Discord Account Disabled vs Banned

Your Discord account can get banned if you keep breaking Discord rules and regulations on a regular basis. On the other hand, your account can get disabled as well by the authority for various reasons. It is unfortunate that you are somehow unable to use your Discord account in both cases.

But whichever of these two happens, they are never expected to happen with any user. If you are new to Discord, you will have to gather accurate information about Discord account disabled vs banned. It will make your perspective clear, and you will be able to react quickly while facing any of these two situations.

The Possible Reasons for Your Discord Account Getting Banned or Disabled

No matter your Discord account gets banned or disabled, that means you are far from using it. Though getting your account disabled and banned might look identical, there are some vast differences between these two incidents. Now take a look at the possible reasons for both these incidents related to your Discord account:

Getting Banned or Disabled
Possible Reasons for Discord Account Getting Disabled  Possible Reasons for Discord Account Getting Banned  
Discord might disable your account if you continue posting objectionable things on Discord repeatedly  If you violate the terms of service set by the Discord authority and keep violating it, again and again
Bullying someone, using slangs frequently, false complaining, password stealing can also be the possible reasons behind it  A suspicious IP address is another reason your Discord account getting banned  
If you spread viruses or share cheating software, your Discord account can get disabled as well  Spamming can also get your Discord account banned out of nowhere  

Discord Account Disabled vs Banned – Explanation of Both the Scenarios

You have gathered information about the possible reasons behind your Discord account getting disabled and banned. Now let’s discuss in detail about both these scenarios:

Discord Account Disabled vs Banned

Discord Account Getting Disabled

Imagine waking up in the morning and finding your Discord account getting disabled out of nowhere. Yeah, the scenario seems pretty painful and becomes a royal pain when you face it yourself for real. The possible reasons behind this unwanted issue to occur are discussed in the chart above. 

If you violate any of those rules and regulations above, Discord will send you a message regarding that to warn you. They might warn you several times when the violation done by you is quite small. Everyone may not be that lucky as their account can get disabled after receiving only a warning. 

Even your whole server can get disabled if you promote dangerous or illegal things against the local law enforcement authority. You can also disable your account accidentally by providing an incorrect email and password several times. Unfortunately, because of misconception, Discord might disable your account accidentally.

But not to worry much as you will have the option to complain to Discord authority against your disabled account. If you can provide a valid reason against the accusation set against your account, hopefully, you will get your account back.

Discord Account Getting Banned

Discord usually keeps track of all its users in two different ways, and those are:

  • By the IP address of the user
  • By the username

Violation of the rules and regulations discussed in the chart above can get your Discord account banned. You can either get banned from the whole Discord or from any particular server. If you are banned from a server, you won’t be able to join that server with that banned account ever again.

But getting banned from the entire Discord is way vast and more unfortunate than the previous one. If Discord bans you through your username, you can log into Discord through other accounts. But when you are banned through your IP address, you won’t be able to create or log into Discord from any other accounts from the same IP address.

But still, you can submit your appeal to unban your Discord account from the Discord support page. If Discord authority feels you have a valid application and reasons, you might get your Discord account back. That’s why you are always suggested to abide by the rules, regulations, and terms of service set by Discord.

Final Thoughts

Disable and ban your Discord account might look quite alike, but they are pretty different. The following one is quite deadly than the previous one, and it can get even worse if your IP address is banned. To stay safe from these two unwanted incidents, you should gather proper information about Discord account disabled vs banned.

Furthermore, you must stay careful about the possible reasons which can cause these two problems with your Discord account. Most importantly, you need to abide by all the rules, regulations, and terms of service to have a better Discord experience.

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