How to open apk files on windows 10

The Android Package document has the APK format and has been intended to deliver programs on Google’s Android operating system. APK files are Android application files that include both the program and the installer. They are generally written something such as ‘filename.apk’ and thus are rather like a .exe document in Windows.

Whenever users, in particular, cellphone users download an application via an app store, they seldom notice the APK document since the whole system conducts most of the extracting and installation for them. The end-user just views the installation procedure.

Using an actual Android handset to receive the authorized safe build and then bringing the APK file away using the back door is certainly the quickest and safest method to obtain APK files using a Windows emulator. There are other alternative ways to do that. Therefore, through this article, we’ll discuss how to open apk files on Windows 10.

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How to open apk files on windows 10

Using an Emulator to Launch an APK File on Windows 10

Emulation is a fascinating concept. Despite the passage of time, emulation has yet to gain public recognition. Efforts have been made particularly at “converting” video games to the “dialect” of the Computer. Emulation was rarely done properly since there were so many differences among gadgets.

You may be curious if these documents are compatible with Windows 10. Unfortunately, an APK file will not be recognized by Windows 10 on its own. There are, still, methods for running APK documents on the Windows 10 computer. Whatever that you have to understand about how to open apk files on Windows 10 is right here.

Emulators supporting Android on Windows for your desktop computer are built on a mock Android device. You’re simply using your Windows computer to operate an Android app. There seem to be several fantastic emulator programs accessible, but we’ll concentrate on the most renowned one.

BlueStacks: The BlueStacks App Player becomes an excellent Android emulator. It never used the Android SDK, which is a perfect Android edition. Alternatively, a redesigned variation is used. It might not perfectly mirror the actual environment since you’re trying to QA code or soak test a program. BlueStacks App Player is sufficient for anything extra.

Step 01: BlueStacks App Player should be loaded and set up.


Step 02: Create a profile by logging in with your Google account.


Step 03: The Play Store allows you to download apps, play games, and perform anything else you desire.

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BlueStacks appears exactly similar to any other Android tablet once everything is fully operational. It offers the standard Android user interface, options, and other features. It can be controlled with a mouse or even a touchpad if you possess one. The remainder is identical to Android in appearance and feel.

BlueStacks has a habit of notifying you of every message that possibly knows of, which can be frustrating. Aside from that, it’s a great emulator which accurately simulates an Android smartphone. Bluestacks operates Android Nougat 32-bit (7.1.2). For those who must be on the frontline, there exists a 64-bit beta program running 64-bit Nougat.

Android SDK for Windows 10 permits to launch APK files

The Android Software Development Kit is a simple and direct method to launch an APK document on any Windows 10 PC (SDK). Android development, like that of various other software applications for portable computers, is frequently performed on a bigger and extra powerful pc instead of a local device.

Using this method, you’ll require a recent edition of Java installed on your pc including the Android SDK, which you can get here. Choose Command Line Tools from the Android Studio page’s lowest part section. You won’t require the complete Studio package until you’re making an Android application only the CLT will suffice.


Step 01: Unzip the folder to the C: drive after downloading it to the PC.


Step 02: To access Advanced System Settings, go to Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings.


Step 03: The Path is highlighted when you choose Environment Variables.


Step 04: To change the variable value go to Edit and paste the full quote: ‘C:\Android\sdk\tools; C:\Android\sdk\platform-tools.’

To change the variable value go to Edit and paste the full quote

Via double-clicking the APK document you may now launch a virtual Android smartphone. The SDK and application may take quite a long time to launch which can be a bit slow at places until you possess a gigantic Windows system. Games and certain other graphics-intensive software are unlikely to operate, but the majority of other applications will.

Whats-app- messenger

How to run APK files on Windows 10 without an emulator

Android applications can be run in a variety of methods on a gadget. We’ll show you how to operate apk files on a PC without using emulators. Anyone can launch an apk program on a PC, laptop, or desktop using this authorized technique. With Chrome, without using any emulators, you can launch Android apps on your PC.

Running APK files on Windows 10 with ARC Welder

ARC Welder is a Chrome extension that enables users to create APK files inside the search engine. It is possibly the most practical method of running APK files. It has the advantage of being able to operate on every device which supports the Chrome browser.

The disadvantage would be that the bug is not fixed yet and doesn’t function as well as the other two approaches. It does, however, have certain benefits.

  1. The ARC Welder extension is available for free download and installation.
  1. Install your APKs and refer those to ARC Welder.
  1. Choose either you need files in portrait or landscape mode, or either you prefer clipboard accessibility.

ARC Welder performs an excellent work of emulating Android, but unlike BlueStacks and Nox, it doesn’t have accessibility to the Google Play Store. This implies you’ll need to get the APK files, install those to your pc, and then physically upload them to ARC Welder.

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Frequently Ask Question (FAQs):

Is it legal to use APK files?

Downloading APK files and using them for installing download apps from places apart from the Google Play Store is legal. APK is a data format similar to EXE and ZIP. The APK layout was created by Google. However, anybody can build and utilize APK files.


Every one of the ways listed here will enable you to execute Android APK documents in Windows 10 without a hitch, and all are appropriate for a particular function. If you’re interested in learning more about innovative technologies inside the technological and software development fields, then do employ these methods to launch Android apps on PC. These are created specifically for how to open apk files on Windows 10.

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