Discord Pop Out Not Working

Discord Pop Out is a function of Discord that allows you to elevate Discord chat to the front page of your screen. When it’s not working, the pop-out won’t appear and members will remain in their chat group. As a result, they won’t have any notification when you were typing something or when someone left. This can lead to frustration and less-than-desirable interactions if someone is trying to get a hold of you and there’s nothing but a readout for them.

Discord Screen Share Pop Out Not Working

In most cases, it’s either a browser issue or a computer problem. You’ll be able to identify which one with a few simple steps.

Discord Screen Share Pop Out Not Working

Step 1: Check Your Browser

If you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari, the problem will lie with your browser. Download the latest version and try Discord pop out again.

Step 2: Update Your Video Card and Browser

Some browser-based pop-out issues are the result of outdated video cards that can’t render the elements in their greatest glory. If you’re using a video card that is older than roughly 6 years, you’ll need to update it. It’s also worth noting that some people don’t realize that they’re out of date until they print how big a page is, play some games or just open a new tab and see the “page not responding” message.

Step 3: Reboot Your Computer

A computer reboot can sometimes fix this kind of problem by removing any recent errors from your system. Sometimes you can resolve this kind of issue by simply rebooting your computer.

Step 4: Update Your Driver

Believe it or not, your video card can also be a problem. To make sure that’s not the case, try updating your graphics driver. There are a few ways to do this and will depend on what version of Windows you use and your particular graphics card manufacturer. Here are a few examples:

AMD, Intel, and Nvidia are the most common. If you’re using one of these companies, check their website for any recent updates to your graphics card. This will sometimes be listed under “Support”.

Step 5: Use Discord in a Different Browser

If your problem still persists after checking your browser, then use Discord in a different browser. If there are no pop-out issues, you can ditch the old one. If there are pop-out issues, then go back to the last step and try updating your video card or driver.

Step 6: Turn on Pop-out Mode

Sometimes there are just specific problems that you can’t fix. So, you may have to live without pop-out mode. To turn on pop-out mode,

  • Go to your discord settings page and click the “Appearance” tab.
  • Under “Pop Out Behavior” select “Always on Top.”

This will allow pop-out mode to stick around in all of your browsers which is useful for getting a sense of who’s online and keeping track of a lively chat.

Why Is My Discord Pop-Out Not Working? (6 Solutions)

Dismissing software can bring back that focus to the front page of your screen. Even if you have no issues or problems with your browser, there might still be some software that’s causing the pop-out not to work. To fix this, try the following suggestions:

1. Turn Off In-Game Voice Chat Or Make Sure You’re Not Installing Other Software

Some video games require that you turn on in-game voice chat or it won’t work properly. So make sure this isn’t the problem before trying to fix it. Also, if you’re installing any other software onto your system, it’s possible that there’s some conflict with Discord. To resolve this kind of issue, you’ll need to remove the other program and see if pop out still won’t work.

2. Use An Anti-Virus

Sometimes anti-virus can be an issue with pop out not working. This is because sometimes pop out can cause an error for anti-virus software. Try updating your anti-virus software or even trying a different one to see if it solves the problem.

3. Update Your Video Card

In the same way, you can update video drivers to try and fix pop out not working, you can also update your video card to try and solve the problem.

4. Disable Pop Out Notifications

To disable pop out notifications, go to your Discord settings and click the “Notifications” tab. From there, turn off pop out notifications.

5. Reset Discord

Go To Settings, Scroll Down And Look For An Option Under “General,” Click On It And Select “Reset”

6. Disable Discord In Your System Monitor

If having trouble with your system monitor, it’s possible that pop-out not working is related to this as well. The problem might be that some software isn’t being removed properly or is causing an error in your system monitor.

Discord Pop-Out Video Not Working

To troubleshoot the Discord Pop Out video not working, you’ll need to ensure that your Video Driver and Graphics Card are up to date. If not, update them and then reboot your PC.

You can also get the latest drivers for your graphics card from the manufacturer’s website instead of using Windows Update.

If you’re using an external monitor connect it to your PC. You might have to turn it on, and then restart your computer after connecting the USB cable.

Verify your USB Port Settings

It’s possible that Discord needs a different set of settings for the USB ports.

If your computer only has two USB ports, then you’ll have to plug everything into one and use the other one for an external monitor. If you have more USB ports, then you can connect them all to your PC and run Discord (and/or other programs) with only one or two at a time.

Troubleshoot the Discord Pop Out Video Problem

The first thing to do is unplug your USB cable. Then, restart your computer and check that it’s starting up again. Any hardware conflicts can cause your PC to hang when you restart it.

If you’re still having the same issue, then Reposition Your External Monitor

If this still doesn’t work, then we recommend updating your graphics card driver.

Verify that you have proper settings for your USB port if you’re using external displays. It’s possible that Discord needs a different set of settings for the USB ports.

How To Remove Discord Pop Up?/How To Turn Off Discord Pop Ups?

How To Remove Discord Pop Up?/How To Turn Off Discord Pop Ups?

Sometimes pop up can go wrong and bring a lot of unnecessary problems such as slowdowns and others. You can remove discord pop up with the help of the built-in features, which are mentioned below:

Added By Discord Program

To remove Discord Pop Up go to Settings.

  • Uncheck the box located near “Enable Pop Up” and press Save Changes.

Discord Stream Pop Out Not Working

A discord stream pop out not working can be a serious problem. Because you won’t see any notifications from your Discord account. It’s also possible that Discord is just not working for you at all. To fix this issue, try the following suggestions:

Double Check Your Settings And Make Sure Everything Is Set Correctly If your Discord Stream Pop Out Not Working

If there is no message appearing on your screen when you enter a chat then first make sure that it’s set to “pop out” and not “pop in”.

Double Check That The Correct Setup Is Enrolled In your Discord Game Account

If you are not invited to a particular game, then you will probably not see any notifications of the game. So, make sure that the right settings are being used in the chat.

Check If The Notification Option Is Enabled

You can check if the option is enabled or not by going to “Permissions of your Discord Game Account”. Go to that section and check whether it’s turned on or off.

Go to your account settings to enable the option if it is off. Check that “Show Notifications” is selected under the “Advanced” tab.

Uninstall Discord

This can also be done by uninstalling it on the system where it was installed. If you want to uninstall it on the same system, then restart your computer and then hold Ctrl as well as Delete Button at the same time until your computer restarts. When you uninstall it again, press Shift and Delete simultaneously.

Fix Discord Overlay Not Working


Why Does Discord Pop Up When I Press Shift

1. You need to turn on the function where you want Discord to start working whenever you press Shift.
2. In your Discord account, go to Settings and then click on the option “Show Server Activity” or “Show Instant Replies”.

How To Get Rid Of Discord Pop-Up In-Game

1. Open Discord and go to Settings.
2, Go to Permissions, click on Manage User Permissions and then add “Always Allow This App” on all tabs available.

Now restart Discord, and you will be prompted for your username again which has been saved in the settings. The same username should be entered when installation is completed again.


Hopefully, one of these solutions will work for you and help you have fun using Discord again. If nothing works, then it’s time to look into buying a new computer or just dealing with pop-out not working. As long as it’s only a cosmetic problem, there’s no reason to get worked up over something like this.

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