How do I Change My Name on Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest is a device that is actually a VR headset that you can connect with your device wirelessly to run software and games. So, as you have the question of how do I change my name on Oculus Quest, you must have an idea about how this device works. 

Changing the username on this headset is not rocket science, but you must follow the basics. Even if you are using the Oculus Quest 2, changing the username is quite a simple task to complete. But still, it can be the reason for your headache if you try to finish the job without having the correct information about it.

What is Oculus Quest Username and The Requirements of a Proper Username

Initially, some users are confused about their username in Oculus Quest. Some of them think that it should be the actual name of the user, and some believe they can use whichever username they want. None of these thoughts are entirely true or false, as it is not mandatory that you will have to use your real name.

But that doesn’t mean you can use whichever name you want without following the basic rules and regulations. Setting a username that goes against the standard of the Oculus Quest won’t be a nice idea to follow. There are some basic criteria that you need to fulfill while setting or changing your Oculus Quest username:

  • You must start the username either with a letter or a number, but not any special characters
  • The username must contain at least two characters and no more than 20 characters
  • Your username can contain numbers, letters, and other special characters like dashes and underscores
  • While setting up the username or changing it, avoid using spaces, slashes, or periods, and don’t use dashes or underscores consecutively

How To Change Oculus Quest Username on mobile!

How do I change My Name on Oculus Quest – The Steps to Follow for Completing the Task

Whether in Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2, your username will be visible once you set it up. Then if you feel the necessity, you can change the name every six months. But if you ask how to change the oculus username before 6 months, then there is no way but to create a new account with another username.

You might have doubts about how do I change my username on Oculus Quest 2, and the process is identical to Oculus Quest. The steps you need to follow to change your username on Oculus Quest are as follows:

Step-1: Log into Your Oculus Account

The first thing you need to do is log into your account to change your username. Next, go to the Oculus Website and provide the correct login information in the respective boxes. After putting those correctly and tapping on the “Log In” button, you will be directed to the dashboard of your Oculus account.

Step-2: Access the Profile Section of the Oculus Account

As you want to change your Oculus Quest headset name, you need to enter your profile. After entering the dashboard, you will find a list with various options on the left. At the top of that list, there will be an option named “Profile,” and you need to click on it to access that section.

By clicking there, you will be directed to your Oculus Quest profile, and all the information related to your account will be there. You can change or edit whichever information you want from there.

Step-3: Locate and Click on the Edit Button Beside the Username

In most cases, this section will contain information about your username, email, and language. You can change all the data based on your necessity, as all of these contain the “Edit” button beside them. Now, as you only change your username, find where it is located.

And after finding it, you will see that “Edit” button on the right side of the username that you want to change, and click on it.


Step 4: Provide your New Username  

As you click on the “Edit” button, it will bring up two different boxes on the same page. The first box will contain your old username, and the one on the right of it will require you to provide your META password. Then from the first box, you will have to clear that old and unwanted username first. 

You can keep some of the letters if you don’t want to change the name entirely. After clearing the username box, this is the part where you will have to write the new and appropriate username. We have discussed the rules and regulations about the Oculus Quest Username above. 

You need to choose a username that fulfills all those crucial criteria set by the authority. Try to choose a username that suits you, properly goes with you, or is something close to you. After filling this box with your new username, you must go to the next box right to it. 

This box will remain empty as you access there and require you to provide your current META password. After that, it is just a routine checkup procedure to make sure that you, yourself, are the only person trying to change your Oculus Quest username. 

Then you will have to provide your META password in that blank box correctly to get things going into the next phase.

username change

Step-5: Save the Changes and Confirm the Username Change

Once you have edited your username, you need to save the changes you made in your Oculus Quest Profile. There will be an option named “SAVE,” and you need to click on it to move into the next phase. After saving the changes, another small window will appear to re-assure the changes you have made. 

In this small window, there will again be two options “Confirm” and “Cancel.” Once you click on “Confirm,” your username of the Oculus Quest headset will be updated correctly.

Final Thoughts

You will have to provide a username for the Oculus Quest headset to set it up and use it with your computer. That username will be visible whenever you operate the device. Of course, you can also change that username if you feel the necessity but maintain all the related rules.

Now, if you ask how do I change my name on Oculus Quest, the path is quite simple if you follow the guideline correctly. You always need to keep in mind that you can change the name once every six months. So, try providing the name accurately when changing the Oculus Quest username.

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