How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Laptop

Though the laptop is a type of computer, it comes with various features than desktops. We use some of those distinct features and most of the features remain unused. Even we never open some of those features. Airplane mode is one of them. Turning on this feature will turn the internet off (wi-fi or hotspot). As a result, Bluetooth or other network-related will not work. In most cases, it gets enabled by playing around with the settings or pressing a key on the keyboard.

You should turn the feature off to continue using the internet if this happens. Here, we’ll discuss how to turn off airplane mode on a laptop.

What is Airplane Mode?

What is Airplane Mode?

It is a feature found on most portable electronic products like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Shortly, you’ll get this in every portable device which has wireless transmitters, cellular radio, Bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS, etc. This function was invented to disconnect potential radio interface that contains critical radio systems in airplanes.

This feature quickly turns off all the wireless communication systems of any device with a single click or press.

How to Enable the Airplane Mode?

It’s very much easy to turn on the airplane mode feature. You can quickly turn this on using a quick-access toggle in almost every portable device. If you are using a Windows OS-operated laptop, click on the wi-fi signal option. It is found in the right corner of the downside in most laptops. You will see the airplane mode option after that, clicking the wi-fi signal indicator.

Effect of Turning on Airplane Mode

From the discussion above, it’s clear that airplane mode disables the cellular radio. As a result, your device won’t send or receive any call or SMS, and it also disables wi-fi.

It may disable Bluetooth and GPS, depending on the device. There is some device that doesn’t disable these features while turning on the airplane mode. Bluetooth creates very short-range networks like connecting earphones or keyboards. These are allowed to use in a commercial airplane. And GPS never transmits. That’s why it has no impact on commercial aircraft.

As this mode turns all the radios off individually, you can turn on specific wireless features selectively. Such as you can turn on the wi-fi feature inside a commercial airplane. Because all other cellular networks will remain turned off except wi-fi.

Why you might use airplane mode?

It’s very clear from its name that this feature’s primary purpose is to reduce radio signal interference in commercial flights. But it has some other reasons. Let’s know those reasons.


You can quickly troubleshoot some features enabling airplane mode. If you face trouble in the cellular connection of wi-fi, you can fix it quickly by turning on the airplane mode then off. It reboots the transmission system.

Data Saving

As enabling airplane mode turns off all radio signals, your data connection also gets closed that time. It’s a useful feature for those who are using a metered cellular plan.

Privacy and Isolation

If you are too busy with your work and feel disturbed about your random messages and calls, this feature will help you a lot. Just enable the airplane mode and put your concentration into your work.

Turning Off Airplane Mode

You can quickly turn the airplane mode on mobile phones or other touch screen devices. A simple tap is enough to turn it on or off there. If you swipe the screen upside down, you’ll get an airplane shape icon. That’s the option for enabling or disabling airplane mode in an iPhone or an Android phone.

The process is different on the laptops. You can’t do this by a single tap there. Then how to turn off airplane mode on the computer?

Don’t panic. We are going to tell you about the process. Let’s know the process step by step.

Step-1: On the Desktop screen of a laptop, you’ll see the notification option on the bottom right corner.

Step-2: Move the cursor to that corner and go to the Settings option.

windows setting

Step-3: Once you are there, click on the wireless network icon. You’ll find this in the lower section.

Step-4: When the Network pane is opened, move the button to the Airplane mode section.

airplane mode

Step-5: There, you’ll see a bar. Click on that bar to move it left to right or right to left. If you move it to the left direction, it will turn the airplane mode off. And if you reverse the process, it will turn on.

airplane mode off

Turning off Airplane Mode in Windows 10

It is the latest operating system version of Windows OS built by Microsoft. Operating this OS is a bit different from others. In some features, you won’t find a similarity between windows ten and other versions. Airplane mode is also available on that version. If you are using windows 10 on your laptop and find airplane mode turned on anyhow, you have to turn it off. We will let you know how to turn off airplane mode on laptop windows 10 also.

Command prompt (known as CMD) is another helpful feature of using the Windows operating system. You can do various tasks using this. If you don’t know how to disable airplane mode on windows 10 using CMD, then follow the steps given below.

Step-1: Press the Window key and R key together from the keyboard

Step-2: The run option will start with a box. Type “cmd” in that box

Run and type cmd

Step-3: Press ctrl, shift, and enter keys together at the same time.

Step-4: An UAC dialogue box will open with two options “Yes” and “No”. Choose “yes”.

Step-5: Type “SC CONFIG RmSvc START= DISABLED” in the command prompt.

Step-6: Press “Enter” key. Then you will see a report from the command prompt that says successful.

Step-7: Open the start menu, click on the power option then restart.


This process will also disable airplane mode permanently on widows 10.


As airplane mode turns off the radio transmission, you can’t use a cellular network, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and other services. Due to this interruption, you might feel disturbed while working. Here, we’ve discussed how to turn off airplane mode on a laptop. We hope it will help you much to turn off the feature.

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