed on it, then this step is a simple one that you can use whenever you want to switch accounts.

Step 1: Sign Out of Discord

Step 2: Open Discord And Sign In With Your Second Account

Click on “Account Settings” and then select your second account. Once you have verified that you are connecting to the account, then click on “Login.”

This will bring up a login page where you can enter your username and password in order to sign in with this second account. Once you have done this, simply “Log in” and your profile will be updated.

Now log into it using the steps above to switch between them.

Discord Nitro Multiple Accounts

Discord Nitro allows you to have multiple accounts on a single Discord server. This can be a great way to differentiate between different channels and communities, or even create separate profiles in order to test the waters of multiple accounts.

Step 1: Add Multiple Accounts To Your Discord Account

The first thing that you will want to do is sign into Discord and open up the user profile menu that is available at the top right corner of the screen. This will bring up all of your settings and preferences for your account, and you can click on “Switch Account” in order to add another account.

Step 2: Add Your Additional Accounts

A list of all your Discord accounts appears when you click “Switch Account.”. Simply click the account that you want to use and then type in your username, and password, and push “Add”.

Step 3: Promote Your Other Accounts

Now that you have added your additional accounts, make sure that other people know about it so that you can use this for yourself or for friends.


Q: Is there a limit to how many accounts can be added to discord?

A: There is a maximum limit of 5 accounts at a time.

Q: How do I switch between my different accounts on discord?

A: If you simply log out of one account, you automatically a logged into your next account.

Q: If you want to remove an account from Discord, how do you do it?

A: You can simply select the account that you want to remove, click “Delete” and then your account will be removed.

Final Word

It’s a common problem across many online platforms, but the truth is discord account not showing is rarely an issue for long. Whether you’re trying to create a new account or log into one but can’t, these best practices can help ensure a smooth experience from start to finish.

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