How To Change Your Steam Account Name

Most current players use Steam to enjoy the best Gameplay and interact with eSports players, making it an ideal platform for gaming. These games can only be played on Steam if you have an existing user account and a username linked with it.

While a 16-year-old gaming username may seem great now, it may not be so appealing when you’re older. When it comes to gaming systems like Steam, where many of us have been playing since we were children, the significance of a platform’s name is debatable. This blog will educate you on how to change your Steam account name.

How To Change Your Steam Account Name

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Account name vs. Username

Using the same username as someone else on a site is not the same as using your own account name. You can’t modify the name of your Steam account. It is possible to modify your Steam profile name, which is the name that your buddies and fellow players view.

Modifying Name of Steam Account

You can’t alter the name of your Steam profile. You can’t modify this unique numeric identification since it’s part of your account information. It’s unclear why, but Steam’s terms and conditions make it simple that it can’t be changed.

Customizing Profile Name on Steam

Your Steam user name is unique from the one you use on the platform. At the very top of a web page, or in the upper right corner, you’ll see this title. It is the in-game name, which your buddies will view and utilize to reach you. This name may be changed.

Please log in with your Steam credentials. For this, you may use your online browser or download and setup the Steam application on your computer.

In the upper right nook of the page, tap on your name. It’s also possible to access the other user’s profile by clicking on their username in the upper left quadrant. No matter whatever technique you employ, you’ll be sent to your profile page.

Pick “Edit profile” to view the options for your Steam account. A variety of alternatives are available, but the one you’re looking for may be found in the “General” area on the left.

“Profile Name” is the title of the entry that has to be changed. It’s as simple as entering the name you wish to be known by. In contrast to your Steam account name, the profile name does not need to be distinctive.

To assist your friends, locate your Steam account even if your username is a well-known one, there are a few alternatives.

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Is There a Drawback to Modifying Steam Profile Name?

When an individual creates an account on Steam, they are given the option of naming their character. This meant several years ago for many of you. As one grows, their priorities and ways of expressing themselves might alter considerably. There’s no reason you can’t alter your profile name if you’ve had your profile for a while and are uncomfortable by it.

Several of your current Steam acquaintances will recognize you by your previous username, so altering it abruptly might cause confusion. When you update your username on Steam, an automatic notification alerts the person you’re speaking with. People impersonating others and requesting expensive products are frauds that Steam regularly cautions against.

It is the greatest technique to verify the identity of an individual you are conversing with is to check at their past aliases. You can observe this by looking at the dropdown choice on their profile, as seen in the picture attached below.

Creating and Managing Custom Names

Changing your Steam profile name is something some people do all the time. There are times when people change their names just for the pleasure of it, and there are other instances when they become weary of their current ones. There’s a decent probability you’ll consider this puzzling.

Finding a particular buddy on a vast friend list is next to impossible. Steam, on the other hand, gives you the option to give anyone on your friend’s group a unique nickname and to see a history of their prior pseudonyms. For further insight, check out the picture below.

Please check out these instructions for more information on adding a personalized nickname for any of your Steam mates:

Right-click in the lower-right nook of the Steam program, where it reads “Friends & Chat.” Tap the tiny arrow heading downwards when your friend’s list has opened. If you drag your mouse over a friend’s username, an arrow emerges.

In the “Manage” menu, choose “Add Nickname” or “Recent Names” if you prefer to see the user’s past nicknames, respectively. In light of these details, you ought to be capable of identifying any of your contacts who frequently alter their names.

Steam Profile Deletion

It’s important to understand the distinction between removing your Steam account and uninstalling Steam. The only thing you’re doing when you uninstall is clearing up a lot of storage in your HDD. That’s precisely what removing your Steam account entails. Deletes all information associated with your account, including usernames, passwords, licenses, and CD codes.

This method allows you to create a fresh Steam account with a different name, but you will lose accessibility to all of your saved games. You will no longer have entry to any games you acquired on Steam, and any CD codes you acquired through the system will be invalid. Licensed games purchased outside of Steam but uploaded to Steam should be functionally independent of Steam.

Lastly, all of your postings, conversations, modifications, and other contributions to the community will be erased. Because this is a last-ditch effort, there is no automated method to do it. Your account may only be deleted by submitting a support request. If you want to deactivate your profile, you’ll have to go through a few authentication processes.


Your given name might reveal a lot about your character. If you’re generally a first-person sniper player, however you occasionally covert as a role player, you may desire a distinct title for that role-playing. Since you understand how to change your Steam account name, you can quickly modify your in-game persona to best fit your current profile style or picture.

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