How to Use Alexa as a Speaker with AUX

All users worldwide know Alexa as a great device for task management in your house. But most of those users don’t know that it is also possible to use Alexa as a speaker. Rather it acts as a smart speaker which makes operation and control easier. You can establish the speaker connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or AUX cables.

The first two connecting options may look a bit complex compared to the last one. Using AUX cables is the easiest way to establish the connection, and AUX cables are known for better sound quality. After getting to know all these, you might be wondering how to use Alexa as a speaker with AUX cables.

What are the Reasons to Connect Alexa Through the AUX Cable?

What are the Reasons to Connect Alexa Through the AUX Cable

If you ever desired, Can I use Alexa as a wired speaker, then your dream has just come true? It is very much possible to use this task management device in the desired form you wanted. There are three major paths to connecting Alexa as a speaker with your computer or other devices.

Those paths are respectively via Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth pairing, and AUX cable connection. You can use any of these ways of connection establishment to make Alexa act as the speaker. But using the AUX cable is the easiest and most efficient path among all these options.

There are some more factors that make the AUX cable more suitable option for your usage of Alexa as a speaker. Now, the reasons why you should establish the connection of Alexa to the parent device through AUX cable are:

  • If you use the AUX cables, the sound quality will be comparatively better and pleasing for your ears
  • Setting up the connection through AUX cable is way easier than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
  • When Alexa is connected as a speaker through AUX cable, the chances of getting disconnected are less

How to Use Alexa as a Speaker with AUX – The Step-by-Step Process to Follow

As you are in doubt about how to use Alexa as a speaker for PC with AUX, the discussion in this phase is going to assist you. Establishing a connection between the parent audio device and Alexa is one of the easiest tasks.

As there will be some limitations like length of the AUX cable will be there, you need to stay sure about what you are doing. Keeping all these in mind, you need to start the proceedings for connection establishment.

The steps you will have to go through to get this job done are discussed serially one after another below:

Use Alexa as a Speaker with AUX

Step-1: Arrange the Necessary Equipment

It is mandatory to prepare the related and necessary equipment or materials before you start doing the respective tasks. Though this is no different case, the equipment or materials are only a few. Make sure your parent’s audio device is in the place where you wanted it to stay.

Then manage an AUX cord with 3.55mm audio jack or you can purchase one from the nearby store. AUX cables with different audio jack measurements than 3.55mm won’t help your cause. Because Alexa has a 3.55mm audio jack port, and it only supports the AUX cable jack with the identical measurement.

Make sure the length of the cord is quite long, which will provide a tip advantage when you might have to move the audio device or Alexa. Place Alexxa in a suitable place as well based on the length of the AUX cable you have. When all the above things are done correctly, you are all set to go to the next phase of the process.

Though most people call it Alexa, the actual name of this task-managing device is Amazon echo. There are many models in this Amazon echo with various designs. If you are willing to put echo dot 4th gen aux input into your PC or another audio device, just place the echo dot in the place described for Alexa above.

Step-2: Establish the Connection of Alexa’s End

The AUX cable will contain two different 3.55mm audio jacks at either end of itself. You will have to connect one to the end of the Alexa or your available model of Amazon echo. First, find out the audio jack port situated in the body of whichever variant of echo you are using.

After locating that jack port, take any of the two jacks that are attached to the AUX cable. Then put the audio jack into that port and make sure those are firmly connected.

Step-3: Establish the Connection of Parent Audio Device’s End

In this phase, you will have to grab your parent audio device which can be your computer or other eligible devices. Find the 3.55mm audio jack port from this device as well. After locating the desired spot, plug the jack into the port properly. Check at least once that the connection has been established properly.

Step-4: Check the Audio Output While using Alexa as a Speaker with AUX

When all the connections have been established, it is time to check whether it works properly or not. If all the devices and AUX cable are in correct condition, then there shouldn’t be any hassle. Play any music or audio track from your computer, and hopefully, Alexa should play the track instantly.

That’s all about how to get Alexa to work with AUX which you can follow if you are also willing to operate it as a speaker.


Can I use Alexa as an AUX speaker?

Yes, you can use Alexa as an AUX speaker if you want by connecting it with a parent audio device like your computer. You can also connect the audio device and Alexa through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. So, along with an AUX speaker, it is also possible to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker or Wi-Fi speaker.

How do I get Alexa to play through AUX?

Playing Alexa through the AUX cable is not a tough task to perform by any means. All you need to do is manage an AUX cable with an audio jack of 3.55mm as it is the measurement of Alexa’s audio jack port. Just connect one side of the cable to Alexa and the other side to your computer or other audio devices.
That’s how you can easily get Alexa to play through AUX without compromising the quality of the output sound.

How do I use Echo Dot as a speaker with AUX?

Though most of us know it by the name of Alexa, the actual name of this device is Amazon Echo. Echo Dot is a model or variant of it which can easily act as a speaker while connected through the AUX cable. Just like the connecting process of Alexa, you need to do the same for using the Echo Dot as a speaker.

Does Echo Dot have AUX output?

Echo Dot does have an AUX output with which you can connect it to another audio device or your computer. This AUX output port only supports a 3.55mm audio jack, and you need to use a suitable AUX cable to pair it with your PC. Only because of this AUX output, you can use Echo Dot as a speaker.

How can I use Alexa as a speaker without Bluetooth?

You won’t have to connect Alexa to your computer through Bluetooth to use it as a speaker. Though it is an option, using the alternate one is more efficient and easier. Instead of Bluetooth connection, you can simply use the AUX cable for establishing the connection between your computer and Alexa.

Just connect the ports of AUX cable to the ports of Alexa and your computer respectively. Then you are all set to use Alexa as a speaker without Bluetooth connectivity.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Echo devices, rather known as Alexa are one of our most familiar devices used in houses for task management. Besides task management, it can also perform as the speaker if connected to a PC or other audio devices. Among the three connecting paths, using AUX cable is the easiest and most efficient one.

Establishing a connection is way easier and it is also efficient in use. You will get better sound quality from Alexa while connected through the AUX cable. Now, that’s the entire process discussed above on how to use Alexa as a speaker with AUX.

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