how to get your discord account back without email

Reactivating or getting your Discord account back is not challenging with your proper email address and password. But things can mess up when your email address is lost, or somehow you have lost access to it. Then you will have to look for another solution about how to get your discord account back without email.

The process is not that straightforward as at first, you will have to send a request to Discord support regarding this issue. If you raise a valid appeal, hopefully, you will get back your Discord account without using your email address.

How to Get your Discord Account Back Without Email – The Step-by-Step Process to Follow

To get your Discord account back without an email address, you must contact Discord support first. Then, you will have to follow the correct steps to submit your appeal of recovering your account, and steps are:

How to Get your Discord Account Back

Step-1: Enter the Request Submitting Section of Discord Support

At first, you will have to open Discord on your mobile or computer, whichever device you are using. If you are logged into another account, you will have to log out from that account first, and it will direct you to the log-in page of Discord.

You will reach this log-in page at once if you are not logged into another account. There will be a three-bar menu icon on that page beside the email and password box.

You need to click on that icon to expand the options inside it, and as you do so, a list of various options will appear in front of you. From there, you will have to locate the “Submit a Request” option first, and then click on it instantly.

Submit a Request

Step-2: Select Help and Support from the List

Clicking on that option will lead you to the request submitting page of Discord support. There will be some boxes on that page, and the first one will be about “What can you help you with?” Tap on the box to expand the option list and select “Help and Support” from there.

Then in the following box, you will have to write down any of your email addresses that are currently active. After completing this section, step on to the next box with the option name of “Type of question?” above it. There will be a dropdown icon in the box, and you will have to tap on the icon to expand the option’s list.

Select “Forgot Email/Password” from the expanded options list to complete the first phase of the form.

Forgot Email/Password

Step-3: Complete and Submit the Request Form

After completing the first phase, you will have to hop into the second phase of the form. The first box in this section will be about the subject of the request you are about to submit. For example, you will have to write “Account Recovery” in this section as the subject of the issue you are facing with your Discord account.

The following box is about describing in detail about the problem with your email address. First, define the issue correctly to get back your disabled or banned Discord account. Then you will have to press the “Submit” button to submit your account recovery request to the Discord authority finally.

Discord authority

Step-4: Feedback from Discord Authority

After submitting your request, the Discord authority will review whether it is valid or not. Then within 1 to 3 working days, Discord will send their feedback to the current email address you have provided in the request form. If all your request and information are valid, hopefully, you will recover your disabled Discord account.

How to Recover Discord Account without Email

Final Thoughts

Recovering your disabled Discord account with the connected email address is pretty straightforward. But things can become a bit messy when you somehow lose access to that email address. At that moment, knowing how to get your discord account back without email can help you make your way out of that problem.

You will have to submit a recovery request to the Discord support page as your first task. Then you will get your account back if your request and information are valid as per Discord authority asked.

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