How to Deafen on Discord Mobile

Discord is full of wonderful facilities which let you communicate with various people from your favorite sector. But unfortunately, some users can be a little disturbing to tolerate, but you can’t block that user either. You can also be in a situation where your friend is playing a game and doesn’t want to receive messages or calls from other members.

For these types of moments, the knowledge of how to deafen on Discord mobile or other devices can save you. The process of doing this task isn’t any rocket science, but you must follow the correct path.

What is Deafen in Discord and Its Importance

Because of various reasons, you may want any particular member of your Discord server not to hear the sound or receive messages sent by other users. The process of completing this task is known as deafening in Discord which can be done both on mobile and PC. 

When anyone first hears about deafening, he/she can get confused and think it is similar to mute. But deafening is different from muting in every way, and the path of performing the tasks is not identical either. 

How to Deafen on Discord Mobile – The Complete Step-by-Step Process

You can’t deafen any member if you are a regular user like him/her. To perform this task, you first need to have the administrative rights of that particular server. Now, let’s dive into the discussion of the steps that you must follow to deafen someone on Discord mobile successfully:

Step-1: Open Discord App

Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, you will have to open the Discord app on your phone. The interface of Discord in both these operating systems is almost identical except for some graphical designs. 

Step-2: Choose and Locate the Desired Server

You may have the administrative power of more than one Discord server. If so, you need to choose the server from which you want to deafen a user who may be you, your friend or any disturbing user. As you enter Discord mobile, you will see a window containing some options in the upper portion.

Step-2: Choose and Locate the Desired Server

At the top-left corner of that newly arrived window, you will find an icon containing three straight lines. As soon as you locate the icon, you need to tap on it expand the sections which lie inside of it.

Your tap on the icon will open up the list of the servers you are connected with. That list of servers will be on the left side of your screen, and you can identify the appropriate one by checking the server’s display pictures. 

Step-3: Enter the Desired Server and Tap a Voice Channel

After locating your desired server, tap on its display picture to enter the server. As you enter that server, you will see the “Voice Channel” section appearing in front of you. In this section of your Discord server, “General” will be the first option. Below this option, you will find the voice channel of this server.

Desired Server and Tap a Voice Channel

Instantly, a pop-up will appear on your phone screen. There will be a “Connect to Voice” button inside that small window of that newly emerged pop-up. It will also contain the members who are currently connected with the channel and online. 

Step-4: Deafen the Member on the Server

From the previous step, you have accessed the list of the channel members. Now it is the turn to deafen the desired member, which may be even you, your friend, or any other particular user. But, first, locate the desired user with the help of the given username list of the members.

To find that username, go through the username list first, as the desired username can be located in the bottom part. It won’t be a hassle if fewer members are on the server. But when the number of members is quite a lot, it will take some time to find the location of that username.

As soon as you locate the username, you need to tap on it. This action of yours will bring up the “User’s Settings” related to that particular user. There will be more or less four to five settings options in this part. All of these options will be under the “Administrative” header. 

The “Server Deafen” option will be most likely situated in the second position of that settings list. There will also be a small blank box located on the right side of this deafening option. Tap on that box to make this deafening option selected. In this way, That particular member will be deafened from your server as you do so.

If you ask how to deafen on discord mobile iOS, the process is just like the way it is discussed above. Just the graphical view of the app will vary a little, with all the options being precisely the same. 

How to fake-deafen on Discord

Fake deafening means you will be allowed to talk even if you are deafened in a Discord voice chat. But it is against the terms and conditions set by the Discord authority for the betterment of all users. That’s why it is not possible to perform fake deafening by using the regular version of Discord mobile. 

How to fake-deafen on Discord

You will have to use the cracked version of Discord which is never couraged from our side. There are some codes that you will have to copy and paste to Discord’s cracked version with the help of a deafening glitch. But the thing is, there is a chance of your account getting banned if you use fake deafening.


Are deafening and muting the same thing in the Discord mobile app?

No, muting and deafening are two different things in the Discord mobile app. Deafening won’t let the deafened user receive any notification of the messages or calls from the other users. On the other hand, if you mute any user, you won’t get the notification of the messages or calls sent by the muted user.

Can I reverse deafen the deafened user of a server in Discord mobile?

Yes, it is possible, and you need to perform the same deafening process first for reverse deafening. Then, only when the “Administrative” section within the “User’s Settings” part arrives, you need to deselect the “Server Deafen” option. This action will reverse deafen if you had deafened any user of your server earlier.

Final Thoughts

If you are a Discord user, you may need to deafen any user, including you, at any point of your usage. Learning how to deafen on Discord mobile is an essential lesson if you have a Discord server of your own. It will require you to have the administrative power of that particular server.

Though it is not a challenging task to perform, things can get complicated if you don’t follow the correct method. 

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