[FIXED] Minecraft VR Windows Update Must be Enabled error

Minecraft VR is a popular game all across the universe, and many players even Live Stream the game. Who doesn’t like smooth gameplay without any kind of interruption? But this can turn into a nightmare when suddenly a problem pops up and makes you stop the game.

“Minecraft VR windows update must be enabled” error is a problem that bothers most. But not to get too much worried and find out the reason why it is happening. Then apply the effective solutions.


The Reasons Behind Occurring the Minecraft VR windows update must be enabled Error

It will be a matter of great disappointment if you receive the message “Windows update must be enabled” while launching Minecraft VR. The annoyance will even increase when this message keeps coming every time you try to launch the game. When Minecraft VR not launching, it is obvious that it will give you a headache. 

The reasons behind causing this problem are:

  • When the graphics card driver of your computer becomes outdated, it can cause an error while launching Minecraft VR
  • If your Windows operating system version is not updated, it can make Minecraft VR Failed to launch
  • Keeping the “Receive Updates for other Microsoft Products when you Update Windows” option disabled

How to Solve the “Minecraft VR windows update must be enabled” Error

It can be a reason for your severe headaches when you face any Minecraft VR windows update issue while launching the game. Having a bit of tension regarding the problem is normal, but you shouldn’t panic. It will make the solving process more delayed for you. However, with your mind focused and applying practical solutions, you can solve the error within no time.

The effective methods of solution that you can apply to eliminate this error are:

Solution-1: Re-Install Minecraft VR

If you are facing the windows updating-related issue in your Minecraft VR, at first, you need to uninstall the game. After doing so, go to the file section where you kept the downloaded file of Minecraft VR. From there, reinstall the game.

Solution-2: Re-Download the Minecraft VR

When the reinstalling process doesn’t work, you need to re-download the game. For doing so, at first, uninstall the game, and then delete the source file from your computer. After that, you need to go to the Microsoft Store, search Minecraft VR, and install the game without wasting any time. 

Then try to run Minecraft VR, and hopefully, you won’t face any issues until the next update arrives.

Solution-3: Updating Your Graphics Card Driver

An outdated version of the graphics card driver can cause windows update-related problems in Minecraft VR. To update the graphics card driver, you need to follow some basic steps, and those steps are:

Step-1: Access to Device Manager

To update the graphics card driver, accessing the “Device Manager” section of your computer is a must. At first, go the search bar. Then press “R” from the keyboard, and a small new tab will appear on your screen containing the “Run” command box. 

On that command box, there will be another box for searching purposes. You need to type “devmgmt.msc” from the keyboard and then hit the “Enter” button. By doing so, you will enter the “Device Manager” section. 


Step-2: Update the Graphics Card Driver

After accessing the “Device Manager” section, you will see a chart of different options. Locate “Display adapters” option, double-click on it, and your graphics card driver’s name will appear below. You need to right-click on the graphics card driver name, and a new tab with some options will appear.


On that tab, the first option will be “Update Driver,” and click on it to start if any update is available. Then install the updated graphics card driver.

Solution-4: Installing the Latest Windows Version

An outdated version of your computer’s operating system can also prevent Minecraft VR from launching. Then you need to update the windows version and install it, and the steps to follow for that are:

Step-1: Access to the Settings

The first thing you need to do is accessing into the “Settings” section of your device. Press the “Windows” key, and a new panel bar will appear at the bottom-left part of the screen. Click on the “Settings” icon from there to enter that section for further tasks.

Step-2: Update the Windows Version

From the “Settings” section, locate “Update & Security,” and double-click on it. In that “Update & Security” section, the first option will be “Windows Update.” Go there, click on it, and a new tab will appear that contains the option named “Check for Updates.” Click on it, and if there is an update, Windows will start the updating process.


When the updating process completes, install the updated Windows version.

Solution-5: Enabling Auto Update for Minecraft VR Windows

Step-1: Enter Windows Update Section

The same way you updated the Windows version, you need to enter that section again. At below from where you checked for updates, there will be some more options.

Step-2: Access to Advanced Options

Select the first option from that list named “Advanced Options.” Then double-click on that menu, and a new page will appear on the screen that contains many advanced options related to Windows update.


Step-3: Enabling Auto Update

After entering the “Advanced Options,” you will see an option for receiving auto updates for all Microsoft products. There will be a slider below that option, and you need to turn that on. 



Facing the “Minecraft VR windows update must be enabled” error when launching the Minecraft VR is disappointing. It can discourage you from playing that game anymore which is not a good sign. But that is not going to help you finding the solution if you leave that like it without even trying. 

Focus your mind and find the reason that is causing the error of failing to launch the game. Then apply the effective solutions starting from the simplest one. Finally, keep applying the solution methods, and one of them will solve the problem. 

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