How To Clear Cells In Word

If you’re looking for an easy, efficient way of clearing cells in Microsoft Word quickly and easily, then this article is perfect for you. All it takes are a few quick clicks of your mouse button and the contents of the selected cells will be deleted, allowing you to start afresh with a blank slate.

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Word, then you’ve undoubtedly encountered a situation where you need to remove text from a row or column of cells. This can be done easily with a few movements of the keyboard.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss about how to clear cells in Word.

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How To Clear Cells In Word In Different Ways

There are different ways of going about it depending on how many cells you want to be cleared and what kind of formatting they need.

How To Clear Cells In Word In Different Ways

How to Clear a Single Cell in Word

If you want to clear a single cell, just right-click on the word cell and select the “clear” option. Make sure that the cell where you want to clear is empty before deleting it.

How To Clear Multiple Cells In Word

Simply select multiple cells and hold down the CTRL key and press the DELETE key on your keyboard at the same time. This will remove all selected cells from your spreadsheet.

How To Clear All Content in a Cell in Word

Select the cell that you want to delete and hold down the CTRL key, now click on the word “content” that appears. The select all content inside the cell will be deleted.

How To Clear All Content In A Sheet/Workbook In Word

Select all cells in your spreadsheet, hold down the CTRL key, and press DELETE on your keyboard. This will clear all of your data and leave only the header row intact.

How To Clear the Entire WorkBook

Click the “File” menu. Now select “Save As”. Once you have selected this option, a new window will pop up. The default box is named “File name” and is in blue letters. Simply delete everything inside this box and press ok. This will completely clear your spreadsheet of any data.

How To Clear a Column In Word

To remove a column from your spreadsheet, select the cell that contains this column and press the ALT key and then click “Delete”. It will be removed from the spreadsheet.

How To Remove a Row From Your Workbook

First, select the row you want to remove and press CTRL+H. This will make your sheet empty. You have to Right-click on the column header. Now press “Delete”. This is a very helpful trick for clearing messy spreadsheets.

Now that you know how to clear cells in a spreadsheet you can start typing in cells again! This is a very handy trick and one that all spreadsheet users should know.

Clear Formatting In Table Cells In Word

Clear All Formatting

If you need to get rid of all of the formatting in a Word document, you have a few different options. Press Ctrl+A. To clear formatting, press Backspace or Delete.

Clear Formatting From Selected Cells

To clear formatting from a specific cell, you can use the following method: Select the cell in the table. Select text using your mouse. Now tap Backspace or Delete.

Clear Whole Table Or Range Of Cells

Select Entire Table from the bottom to down. Press Backspace or Delete on your keyboard.

When you want to clear cells in Word, there are many different methods and keyboard shortcuts that can be used.

Six Steps Of Another Way To Format The Cells

Here are the steps to clear cells in Word manually:

  • Click the “Home” tab then head over to the “Cells” group and click on “Clear”.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the unwanted cells.
  • Click “OK”.
  • If you want to clear specific formatting, click “Format”.
  • Click on the empty box in the “Section” section, and then click on the cell or cells you want to clear.
  • Click “OK”.

When you clear cells this way, your content will be deleted permanently. You’ll have to recreate the content manually or re-type it if you want the cell to look the same way it did before you cleared it.

In addition to manually clearing cells, there are two other methods. One is to use the “Find and Replace” in Excel or the “Find” button in Word.

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How To Delete Text In A Table Without Deleting The Table In Word

If you want to delete the text in a table, but you don’t want to delete the table itself. We’ll show you how to do it without cleansing your table.

Step 1: Select the cell where you want to delete,

Step 2: Right-click and select “format”.

Step 3: Now, check “remove character formatting” and click on “remove character formatting” again.

Now all your text will be deleted.

Final Thoughts

If you’re new to Word, it’s perfectly normal for your document to be drenched with formatting rules, personal notes, and most likely a whole mess of cells with text. To make things a little less complicated we’re here to teach you how to clear cells in Word.

The quickest way to clear a group of cells is by selecting it and pressing delete on your keyboard. If you need to clear the entire sheet, select all the cells and press delete on your keyboard.

Try these methods, depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose the method that you’re most comfortable with.

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