How to Fix the Blue Screen Critical Process Died Error

The Blue Screen of Death, rather known as BSOD, is a fatal error in Windows OS. When this problem occurs, the computer screen becomes blue with appearing some error codes. To most people, this error is also known as the blue screen critical process died Windows 10.

It occurs when a Windows critical component finds any modification of data that shouldn’t have been done. This problem happened a lot some years ago, but now, it has decreased because of the stable Windows OS.

Blue Screen Critical Process Died Error

What is Death of the Critical Process

Unwanted data modification or malfunctioning of any Windows critical component is the major reason for the death of that critical process. When that critical process dies, the computer screen becomes blue showing the error code. In most cases, if you face this problem, you will see the error code 0x000000EF on a crashed blue screen.

When this crashed blue screen appears with error codes, it is called chiefly Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. It will make suddenly stop whatever you do on your computer. You can even face it while starting your computer. This problematic situation may even appear when you will try to launch any software whose file has been corrupted.

Why Blue Screen of Death Happens for Critical Process

The Blue Screen of Death or BSOD generally happens when the critical process stops unexpectedly. It makes the computer screen color turn blue with appearing the error codes. When the source file of any software on your computer gets corrupted, this problematic situation occurs.

The reasons responsible for causing this blue screen of death happens for the critical process are:

  • Failure of the operating system of your computer
  • The source file of any software getting corrupted or malfunctioned
  • Incorrect or unwanted modification of data
  • Improper drivers and errors in memory can also cause the blue screen death problem
  • Attack of any virus in the background process on which the Windows Operating System relies

How to Fix the Blue Screen Critical Process Died Error – The Methods to Follow

Getting tensed about the Blue Screen of Death problem is normal, but panicking too much is not expected. Now, let’s take a look at the methods to follow for fixing the critical process of screen death:

Method-1: Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

The Blue Screen Death can appear at any time because of malfunctioning in the source file of any software. Trying to launch that corrupted software can bring this problem. But there are solutions for this problem, and the first one to follow is restarting your computer in safe mode. The steps to follow are:

Step-1: Restart the Computer and the Windows version of your computer. You need to make sure that Windows is upgraded to the latest version unless you may face some issues.

Step-2: As the Windows will be restarting, you need to press “Shift + F8” to start the proceedings. When you will do so, some options will appear on the blue screen.


Step-3: From there, select the “Safe Mode” and set it as the boot mode, and hopefully, the blue screen death problem will be solved.

Method-2: Upgrade All the Drivers

The outdated drivers of your computer can cause the critical process died keeps restarting problem. Upgrading the outdated drivers can solve this problem. Necessity steps to follow for the up-gradation process are:

Step-1: Access to the Device Manager

To upgrade the older drivers, at first, you need to access the “Device Manager” section from your computer. For doing so, press “Windows + X” from the computer keyboard, and a new tab will appear at the left of the screen. From there, select “Device Manager.”


Step-2: Upgrade the Outdated Drivers

After entering into the “Device Manager” section, you will see the list of the drivers present on your device. Besides the outdated or faulty drivers, you will find a yellow exclamatory mark. Then you need either upgrade the driver or reinstall it.

Method-3: Run an Antivirus Scan

As the system malware can cause the blue screen death problem, running an antivirus scan becomes mandatory. Using the Windows Defender for the scanning process is highly suggested to complete the task without any issues. But you can also use any third-party antivirus scanner for the antivirus scanning task, and sure they offer no threat.

Blue Screen Critical Process Died Error In Windows 10 Unable to Boot Fix [2022]

Method-4: Performing a Clean Boot Task

Performing a clean boot can help you eliminate the critical process stoppage and blue screen death problems. You need to follow some basic steps for performing a clean boot, and those are:

Step-1: Access to System Configuration

At first, go to the search bar, and search for the “System Configuration” section. After finding that, double-click on it for entering.

Step-2: Disable the Services

After entering the “System Configuration” section, find the tab named “Services,” and click on it.On that tab, you will find all the services operating on your PC, and there will be an option called “Hide All Microsoft Services.” You need to unmark it and then press the “Disable” button beside that.


Step-3: Enter Task Manager

Select the “Startup” tab from the “System Configuration” section, and click on the “Open Task Manager” to enter.


Step-4: Disable all the Items and Restart your PC

After entering the Task Manager,” select all the items from there, and click on “Disable.” After disabling the services, restart your computer, and hopefully, there won’t be any screen death issue.

Method-5: System Restoring

For restoring the system on your computer, at first, access the “Settings” section. From there, select the “Update and Security” option, press on “Recovery,” and then “Reset this PC.” After doing so, click on “Get Started” with keeping the “Keep my Files” option selected. Hopefully, it will eliminate the blue screen death problem.


The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) problem happened rapidly on many computers in the recent past. But it has decreased as the Windows Operating System has become more stable. Still, this problem can appear, and there are solutions too.

Proper application of the solution methods will eliminate the blue screen critical process died error. The effective solutions above will help you get rid of this problem and save your monitor and PC within no time.

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