Space Engineers VR- Need to Know Everything

The Space Engineers game is exciting and famous to gamers all across the globe. This space-based game mainly focuses on the engineering, building, exploring, and survival of the player. It has been an amazing option for gamers and streamers worldwide for the past eight or nine years.

But the question comes about whether this game can be played in virtual reality or not. That’s why today’s discussion is about if there is any way of playing and streaming Space Engineers VR. Hopefully, any confusion won’t be left after the discussion below.

Is it Possible to Directly Play Space Engineers VR Mode

Play Space Engineers VR Mode

The VR mode of any game is for giving the player a taste of how that game is relatable to the real world. By playing through VR, the player will be able to play with 3D experience, which makes the gameplay more realistic. Unfortunately, this game we have here isn’t directly compatible with the virtual reality system.

But with the help of a third-party application named VorpX, you can now play Space Engineers in VR mode. To do so, you will have to manage a compatible VR headset and connect that with VorpX and your PC. Then you can somehow play the Space Engineers game in VR mode.

The Compatible Devices to Connect with VorpX to Play Space Engineers in VR Mode

As we have seen above, this Space Engineers can’t be played in VR mode directly. You will need the third-party software VorpX as an adapter and then connect with a VR headset. But not all VR headsets can be easily connected with Vorpx and Space Engineers. 

The Oculus Rift and Oculus Rift S are the best compatible headsets to connect with Vorpx to play SE. You can also use another VR headset system named the Vive, which is also a fantastic headset for VR mode. Whether you use Oculus Rift, Rift S, or Vive, connecting them with the VorpX is necessary.

Then you need to establish the connection of the setup you just made with your PC. You need to use either a link cable or a virtual desktop for the process to complete.

Space Engineers VR

The Benefits of Using VorpX to Play Space Engineers in VR Mode

I only find one benefit in playing the Space Engineers game in VR mode by using the VorpX as an adapter. The Space Engineers is not meant to be a VR game which is a matter of unfortunate. But still, if you want to play this game in VR mode at any cost, then Vorpx is the only way of doing so.

It will help you get a 3D view and experience of this game though it won’t be close to your expectations. When it comes to giving the 3D experience to the game like SE, which doesn’t support VR mode directly, VorpX tries its best to satisfy you.

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Whether to Play Space Engineers VR Mode or Not

You may get excited after hearing the possibility of playing Space Engineers in VR mode. But not so fast, my friend; you won’t have the best experiences by using an adapter like VorpX and then connecting a VR headset. You will face motion sickness all the time, and only your hands will be visible.

Things in the game will look abnormal a bit in this VR mode than you are used to seeing in the normal mode. If you are desperate to play SE at least once in VR mode, then I won’t discourage you. 

But if you play it professionally or want to stream your SE gameplay, then I won’t suggest you play in VR mode.

Final Thoughts

The Space Engineers is an engineering and survival game that is entirely based on space. You must have played this game before, as it was first launched way back in 2013. But you must have been fascinated at least one about playing Space Engineers VR mode as it wasn’t available.

Fortunately, you can play SE in VR mode now by using VorpX like an adapter and then connecting to a compatible VR headset. However, you won’t even have an experience close to your expectation.

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