Weird Discord Status- [Funny, Idea & Custom Status]

Discord is a great program that allows you to chat with friends and coworkers who are gaming or even video chatting with others. It’s very convenient, especially if you’re always on your phone and just want to type messages instead of calling someone. But, what happens when those messages turn weird for no reason?

If you’re not a Discord user, there are some things you don’t know about it. Let me break it down for you. It’s a free video chat app that enables people to be expressive and connected at the same time. Discord is a different way of interacting, and it’s not only the talker who benefits from it.

Things To Set as Your Discord Status

  • I love my dog
  • It’s 5:00 somewhere
  • Did somebody say pizza?
  • “I’m the one who knocks” (Breaking Bad)
  • Porcelain is just another word for lazy (Honest Trailers)
  • “I have a very particular set of skills” (Mission Impossible)
  • “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way”
  • I want to leave here tomorrow
  • “You’re a wizard, Harry” (Harry Potter)
  • Avada kedavra
  • I choose you! (Pokemon Go)
  • Rory Williams is my favorite doctor (Doctor Who)
  • “It’s now been 156 days since I last saw your face” (Criminal Minds)
  • “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore” (The Office)
  • I’m a victim of circumstance
  • “Wolf Pack” (Breaking Bad)
  • Make America great again!
  • I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that (HAL 9000)
  • “Oh yeah? Oh yeah?” (Dumb and Dumber)
  • If you build it…they will come (Field of Dreams)

Weird Custom Status for Discord

To make your Custom Status, there is no need to start from scratch. You can modify existing status text with the help of an online tool or you can use a word editor to chop off an unwanted text or change the font etc. If you want to modify the existing status then go here and here is the way how to add a new one by yourself.

Create Status with the help of online tools or a word editor

Step 1: Open the online tool or word editor. It will look like this one here.

Step 2: Enter text there and select your desired format from the font, background color, size, etc… There are lots of features available which can help you create your own silly status quickly.

Step 3: Now, click on CREATE STATUS button and you’re done! Your weird discord status will be generated instantly.

Step 4: Copy this address and it paste into the normal text box of your discord server and your weird custom status will be set immediately.

Step 5: You can also copy this code and place it in your discord profile name. The code will be automatically copied.

Weird Discord Status Ideas

Here we have listed some unique status ideas for discord. To build your own custom status they can be used as guidelines.

Pizza Status: You can also add an emoji of pizza to make it more fun. The pizza emoji is given in the basic emoji list of discord so you don’t need to worry about it.

Quotes Ideas:

Film and TV Quote Ideas: You can add a quote from your favorite movie or tv show to make your status more impressive and outstanding.

Other status Ideas:

Weird Discord Status Generator Tools

Weird Discord Status Generator by Add-Status is one of the best tools which can generate random and weird discord statuses automatically. The end result is always funny and entertaining. The tool offers multiple options to customize your status as per your requirement. You can also use the generated status in your discord profile or anywhere you want.

Why Does My Discord Status Not Show Up

In this section, we have listed the reasons or solutions to your problem that you may have faced while using discord and why your status does not show up.

  1. Install a complete version of the Discord server application on your device. Otherwise, it won’t work properly on your device.
  2. Your type of internet connection is also very important for making Discord Status On PC and for other things related to Discord Status On PC as well.
  3. Sometimes, you need to use special characters in your status instead of normal ones. For example, you want to use a “~” symbol in your status but it won’t work because the Discord server application won’t be able to interpret that. It’s all about the status formats and building blocks available inside the application. If you have different kinds of OS installed, then it may not work properly or completely.
  4. You may have encountered some errors while synchronizing your status in the discord server application. If it’s happened to you, then you can check the client logs and try to find out the reason behind it. Then, you need to clear the cache of your device, uninstall and reinstall the Discord server application and also restart it.
  5. Your hardware specifications are very important for making full use of the process related to making Discord Status On PC or other things related to Discord Status On PC as well. So make sure that you have a high-end or latest processor and graphics card installed in your device.

Funny Weird Discord Status

Have you ever thought of using a crazy, funny, or weird discord status on your discord channel? This can be a fun way of showing the bonding with someone. You can also create topics by giving a unique title and any text you want in your status.

Friends will definitely get shocked if they see it. They will not be able to hold their laughter or smile at that moment and might even have some shocked expressions on their faces. So, it’s a good way to have fun with friends and make them happy or shocked.

We have already mentioned that you can generate your own discord status by using the discord status generator tool which is available online. You can now easily use this generator tool to generate your own funny and weird status for any kind of purpose.

You can also create a new channel on a server and invite friends to this channel so you all can share different types of messages with each other on the channel.

And if you have a friend who is with you on the same server then you can shock them by showing them a funny or weird status in your status list. It’s really funny to do this with your friends and show something really funny to them.

Weirdest Discord Status

The weirdest discord status is one of the best types of statuses you can use on your discord server application. This will make your friends agree that there are many weird people in this world but for sure, you are not one of those because you are a good person.

These statuses may be generated by you or anyone else. You can find them on many other sites as well and it has been suggested that users should know how to use Discord status properly if they want to make more out of it.

It’s best to know how to create discord status though. These types of statuses will surely provide you with a wide range of options that are enough for you to delete your status frequently and use it on different platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

The main reason for using the weirdest discord status is the fact that you can get many kinds of options from it and this can be really a great source of entertainment for you.

Why Does My Discord Look Weird

Why Does My Discord Look Weird

Discord looks weird on your PC and can be a big problem for you, but there is nothing to worry about because you can easily fix it by following some of the best steps which are listed below:

  • It may be possible that your computer settings are not properly established to handle the discord server application effectively. Make sure that your graphics card and other hardware components installed in your computer are compatible with the Discord server application. If they aren’t, then you need to update them or install new ones on your system.
  • A newer version of the Discord server application may be installed on your computer. You can then try to check for any updates on your computer or install the latest one of it.
  • If your resolution is not properly set, then you need to change it. Make sure that the black box appears in a smaller size and the app messages appear in a bigger size.
  • Sometimes, the software crash during installing the app so you can’t access it properly. Reinstall the app from the official website of the discord server application. It’s really important to install a newer version of it.
  • Some graphics cards are not compatible with the discord server application so you can contact the technical support team for further help.

What your discord status says about you!


This status image is used to communicate with other users, but it’s also can be used for a lot of creative and funny stuff. People have gotten creative with Discord’s status bar and have created memes from their Discord statuses. Some people have even made entire Discord communities just for this type of content.

Meta Description:  It includes both text and voice chat channels as well as in-app instant messaging.

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