How to Remove Footer Sections in Word?

Removing word documents Footer is an easy task. By double-clicking the footer area, you can delete the footer section. But this removing process is easier until you have the same Footer on every page.

If you need to delete a footer of a specific word page, how will you do that? How do remove footer sections in the word file individually?

No worries, this article has discussed several ways to do it.

  1. Open a Word document that has a Footer in it. Go to the bottom of any page and right-click. Now you will find a button saying, Edit Footer. Click on it.
  2. In the Tab option’s sub-item list, select the Footer, which will allow you to remove it. After clicking on it, the Remove Footer option will appear in a drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.
  3. After clicking on the Remove Footer option, all text of the Footer area will be removed.
  1. Open the word document from which you want to remove the Footer. Click on the File tab of the Ribbon. Then choose Info. Next, follow Check for Issues > Inspect Document from the pop-up menu.
  2. You will be redirected to Document Inspector Dialog Box. Then Untick every box except Header, Footer, and Watermarks. Next, hit Inspect.
  3. The Document Inspector Dialog Box will ask if you need to Remove All. Click on it and select Close. After that, save your Word file.

If you are looking for an option to remove the Footer from the 1st page of your Word file, follow the below steps.

  1. Open your required word file and the 1st page. Now you will need to activate the editing Mode of the Footer area. Double-click on the area.
  2. Under the Header & Footer of the Rib, you will find an option saying Different First Page. If you can’t find it, see the below screenshot. Click on the box to check this option.
  3. Then again, go to the Footer area and double-click on it. This way, the existing mode will close. Check the Footer area on the 1st page. Undoubtedly, the Footer area text is removed.

Important Tip: You can remove the Header area text of the 1st page following the same process.

Active Documents Footer Text Removing

If you have the same Footer text in your Word file and want to remove it from every page, the below steps will be helpful.

  1. Hover your cursor to any page’s Footer area and provide a double-click on the left button. This way, the editing mode will activate. Select the entire Footer area.
  2. Next, you have 2 options. Press the keyboard’s Delete button or hit Close Header & Footer located in the Menu Bars top-right corner. Without late, all text of the Footer area will be deleted.

Important Tip: You can remove the Header area text from every page following the same process.

Active Documents Footer Text Removing Using VBA Code

Let’s say your word document is separated into multiple options. And every section has a separate Footer. You can’t remove every separate Footer going to every section when you are in a rush, and processes you learned already are time-consuming. So, what is the way? Let me introduce a unique method known as VBA code.

  1. After opening the word document, press and hold Alt + F11. Thus Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications box will appear. Next, click Insert and then Module. In the Module window, copy and paste the below Macro.
  • Sub RemoveHeadAndFoot()
  • ‘Update by Extendoffice
  • Dim oSec As Section
  • Dim oHead As HeaderFooter
  • Dim oFoot As HeaderFooter
  • For Each oSec In ActiveDocument.Sections
  • For Each oHead In oSec.Headers
  • If oHead.Exists Then oHead.Range.Delete
  • Next oHead
  • For Each oFoot In oSec.Footers
  • If oFoot.Exists Then oFoot.Range.Delete
  • Next oFoot
  • Next oSec
  • WholeStory
  • ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekCurrentPageHeader
  • ParagraphFormat.Borders(wdBorderBottom).LineStyle = wdLineStyleNone
  • ActivePane.View.SeekView = wdSeekMainDocument
  • End Sub
  1.     This code will run when you hit the F5 key. After pressing the F5 key, all Footers of your word document will be removed.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do I manage the Word document’s Footer section?

Answer: Click on the required part to create a separate Footer. For Microsoft Word versions 2007 and 2010, you have to click the Insert tab of the Menu bar. And then, you can select from either Footer or Header as per your preference. For the Word document’s previous version, you can select the Header & Footer section in the Menu Bar’s View option.

Question: Is there any way to Merge the Footer sections of the Word file?

Answer: Firstly, you can Merge the Footer section by selecting the Header & Footer of the Ribbon of the Word file. Then choose the link to the previous for all the sections. This method will let you Synchronize all sections of Footer easily.

Question: Can I unlink Footer sections in Word Document?

Answer: Follow the below procedure to unlink Footer sections in Word Document
1. Go to the Footer option and provide a click at any section.
2. Go to the tab of Header & Footer and select Link to Previous. As a result, the link will
3. be turned off.
For this section, type the next text for Footer. Then unlinked. This text works independently.

Last Words

The Footer section is essential when you want to mark page numbers or any other comments. But sometimes, many users look for ways of how to remove Footer sections in word files.

All the above methods are beneficial, and they will let you remove Footer effectively.

If you know of any other procedure to remove Footer, let us know in the comment section. Also, if any of the above methods helped you to solve your problem, comment below.

We will be glad to hear from you.

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