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For PC and smartphone gamers, Discord has quickly cemented itself as the preferred method of communicating with each other in real-time. The chat software is easy to use, offers text and audio chat, and is entirely free. When you access a server and create connections, your Discord profile will be connected to those servers.

You might also decide to switch to a different program and get rid of your past records. The main difference between disabling vs deleting Discord is that disabling your Discord profile allows you to take a hiatus from it while deleting it would remove your account from the Discord network forever. Whatever your reason for wanting to stop using Discord, it’s essential to look at disable vs. delete Discord.

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Disabling Discord Account

Comparable to social media platforms like Facebook, Discord enables you to remove and deactivate your profile. Although deleting a profile implies that you will not again access it, disabling a profile often suggests that you are considering a hiatus.

For those who don’t want to delete their Discord account entirely but instead want to go on a lengthy sabbatical with the possibility of returning, deactivating their account is the best option to go with. As a bonus, you won’t have to go through the hassle of retrieving it when you get back.

Bring up the Discord software on your computer’s display. Navigate to the User Settings after logging in.

User Settings

Disable Account is positioned next to the choice to Delete Account at the end of the page. To deactivate your profile, press there.

Delete Account

Disable Discord on Your Smartphone

It is not as simple to disable your profile on iOS or Android as on a personal computer. Your profile can’t be disabled or deleted right now if you’re using an Android phone or tablet. Choose one of the alternatives by:

Use your smartphone or tablet to launch the Discord application. To access User Settings, go to the lower right avatar symbol and choose My Account.

Disable Discord on Your Smartphone

Disabling or deleting your account will be available to you. Selecting one of these will lead you to a support page that is quite identical to what you are viewing right now, which explains how to proceed.

deleting your account

A discord smartphone profile may only be deactivated or removed by contacting the support team. Discord smartphone users may only remove their profile by using this method at this point.

Remove Your Discord Profile Indefinitely

Have you decided to go all-in and eliminate all links with Discord? It’s not an issue. There are some differences, but it’s basically the same process as deactivating your profile. There are two ways to remove your profile: contacting customer service or deleting it yourself.

You must either transfer or deactivate administrative permissions to your servers prior to deleting your profile.

Remove Your Discord Profile Indefinitely

To remove your account:

On your PC, access Discord. Proceed to the User Settings after logging in.

User Settings

Select the option to modify your profile. There is a choice to delete your account at the end of this screen. You may irreversibly remove your profile by just tapping on it.

delete your account

If you have 2FA enabled, you may probably be asked to provide your passcode, and 2FA number before the operation is complete. In addition, the removal will be more successful if you first perform a few actions. Change ownership of your server (or numerous servers) to someone who is your confidant, or abolish the server entirely.

Pull up the Server Settings within the Discord application by clicking on the server title.

Discord application

Members may be found beneath the User Management submenu on the left column of the screen.

User Management

Your final choice on who deserves to be a leader will be made here. Navigate to the user’s title and select the three white points after deciding who will be in control.

control server

In most cases, after the transition is finished, you will become a normal community user. Your accessibility to the server is restricted to the functions you are allowed to do as that role’s owner.

It’s best to dismantle your server if you don’t have somebody reliable to give it over to or if you don’t mind. Proceed to Server Settings like we did before, and click the Delete Server button. Keep scrolling down the left-side menu until you reach the entry for ‘Delete Server.’


Click ‘Delete Server’ and validate the removal by providing your login information. If you have enabled two-factor authentication on your profile, you will need to input the number supplied before deleting the server.

On your last attempt at deleting the server, you’ll be asked to choose the Delete Server options. After deletion, you get 14 days to retrieve your profile. You won’t be able to log in or recover your profile credentials after two weeks. It will say DeletedUser 0000 or anything similar when your profile is removed.


Discord enables individuals to remove or momentarily deactivate their profiles. There are two possibilities; however, deactivating your account indicates that you may wish to reactivate it at some time. While canceling your account implies that you’re finished with that profile. Hopefully, this guide on disable vs. delete Discord will help you decide whatever to do about your profile.

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