How to reset Dell laptop password without disk

Dell is an international computer technology company based in the U.S.A. They develop computers and provide related supports. Many of us own a Dell laptop. Normally, we set a password on our dell laptop to prevent unauthorized login. It provides us with good security for our dell laptop.

Most PC and laptops have a feature that allows us to use a password reset disk if we forget the password of our PC or laptop. Dell laptops have the same feature also. But most of us do not know about it. We also have very little knowledge about how to reset Dell laptop password without a disk. Let’s know how to do it efficiently.

How to reset Dell laptop password without disk

How to reset dell laptop password in windows 10 without disk?

A password reset disk is the simplest method to reset a dell laptop password. But normally, we never create a password reset disk when we set the password for our laptop. If you do not have a password reset disk, then you can try 2 different methods on your dell windows 10 laptop.

Method 1:  Reset password by using security questions.

Method 2: Reset password with Windows Password Refixer program.

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”30″]Method 1: Reset Password by using security questions[/su_heading]

You can reset your dell windows 10 laptop password easily by using security questions. But you need to set up some security questions beforehand. Also, your windows version must be 10v1803 or higher.

Step 1: First, try to guess your password and enter it. If it’s wrong, you will get a message on the screen. It will say, “The password is incorrect. Try again.”

Step 2: Click Ok, and the “Reset Password” option will appear.

Step 3: Next, click on Reset Password. You will see security questions on the screen now.

Reset Password

Step 4: Enter the correct answers one by one. If all the answers are right, you can reset the password of your dell windows 10 laptop.

If you can’t remember the answers, try out the next method.

[su_heading size=”21″ margin=”30″]Method 2: Reset password with Windows Password Refixer program[/su_heading]

You need to use a third-party password recovery tool if you don’t have a password reset disk and can’t remember the security questions’ answer. Windows Password Refixer is a trustworthy password recovery tool that can help you to reset your dell windows 10 laptop.

Step 1: Generate a bootable Windows Password Refixer disk

First, download this program on a different PC. Install and launch it. Follow the instructions and burn it into CD/ USB drive. Now, your bootable Windows Password Refixer disk is ready.

Windows Password Refixer disk

Step 2: Boot system from the disk

Insert the bootable CD/USB drive into your dell laptop. Start the device and press F2 or F12 to enter the BIOS. Set the CD/USB drive as the primary boot device. Now, your laptop should boot from the Windows Password Refixer disk.

usb device

Step 3: Reset the Password

After Windows Password Refixer starts working, it will show your OS version and all your dell laptop user accounts. Select “Windows 10” and your user name. Then, select the “Reset Password” option. After resetting the password, reboot your laptop.

Reset the Password

How to reset dell’s laptop password in windows 7 without disk?

Using a third-party password reset tool is the best way to reset the password for dell windows 7 laptops. There are many programs for this purpose. We recommend the “PCUnlocker” utility to do it. It is a simple program that works well on windows 7.

Step 1: As your dell laptop is locked now, use another PC and download PCUnlocker.

Step 2:  Burn it into a CD/USB drive using ISO2Disc.


Step 3: Insert the bootable drive in your dell laptop. Turn the computer on and press f12 when the loading screen appears. You will get access to the boot menu shortly. Choose the CD/DVD ROM or the USB drive as the primary booting device.

Bios windows

Step 4: Now, your dell laptop should boot from the CD/DVD/USB drive. Your laptop will open PCUnlocker, and it will show you a list of all user accounts on your device. Choose your user account and click “Reset Password.” Then, reboot your laptop. Now you can log in to your dell windows 7 laptop without any password.

windows 7 laptop


We recommend creating a password reset disk whenever you set a password for your dell laptop. For all types of windows versions, it is always the best method to perform a password reset. But as many people do not know about this feature, we need to know how to reset dell laptop password without a disk. As we have already discussed, it is a very simple task. These methods do not take a lot of time, and they are easy to perform. Let us know if these methods work well for you.

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