How To Keep Text But Remove Table In Word

If you are looking for a way to remove a table from a word document or just want to change the background of the text, this article is for you. This post will teach you how to keep text but remove tables in word documents by using a simple trick.

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when an otherwise simple assignment becomes overwhelming thanks to difficult-to-read text. Well, don’t worry you can easily restore the table in word document by following this article.

Try not to get frustrated with having to find a table in a word document that is overflowing with text. You just need to follow these simple instructions and remove the existing table without losing any data.

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Three simple steps to remove the Table from the Document while still having the text.

1. Remove Table from Document

Click on the “Table” button in the center of the Microsoft Word toolbar, and select “Remove Table.”

The information is deleted from the table and is no longer visible in the document.

2. Copy and Paste Text from Table to Other Applications

If all you want to do is copy and paste text from a table into another application, select text in the table cell marked in red, then press Ctrl+C on your keyboard. Next, select the data you want to paste into a document, then press Ctrl+V.

3. Remove Table by Pasting Text Into New Document

Open a new document and click on the “Table” button in the toolbar. This is the same as step one above. Another way to remove a table from text is to copy the information from another application, such as WordPad or Notepad.

The table will be removed automatically when you paste the text into a document in Microsoft Word.

It is also possible to remove the table from a text by selecting the information and pressing Ctrl+X or by dragging the table into a different location.

To do this, press Alt+F9 to open the “Table” tool, then select one of the following options:

  • Remove Table from Text.
  • Copy Table Data (Ctrl+C—click)
  • Move Table to a new location. Copy Table Data (Ctrl+X — drag).
  • Remove selected table data.
  • Copy Table Data (Ctrl+C—click).
  • Delete Table from Document

Six easy steps to remove table easily

Step-1: Open your word document. First, make sure it includes a table.

 Step-2: Create a new page in your document so you have room to copy the text that was below the table.

Step-3: Now find the table in your document. You can do this by closing all other documents and then opening the one with the table.

Step-4: Right-click on the text that was under your table as shown below.

Step-5: Select Format, then select Table settings and make sure you are set to Remove table information.

Step-6: Click OK to confirm your changes and export MS Word now!

How to remove table lines in word

How To Keep Text But Remove Table In Word

Open a new Word document. To delete table lines from the top of the table,

Click on “Tables” and select “Show Table”. you will now see “Table Line” at top of your document, after this click on any row in your table, then click on “Format-Table & Cell”.

In the popup window click on the first drop-down and select “No line”. you can see the difference in your document. It has removed the “Table Line”


First, open the document in Microsoft Word.

Go to the paragraph where you want to remove the tables.

Press F2 or click on the toolbars and select Format, Table settings, or Tables and borders.

To remove all table lines, click on Remove lines for this paragraph and click OK.

How to remove table rows in MS Word?

It’s easy! Here you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Step-1: Open the file. Click on the View tab and select the Table button.

Step-2: Under Table options, click on Remove all table lines from this paragraph button and then click OK.

Step-3: After clicking OK, you should see that all cross-section lines have been removed from your paragraph. Save your document for using it again at another time.

How To Remove Table Columns In Word?

This is a quick and easy task.

Step-1: Open the document that you want to format. Choose View and then select the Ruler tool.

Step-2: Right-click on the ruler and select the Customize Ruler command.

Step-3: From the Customize Ruler window, select Settings.

Step-4: Now, uncheck the Display vertical ruler line in the dashes option. Then click OK to save changes and close the box.

Step-5: Now find out where you want to remove your table columns from. Click in your document where you want to remove these columns from, then press Ctrl+Shift+8 simultaneously.

Step-6: Right-click on the paragraph where you want to remove the table columns and select Format, Table settings.

Step-7: Click on Remove column break lines under Table options. Click OK to make your changes and save the document.

How to remove text from a table in word

If you want to remove text, select the text and then

  • Click on “Format-Table”.
  • In the next window go to the “Remove” tab and
  • Choose the “Change Table Display” option.
  • Finally, click on the last option and then select “None”.
  • This will remove all the text from your table.


Once you’ve found the table in your document, you can easily remove and format it. This guide shows how to Keep Text But Remove Table In Word. We hope you will like this article. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave your comments here. Hopefully, these instructions will help you improve any word document.

Thank you for staying with us. Take care.

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