Matching Test Template on Microsoft Word

If you’re a teacher or new to the field and need to design a test for your pupils, Microsoft Word has several templates to choose from. You can build your own matching test template on Microsoft Word. Developing brief-answer, composition, or multiple-choice exams may be done in four simple steps, even if you’re a computer newbie.

Creating Tests: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using Microsoft Word to create exams is a simple alternative to the standard technique that allows for greater creativity with less work.

Step-1: Create Simple Test

Use a small content area like the solar system to practice developing a test. To use the Forms toolbar, open a Word document and select “View,” next “Toolbars,” and after that, “Forms.” Titles will display when you move your pointer over the buttons, identifying each icon and its functionality.

Step-2: Type Questions and Create Answer Space

Make a question about planetary systems that demands a quick response or an excerpt. Hit the “ab” button after going back to the previous screen. Text may be entered into a grey box. If you’re designing a computer-based test, this is where your student will input their responses. The “text field” refers to this grey box.

Step-3: Create Multiple Choice

Create the next question with a multiple-choice response. Type your response options below it, then select each one by clicking the “check box” form field. Following each response, a colored box appears. For space, use a tab between each option.

Step-4: Finish Test

Hit the padlock symbol to “lock,” or save your file once you’ve completed your test. Make sure to save your actual test as a template so that students may access it on a computer. At first, navigate to “File” and then “Save As.” Next, under “Format,” select “Document Template.” Make a good title for your file, for example, Solar System Test.

The processes described above will assist you in creating any test for any topic, and the matching test template may be used for any exam.

How to Create Multiple Choice Quiz Template on Word

No additional software is required to create a professional-looking survey or multiple-choice quiz paper. It’s easy to do using Microsoft Word if you follow the simple instructions below.

Step-1: Begin by making a numbered list

To begin your opening question, type “1” followed by a full stop or closing bracket, then a space. Word seamlessly converts the number into a list as you write the question content, keeping the questions aligned and saving you from typing multiple digits by hand.

making a numbered list

Step-2: Input Answers

To move back to filling in responses, press “Tab” after finishing the question. Word converts numerals to characters automatically. After you’ve given each response, hit “Enter.”

Input Answers

Step-3: Move on to the next question

To return to the number column and input the next question, hit “Enter” then “Shift-Tab.” Fill in as many questionnaires as needed by repeating the procedures. Move the current line from answers to questions or likewise by pressing Tab or Shift-Tab.

Move on to the next question

Step-4: Adjust Numbering

To alter the numbering style for the existing line and other lines using the similar format, head on to the Paragraph section of the Home tab and select “Numbering.” To convert all answers from characters to numbers, place the pointer on an answer line and select Roman numbers.


Step-5: Adding Space after each Question

To insert a blank space after a question, open the paragraph dialog by hitting the arrow in the paragraph portion and unchecking “Don’t Add Space.” To maintain the list properly structured, you can also hit “Enter” numerous times to add blank lines, but you should do so after creating your list.


Step-6: Use different Symbols

To move from numbers to symbols, open the “Bullets” list to the left of the Numbering option. Select “Define New Bullet” and then “Symbol” to create a checkbox for your questionnaire. Choose a symbol for a blank box from a font like Phonetic symbols.


After you’ve finished all of the steps, you may save the document as a template. Save as may be found under the File tab. Choose Document Template from the Format drop-down menu and save the template with a name you want to remember for future usage.

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Alternate Way to Create Multiple Choice Quiz using Word

If the questions are written in a certain format, you may simply generate multiple-choice quiz questions in Microsoft Word and then import them into GauchoSpace. You must write the quiz in Word and then upload it to GauchoSpace in the appropriate format. Your exam template will be ready in the format you wish.

How to Create a different Template in Word


Any instructor should be able to create quizzes or matching test templates in Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word makes it simple to create such test templates. The steps mentioned above will help you create any test for any subject in any format you choose.

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