How To Factory Reset a Supersonic Windows Tablet

Your Windows tablet might have inherent problems that you can’t figure out how to solve. Sometimes it’s hard to find precisely why your phone or tablet freezes or doesn’t work correctly while you browse through applications and programs.

If the issue continues, a simple solution is to do a factory reset to restore your smartphone or tablet to its initial condition. This guide will demonstrate how to factory reset a Supersonic Windows tablet.

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Supersonic Tablets

Supersonic Tablets

In the US, Supersonic Electronics is a household name in modern devices. Established in 1979, Supersonic Electronics is a maker of audiovisual components for home and professional use. The SC-77TV tablet by Supersonic was introduced on the market in 2012. In addition to tablets for adults, Supersonic also makes tablets for youngsters.

Departmental shops, pharmacy stores, electronics specialty shops, and internet sellers all sell Supersonic items. The octa-core and quad-core Android tablets are among the fastest tablets available, and all Supersonic tablets support MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. Some versions include conventional USB connectors, but there are others that have just Micro or Mini connectors.

However, only a few variants of Supersonic tablets include Bluetooth capabilities. The Supersonic e-Print software or Google Cloud Print may be used to print remotely from Supersonic devices.

Factory Reset

Resetting a tablet to its original configuration eliminates every user data and restores it to its state before you originally acquired it. Contacts, images, programs, and any other data you’ve stored on the gadget after you first began operating will be deleted completely.

Not only will it restore the device’s original operating system but also all of its applications and settings. Regardless if you have to reset your device numerous times, it won’t hurt it.

Reasons for Resetting Your Tablet

Reasons for Resetting Your Tablet

In order to transfer or trade your gadget to anyone else, for instance, you’ll need to remove your data. You don’t wish any of your private data to stay on the tablet, particularly if it’s the latter.

You may also do this if your tablet is lagging all the time or if you’re having difficulties deleting apps and want to reset everything to the defaults.

Useful in the event that you are experiencing minor problems with your device and suspect that the difficulty is due to a faulty data connection. Only if the issue can’t be fixed by uninstalling an application or service should you try to fix it with a program or service removal.

If your smartphone is operating slowly, you may want to try deleting applications from it initially or rebooting it to check if it improves issues. If your device is hijacked or misplaced, you may utilize Find my Device’s comparable services, but that’s for a specific purpose. If you’re not sure whether it’s worthwhile, you shouldn’t incur the risk.

Prior to Resetting

– All of your data should be backed up. The significance of this can be emphasized since once you reset it, every data would be irreversibly destroyed. To avoid spending time re-entering your phone’s contacts and other information, it’s a good idea to keep such data on standby.

– Before wiping your Device entirely, you may want to consider encrypting any sensitive information on it. While Android’s most recent security enhancements make it more difficult to retrieve data, encryption gives an additional degree of protection that is always handy if the device is stolen.

Factory Reset Supersonic Windows Tablet

As a first step, tap and push a Switch on the tablet to turn it off. The following action is to press down the Volume Up + Power buttons for a few moments. Once the Android icon shows on display, you may let go of whatever keys you’ve been holding.

Then choose “wipe data/factory reset” by utilizing the Volume Down buttons to browse and the Power switch to finalize. Remove all user information by clicking “Yes.” For navigation, press the Power button to choose a number. Choose “reboot system now” to resume your device. Kudos! As of now, the device has successfully completed its factory reset.

Wait patiently a few moments for your tablet to resume and finish the initial configurations before you can utilize the tablet.


It may be quite inconvenient whenever your tablet freezes or slows in the middle of a crucial chat, online conference, or any other vital task. It’s possible that a factory reset might possibly reinstate your tablet’s previous speed and performance if it persists to occur on an ongoing basis. If you’ve read thus far, you now have all the knowledge you need about Supersonic Windows tablets, factory resets, and how to factory reset a Supersonic Windows Tablet.

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