DS4 Windows Not Working – 5 Effective Methods

A thrilling football match is going on between you and your friend. The score is level, 2-2. You are one shot behind to get the goal & it’s only 1 minute to finish the match. Alas! Your ds4 betrayed you, ds4 windows not working. How will you feel that time?

Undoubtedly, ds4 is the best controller to play games on Windows PC or PlayStation. Like every electronic device, ds4 also stops working due to different reasons. In this article, I am going to share how easily you can solve the ds4 windows not opening problem and win a thrilling match. Maybe you are also looking for the solution of Preparing to Configure Windows Stuck.

Methods to fix ds4 windows not working problem

ds4windows won't open

There are several methods to solve your ds4 problem. Follow below step by step to get out of this problem. I hope you can easily fix the windows problem with ds4.

Method 01: Update ds4 controller windows

Whenever a problem comes, firstly think about to give an update to your ds4 window. Let’s flip through the below steps to learn about the update in case if you are not aware of it

  • Firstly, open the ds4 file directory.
  • Choose the extracted file.
  • Left-click on “DS4Updater.”
  • The system will ask searching for New Update. Allow it to search for the latest version, and if required, Download it.
  • Once step # 3 is complete, you will receive a message saying “DS4 Windows is Up to Date” on the screen. Click OK.
  • Once the update is finished, close the ds4 update window and liftoff the ds4 window again.
  • Make sure that the device is detected below the “Controller Tab” and already appears.

All is done and start playing. This time don’t wait till last time to score.

Method 02: Solving through Device Manager

Device Manager is a significant process to solve ds4 not working windows 10 problems. Let’s begin the process

  1. Go to the search box and type “Device Manager” in order to open it.
  2. Click it to open and left-click on “Human Interface Devices.”
  3. Search for “HID-Compatible Game Controller.” Open it, and don’t forget to enable it.

Your ds4 device is now ready to play.

Device Manager Windows DS4

Method 03: Troubleshooting of ds4 Error

Aren’t you getting proper results following the above 2 methods? Wave your hands to your worries because there are other methods still available.

  1. Firstly, below the Setting tab, you will find an option to hide the ds4 controller. You will get benefit if your ds4 controller has precedence over the other joined controller – like Xbox 360 controller – or if you want to ensure the setting of your DS4Windows has priority over Steam’s ds4 configuration.
  2. Check whether the ds4 is not working because other devices are connected with your Windows PC or PlayStation or not. Sometimes, you may face this problem. To solve this, you will find a button at the bottom of ds4 windows, select it to get linked with the ds4 controller directly, and for games, select it as the primary input source.
  3. There are some other files name ds4 windows installation, ds4 update. These file gets update automatically and downloads the most updated version of ds4windows. In case if the update missed for any reason, from time to time look and allow to get updated on these files. These updates will help your ds4 to work correctly with your PlayStation or PC.

You finished the Troubleshooting process successfully, and this time don’t give any chance to your friend.

Method 04: Check ds4 Controller is Enabled in Device Manager or Not

Maybe you strike the head in repentance, saying that “Why my ds4 windows alternative is not working whereas I did everything to let it work?” If I ask you, “Did you check Device manager whether the ds4 controller is enabled or not?” OH! Don’t get crazy! Simply follow the below steps

  • Plugin ds4 controller into the computer or PlayStation and open ds4 window.
  • Secondly, go to the Windows Start Menu to get the options list and left-click on the “Device Manager” that is placed in the middle of the Menu.
  • Click on the right-pointing grey arrow in order to expand “Human Interface Devices.”
  • You will find a lot of listed devices there. Shot the Right button of your mouse on “HID-Complaint Game Controller” and then choose “Enable Device” from the option.
  • Click Cross option of the Device Manager window to close it.
  • Back to ds4 windows, and you will find the ds4 controller has appeared below the “Controller” tab.

Give a huge smile and win the match.

Method 05: Uninstalling and Restarting ds4 Device

The final method to let your ds4 in a working condition. Tell your friend to wait for 5 minutes only. After that, a big match will start. If none of the above methods works perfectly, this dirt will not miss the bull’s eye.

  1. Close the ds4 window and plug off your ds4 controller from your PC.
  2. Hit the Windows + R to get the Run dialog box. There you write Control Panel and press ENTER.
  3. In the Control Panel option, click on the Hardware and Sound Setting option to access them. Then select “Devices and Printers” in order to access all devices that will come in contact with your PC.
  4. Fourthly, plug in your ds4 controller with your PC again. It will appear as a sign of a Joystick. Now we need to work on the Properties section. Right Click > Properties.
  5. In the ds4 controller Properties area, choose the Hardware tab and click twice HID Compliant Game Controller to get into the properties section.
  6. Then, Driver Tab > Uninstall Device. Thus your device will be uninstalled. Confirm again, ds4 is disconnected from your PC.
  7. Open the ds4 controller window from the PC and connect the controller again. I believe the controller has already appeared in the controller section.

Ds4 windows fixing technique for not working- ds4 windows could not open exclusively

I believe you already solved the problem of ds4 windows could not open exclusively following the above steps. Don’t wait longer; start playing to win the match. Hope you are never facing the problem of ds4 windows won’t open even after the update. Happy Gaming!


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