Windows 10 Media Creation Tool USB

Many windows 10 users want to repair or reinstall or upgrade windows 10 due to different reasons. It can happen because of the trouble they face when booting windows 10.

With the help of Windows 10 Media creation tool USB, upgrading or reinstalling windows 10 is easier. This tool will allow you to create a Windows 10 new version to reinstall on your computer.

Alternatively, you can use this process to create your own disk of Windows 10 from the operating system downloaded version.

However, many users are unaware of this tool and don’t know how to use this tool.

Windows 10 Media Creation Tool USB

What is Windows 10 Media Creation Tool USB?

It is a popular tool introduced by Microsoft. This stunning tool will assist a user in upgrading or reinstalling the newer version of Windows 10 without any trouble. Repairing a problematic PC is also convenient using this tool.

What Do I Need Before Starting the Process?

Before starting the process, a few things need to keep ready.

  • A computer with an active internet connection.
  • USB flash drive or DVD with free memory of 5 GB.

Check if your PC has

  • 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 10 version
  • Windows 10 system requirements (necessary if you decide to upgrade your PC to Windows 10).
  • Your preferred language to run Windows 10

How to Upgrade Your PC using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool?

The other name of the Windows 10 media creation tool is Windows 10 upgrade tool because it enables you to upgrade your PC to the latest version.

Many users of Windows 10 stated that, when upgrading Windows 10 using Windows update, their PC encounters a few errors. As a result, the failure of the Windows 10 upgrade is happening.

At this moment, Windows 10 media creation tool USB will be the best solution.

Let’s look at the Windows 10 up-gradation process using Windows 10 Media Creation Tool.

Important Note: When upgrading your PC to Windows 10, make sure it meets all the system requirements of Windows 10.

Step 01

Visit Microsoft’s official website and get the Windows 10 Media Creation tool by downloading.

Step 02

Media Creation Tool needs to run. Make sure you are the administrator when running the tool.

Step 03

You will receive Applicable notices and license terms; choose Accept.

Step 04

A new window will appear where you will be notified with a notice: “Getting a few things ready.” After everything is ready, continue the process by selecting Next.

Step 05

Now, a question will appear where you will need to select your preference. Select “upgrade your PC now” when you are asked, “What you want to do.”

Step 06

Upgradation of Windows 10 will require some new files which need to be downloaded. Windows 10 Media Creation tool will take some time to download those files. Wait until the download is finished.

Step 07

Accept the license term after reading it.

Step 08

Windows 10 Media Creation tool will look for updates.

Step 09

Before going to the final step, your PC will be checked by Windows 10 Media Creation tool, and you will see a notification saying, “Make sure you’re ready to install.”

Step 10

When the Installation process is fully ready, a recap will be shown what you have chosen.

Select “Change what to keep.”

Important Note: You won’t be able to use your PC while Windows installs. Save and close your file before you begin.

Step 11

You will get 3 options to select at the time of upgrading.

Keep personal files and apps.

Keep personal files only.


Choose your preferred option and select Next to continue.

Step 12

Ensure closing any running files or applications. And select Install if you are ready. Remember, your PC will take several Restart during the installation process.

Make sure not to turn off the PC.

The installation process will take a minimum of 10 – 30 minutes to finish. By this time, you can make a cup of coffee and have it.

Step 13

You will need to Set Up your account. It is recommended to a local or Microsoft account.

Step 14

Ensure selecting the default settings by clicking Next > Next > Next.

Finally, you upgraded your Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 without the product key.

When you choose to use Microsoft Account to log in to your PC, Microsoft will mark this PC as “Windows 10 Totally Free.”

It means, if you decide to reinstall Windows 10 by formatting the disk, all you need to do is log in to the Microsoft Account. Activation of Windows 10 will occur.

How to Remove windows.old and other unnecessary files?

After reinstalling or upgrading, you will find that there is useless data of 4 GB in windows.old file. Deleting it following the regular deleting process like pressing the Delete key or right-click and selecting delete will not be helpful.

Select This PC. Then click on the right button of the mouse. Next, follow below.

Click on the Local Disk C. Then select Properties. Choose Disk Cleanup. Double click on the Cleanup System Files. Finally hit OK.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: From where can I download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool?

Answer: Microsoft Media Creation Tool website has the tool, and you will need to download it from there. After visiting the webpage, you will find the “Download Tool Now” option. Download clicking on it and install and start using it on your PC.

Question: Can I create a bootable USB using the Windows 10 media creation tool?

Answer: Take an 8 GB blank USB flash drive. From Microsoft’s official website, download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool and run it. When you are on the page named “What do you want to do page,” from the option, choose “Create installation media for another PC.” Then language, version of the Windows, and installation media Architecture need to be selected. When choosing “which media to use page,” tick the USB flash drive and follow the instruction to create the bootable USB drive.

Last Words

Microsoft developed the Windows 10 Media Creation tool, and it is a reliable tool undoubtedly. Installing or repairing Windows 10 becomes much easier with this tool, and using a product key is entirely unnecessary.

Hopefully, you got a clear understanding of this tool by reading this article.

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