How to Play the Forest in VR

The forest is one of the best games in this era that you usually play in a third-person view. But if you play the Forest in VR, you can have the ultimate thrill of playing it in the first-person view. This enticing gaming perspective might have increased your craving for knowing how to play the Forest in VR.

To enjoy the Forest game in VR, you will have to connect with any version of play station first. Otherwise, you can also connect either the Oculus Rift or an HTC Vive. After that, you are all set to play the Forest in VR by changing some settings.

How to Play the Forest in VR – The Processes You have to Go Through

There wasn’t any VR mode available for the Forest even some days ago. But the good news is, with the recent update, the VR functionality has been added with the help of some extra accessories. Let’s take a look at the processes you have to go through to fulfill this desire of playing the Forest in VR:

Forest in VR

Step-1: Connecting with Play Station, Oculus Rift, or an HTC Vive

The first thing first, as you need to choose which type of VR you want to experience the Forest. You can go with any version of the PlayStation that you can afford or feel better for your usage. If you ask how to play the forest in VR ps4, all you need to do is connect it with your PC and play the Forest.

On the other hand, you can also have a question in your mind about how to play the forest on oculus quest. The process is just simple as the ps4 as you need to connect the system with your PC with some cords. Then you are all set to go for the next step to fulfill your desire. 

Step-2: Select the Forest VR Beta

Because of the previous action, your PC will be paired with the VR system whether you use ps4, oculus rift, or HTC Vive. Then you will see some options appearing on the display. You will have to select the “Forest VR Beta” option from those options to proceed with things further.

There will be a free update available to you if you have purchased the base game officially from their website. You can play the Forest game in VR mode with your VR system when the update is done.

The Features Included in the Forest Game VR Beta Mode

Play the Forest in VR

As it is a test version known as beta, it is evident that all the features and functions from the base mode won’t be available in the VR mode. But still, you will have some excellent features to play with, like full bow aiming, which is really enticing. 

Along with that, you can also throw flares by breaking the tops off them and lighting Molotov with your lighter. There will also be other exciting features, such as the complete 3D inventory and 3D book. You will also be able to chop down trees with the help of the touch controlling system.

But to most of the Forest players, caves are probably the most enticing part of the whole game because of the catchy graphics. The VR mode won’t disappoint you in this matter, as the caves look really claustrophobic and terrifying in the VR beta mode.

You will also face the creatures living in those caves, which will look way close to being real.

All these things will be far more realistic in the VR mode as you will face those in the first-person mode during the whole gameplay. But there are some sad parts as some features will not be available in this beta version.

You won’t have the multiplayer mode available in this test beta version of the Forest VR.

There will be some glitches irregularities in this VR beta mode as it is still going under some testing procedures. You won’t see the cut scenes and inventory in this mode as well because of the same reason.

But hopefully, all these features will be added to the VR mode in the next big update.

After that, you will be able to experience all features comfortably during the gameplay of the Forest game in VR mode.

Final Thoughts

The VR mode of this Forest game is still at an early age as still, the authorities are going through testing. But interest might have grown into your mind about how to play the Forest on VR. The answer to this most awaited question is given in the discussion above for your assistance.

You may face some features unavailable in this VR beta mode of the Forest. There may be some glitches and irregularities as well, but all these will hopefully be fixed with the next big update.

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