Hid Keyboard Device Windows 10 – Updating HID

If you find some of the keys of your keyboard not working, this can freak you out! You might think that you need to change the keyboard. At times, yes you need to. But before that, you must check if your HID Keyboard Device Windows 10 is facing any other problem or not.

Here are ways to fix this problem. Have a look!

Hid Keyboard Device Windows 10

Methods of Updating the HID Keyboard

When you see some key not working on Laptop HP or your PC, you have to update the driver. Now, you can settle for updating it manually or automatically. Here, we will discuss both of the methods so that you can work with them according to your convenience.

Manually Updating HID Keyboard

Step 1: Search for Device Manager

Keyboard Method

First of all, you have to search for Device Manager and open it. Go through the Keyboard and press the Windows logo and the R key together. This will bring the run box on the screen.

In the Run box, you have to take the cursor to the typing space and there, type devmgmt.msc. After tying, click OK.


Note: This method will only work if the keyboard works properly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to type. In that case, you have to settle for the next method.

Windows 10 Method

If you are a user of Windows 10, and you see the USB keyboard driver Windows 10 not working, this method will work for you only. You have to go to the Start menu first. There is a Windows System folder available. All you need is to find that and expand it. From there, you can easily get into Control Panel. You have to do all this work with your mouse!

USB keyboard driver Windows 10

Yes, your work here is the same. You have to get into the Device Manager. But as you don’t have a working keyboard, you cannot command with it. So, your only option is the mouse. With the mouse, you have to search for the icons in the Control Panel. There, you will find the Device Manager listen. Go for it.

Device Manager

Windows 7 Method

The previous method won’t work if you are using Windows 7. If you have this Windows, you will tell you another method that works fine. First, go to the Start menu of your Windows 7. There the Control Panel option will be available already on the right side. Press it.

Once you get into the Control Panel, you will see the list of different options just like before. You have to find the Device Manager and go for it!

Step 2: Device Manager Options

Once you have got into the Device Manager, you have to go through this step. You will see the HID Keyboard listed there. Take your cursor on it and right-click there. There will be several options on your screen after right-clicking. You have to go for the first option Update Driver.


Step 3: Select the Method

When you press the Update Driver, you will see changes on your screen. The options are for how you want to update the driver. For this, you have to settle for the Automatically Update Driver Software or Update Driver. Don’t go for the Computer’s Driver Software.

Update driver

Step 4: Update and Test

Once you are done, the update will start. It will take time to update the driver completely. After the update is completed, use your keyboard and then check for the yellow mark we talked about before beside the HID keyboard. If it is gone, you have solved the HID keyboard device not working Windows 10!

HID keyboard device not working Windows 10

Automatically Driver Update

Now that we have learned how to manually update the drivers for fixing the HID keyboard issues, it’s time to know about the automatic update. If you are a person who goes through hectic days and doesn’t have the patience, it can be the easiest option. And for all the automatic updates, we recommend you Driver Easy.

The work of this is to go through the PC and understand which update is missing and which is required to run the PC smoothly. If you update manually, there is a chance that you get the wrong driver and mess everything up. Thanks to Driver Easy to make the update process easier! Let’s learn how you can update the driver with it automatically!

Step 1: Driver Easy Download and Install

First, your work is to download Driver Easy. After downloading, go through the steps and install it properly. Once it is installed, you have to run the program. Opening it, you will see a Scan Now option in the center. All you need to do is click it. The program will start scanning the PC and eventually, it will detect all the issues of the drivers.

Step 2: Update it

After it finds out the problems, you will see the Update buttons available there. If there are other driver problems on your PC, the app will show them too. You can update them to solve it. Either way, you can only solve the HID keyboard issue. Search for the HID Keyboard device option in the list. Once you find it, look beside it and you will see an Update button for this one. Press it and update your keyboard to fix problems. On the other hand, if you are planning to go for all of the available updates, you must apply for the Pro version!

Step 3: Wait and Test

The update will take some time. So, wait for it. Once the HID keyboard update is completed, you have to search close the Driver Easy and go to Device Manager once again. Now, check for the yellow mark that was beside it before. If it is not there, your keyboard is ready!

FAQs on HID Keyboard Device Windows 10

How do I fix corrupted keyboard driver issues?

You can reinstall the keyboard first. Check if the keyboard is physically fit or not. Search for the updates and go for proprietary software. In cases, you might need a command prompt. If nothing works, take your keyboard to a professional and if needed, get a new one.

How can I enable HID on my keyboard?

To enable HID on your keyboard, you have to hold the mouse and take it to the right bottom part of your screen to the Windows icon. There, you have to right-click and you will see the Device Manager window coming up with a list. Right-click the HID keyboard on the list and click Enable!

Keyboard Device Driver Missing Device Manager in windows 10

Final words

Updating the keyboard and solving the HID keyboard’s issues is not tough in Windows 10. No matter you settle for the manual version or the automatic method, both are easy. But we recommend you to pick up the automatic method as there is less risk if you choose this!

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