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Numerous users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that when they try to authenticate their phone number associated with Discord, the Discord phone verification procedure does not function at all. The following information will assist you if you have attempted to verify your Discord phone number that is associated with your profile but have been unable on many occasions. This article will explain the problem, as well as possible solutions, for Discord phone verification not working.

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Why Is Phone Verification Required by Discord?

To create a personal online group known as a server is possible using the Discord program. On a server, gamers may simply talk with their friends, family members, and other players. Members on that server run the danger of being inundated with spam from hackers if these sorts of groups are publicly revealed. This would certainly degrade the experience.

As a response, Discord implemented a variety of security measures, including two-factor authentication and mobile verification. All of these safeguards are in place to safeguard its users.

It is critical to conduct this sort of surveillance to guarantee that new members who just signed up are not robots, since their existence might increase the possibility of messaging frauds and expose the users at risk.

Why Is Phone Verification Required by Discord?

Reasons Why Discord’s Phone Verification Doesn’t Function

There might be a variety of factors contributing to your inability to use Discord phone verification. Any number of things might cause this, such as slow internet connectivity, a landline contact number that is no longer valid, so on and so forth.

Remember that, in parallel to email and password-based protection, Discord offers a phone authentication stage to effectively safeguard your user profile details.

Verification With a VoIP or Landline Number

The fact that Discord is a VoIP-based communication system means that it will not operate if you attempt to verify your contact number via a landline telephone or VoIP phone. The clever filtering of landline, VoIP, and ephemeral contact numbers occurs whenever a mobile number is submitted into Discord in order to receive an OTP for the cellular contact verification process.

As a result, when authenticating your mobile number with Discord, you will need to ensure that it is not a landline, VoIP, or temporary telephone number.

Verification With Already Registered Number

Any contact number that has previously been associated with some other Discord profile will obviously fail the Discord phone authentication. Discord, a VoIP-based online conversation platform, necessitates the usage of a distinct contact number for each individual user.

There’s no way to add a phone number to a Discord account that’s already linked to another profile, as you would expect. For this reason, when validating a phone number, provide a distinct mobile number that isn’t linked to any other account.

Verification With Invalid Phone Number

Discord will deliver an OTP code to the phone number you provided, and therefore the number must be legitimate. Using a contact number that is not in operation would cause the Discord phone authentication not functioning issue, as we have previously discussed.

Incorrect Country Code

Discord will send a confirmatory text with an OTP key to the phone number you supplied incorrectly in that same country. You won’t obtain the code either since you aren’t in the same nation as the recipient. When you pick the wrong country code, it will result in the Discord phone verification not functioning issue.

Weak Internet Connectivity

In addition to the Discord phone verification not functioning issue, having an unreliable internet connection may bring on an array of additional problems. Switching your ISP is the ultimate solution in this circumstance.

Process of Fixing Discord Phone Verification Not Working

It’s time to address the problem with Discord phone verification now that we know what may be causing it to fail. The next step is to discuss how to resolve the Discord phone verification not responding issue.

Fixing Discord Phone Verification Not Working

Utilize a Mobile Phone Number Instead of a Landline or VoIP

Discord, as we’ve previously established, is a VoIP-based social networking application. As a result, the verification procedure will fail if you provide an invalid phone number, such as a Landline or VoIP number. If you’re going to enroll a contact number to your Discord profile, ensure it is a legitimate number that you have access to.

Provide an Unregistered Phone Number

The phone number you provide should not be linked to any other Discord account. Since we now know that Discord utilizes a one-of-a-kind contact number authentication technique that necessitates a phone number that is not affiliated with any other existing profile.

Accurately Select a Country Code

As previously stated, the country code is an essential component of a mobile number. As a consequence, if you want to utilize the Discord phone verification technique to include your contact information to your account, you must ensure that you choose the correct country code.

Stability of the Internet is Essential

Having an unreliable broadband connection always creates issues since it lags down the operation of any program that is running on it. Ensure that you have stable internet connectivity with a reasonable speed while validating your contact number through the Discord phone number verification procedure.

For the reason that if you have a slow internet connection, Discord will take longer than average to bring you the confirmation text with the OTP key. As a result, the time restriction will have passed. You will not be able to verify your contact number if you are failing to submit the OTP before the set time limit.


Providing you comprehend the whole method, and validating your contact number on Discord is a very straightforward process.  Nevertheless, if anything goes amiss with an apparently basic action, such as selecting the incorrect country code, it may quickly develop into a dreadful situation. With any luck, the information in this post about Discord Phone Verification not working may be of assistance.

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