How to Get Admin on Discord Without Permission

Many Discord users wanted to become an admin of a server at some point. The easiest way of fulfilling the dream is opening your own Discord server. Building your own server requires time and effort, and if you stick around, you will be able to build an active server.

But if you ask How to get admin on Discord without permission, there is no legal way of completing this task. Only if it is your own server, then you won’t need anyone’s permission to get admin. Otherwise, you will have to ask and apply to the server owner or admins for the admin post after joining that server.

How to Get Admin on Discord Without Permission in Any Server

If you do not own the server, you can’t get admin without permission from the other admins and the owner. So now let’s see how to get admin in any Discord server, starting from your own server:

How to Get Admin in Your Discord Server

Step-1: Assign Permissions as Admin

The first thing is to download Discord and create your account in it. Then you will have to make a server on your own from the window that will come after you enter Discord. Right after that, you will have to send invitations to the people you want to join your newly created server. 

After creating the server, Discord will provide an invitation link. You need to forward the link to the users whom you want to join your server to make it an active one. From that invitation link, people will send request to join your server, and by accepting those requests, you will let them become members of your server.


Step-2: Roles Assigning by Selecting Server Settings

At first, you will have to go to the server settings section of your Discord account to assign the roles. In this section, there will be a list full of options containing the names of all the server members. You will have to select your username from that list as you want to make yourself admin without anyone’s permission. 

After selecting your name, you will see a plus icon beside the chosen name. Then you need to click on that plus icon inside a circle next to roles for creating a new one. Now, it is your turn to name the role you created a while ago. 

As you want to become the admin, name the role as “Admin” and change some settings along with it. When all these are done, save the changes you made, including making yourself an admin. Then check the administration panel, and hopefully, you will find yourself as the admin there.

administration panel

How to Get Admin in Any Discord Server

Whatever you do, you can’t get admin with permission in other servers. There is no formal way of applying for the admin post of any Discord server as well. If you are on any famous server or on a server that is very much active, you will have to adapt to the server first. 

Stay active, spend some days and learn if there is any particular culture. As time passes, you will get familiar with the server, server member, admins, and server owner. Only then you can send a message to the server owner about your desire to become the server admin. 

Then the owner will check whether you are suitable for the job or not by following his/her own way. The owner and admins may also ask some questions, and you will have to answer those appropriately. Hopefully, if all goes well, you will get appointed as the new admin of that Discord server you desired for.

How to Give Someone Admin on Discord Mobile

How to Get Admin on Discord Without Permission

When you are on your server, time can also arrive when you may need to appoint some other person as your server admin. For those kinds of situations, you will have to stay prepared even if you are using a mobile and PC is not accessible at that moment. Here are the steps to follow for giving someone admin on Discord mobile:

Step-1: Open Discord App and Enter the Desired Server

At first, you need to open the Discord mobile app on your phone and log into your account. As you enter Discord, your feed will be on the mobile screen. At the top-left portion of your screen, there will be a sign containing three straight lines as “General.”  

Click on it, and all the servers related to your account will be shown at the left portion of your screen. From there, you will be able to find the desired one by seeing the round-shaped avatar and then tapping on it to enter the server.

Step-2: Select Channel and Tap Permissions

As soon as you enter the server, the list of channels will be in front of you, and you will have to select the one. Then the page “Channel Settings” will appear on the screen. From this section, locate the “Permissions” option and tap on it. 

Step-3: Add and Assign the Admin Role

Then you will be able to see the member’s lists who are connected with your server. From that list, select the user whom you want to make the admin of your server. After selecting, you will find a plus icon with a blank box below that icon. As you want to make that user an admin of your server, add the role as “Admin.”

Then simply assign the admin role to that selected user.

Clone any Discord Server Without Admin Privileges

Final Thoughts

There is no way of getting admin legally on a Discord channel that belongs to someone else. You will definitely require permissions from server owners or server admins to acquire admin posts. But asking how to get admin on Discord without permission won’t do any good if you do not own the server.

Only then you can get the admin post without taking permission from others. Otherwise, it isn’t possible to get the admin post without taking any permission.

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