How To Insert Big Bracket in Word

If you’re wondering how to insert big brackets in Word, it’s probably because you need to know how to discern between distinct words or equations. To better illustrate certain operations, you may find that a big bracket that spans numerous lines in Word is necessary. The following sections will explain how to accomplish this using the Insert menu in Microsoft Word.

Why Are Brackets Used?

Enclosing text in brackets is a common way to punctuate it. Similar to parentheses, brackets always come in pairs; the first bracket denotes the beginning of the text, while the second bracket denotes its end.

There are primarily three kinds of brackets used in formal writing. Normal parentheses, which may be referred to as “rounded brackets,” are also mentioned. However, when people use the word bracket without specifying its kind, they often mean square brackets.

Brackets are most commonly used and seen while working with quoted text. Brackets are a great way to clarify your work by providing additional context for a quote, offsetting information within a parenthetical remark, or converting a phrase into another language.

  • In academic writing, writers often employ brackets to give context to a quote without altering the original sense of the passage. This allows the author to make any required grammatical or stylistic adjustments to the statement, as well as to make any necessary corrections or comments to any cited content. 
  • When a quotation is enclosed in square brackets, the writer or editor can make corrections, provide context, rearrange the quote to better match the context of the phrase, and even emphasize a word by making it bold or italic.
  • It is customary to include the publication date in brackets after the title of a referenced book or other written work, particularly if more than one version of the work has been published.
  • It is not uncommon for quotations to have typos or poor grammar. Though they could drive editors crazy, inaccuracies in cited material must be left uncorrected because of the nature of the quotation medium.
  • Always provide the English translation of foreign-language quotations in brackets.

Process of Inserting Big Brackets in Word

In Word, you may bracket across many lines of text by drawing a left or right brace. Follow these instructions carefully.

Choose a left or right brace design from the Shapes menu that appears after you select Insert.

Shapes menu

After that, create a design that resembles a brace to go over the lines that you require.


Once you have selected the brace form to bring up the Drawing Tools, you may customize the contour, effects, and color of the shape to meet your requirements.

Drawing Tools

In addition, the formula box in a Word document allows you to bracket over many lines. A formula box may be inserted by pressing “Alt” and “=” to enter the summary text there.

Word document

Pick one left bracket from the drop-down menu that displays when you pick Bracket from the Design menu. 

drop-down menu

Pick 3×1 Empty Matrix from the Matrix drop-down list after selecting the first placeholder box.

Matrix drop-down

To align columns to the left, right-click the first placeholder field, then choose Column Alignment from the submenu that appears.

placeholder box

Choose Delete Equation from the menu bar when you right-click the final placeholder box to get rid of it.

Column Alignment

The formula box has been reduced to only three empty cells. If more than three lines are required in the formula box, choose the final placeholder box and proceed with steps 3 and 4 from the previous section.


Process of Inserting Square Brackets in Word

Microsoft Word users on Windows & Mac, as well as those with iOS and Android devices, may easily format their writing by adding square brackets ( [ ] ) by following these steps:

  • Put the cursor in the area where you wish to put the brackets.
  • Square brackets can be inserted using the keyboard shortcuts provided by the operating system.

Square brackets may be added in Microsoft Word for Mac or Windows using the Symbols dialogue by following these steps:

  • Click the Insert tab inside the Word ribbon.
  • For further options, go to the Symbols tab on the ribbon and click Symbol | More Symbols… (Windows) or Symbol | Advanced Symbols (Mac).
  • View the Symbols menu.
  • Normal Text is the Font you should pick.
  • Look for [right after Z] and whatever is close behind it.
  • Select Basic Latin as your Subset: on Windows to easily access a smaller subset of the language.
  • To add brackets, double-click the square bracket icon.

Process of Typing Square Brackets on Windows

Use the keyboard shortcut [Insert] + [square brackets] on Windows 10 to create the formatted text.

  • Put the cursor in the place where you wish to put the brackets.
  • Between square brackets: You will most noticeably make use of square brackets if you make a change to a quoted passage.
  • Make use of [and] to toggle between the two options.

The missing keys: You may still use square brackets even if your keyboard doesn’t have any keys labeled [and]. Alternatively, you may discover the keyboard shortcut for your language’s layout below, along with some other potential solutions.


How should I type big brackets?

Answer- Windows users, type [] to create the symbol for brackets. In order to create a “left bracket,” press Alt + 0 + 9 1 = [In order to create a “right bracket,” press Alt + 0 + 9 3 =].

Is there any space between the square brackets?

Answer- There is no blank space, whatsoever. Edited words or letters, for example, are enclosed in square brackets so that they still look like a natural part of the text.

How do you illustrate the large bracket?

Answer- There are three types of brackets commonly used in math and science: parentheses, also known as round brackets, curly brackets, also known as brace brackets, and square brackets, also known as box brackets.

How to Add a Big Curly Bracket in Word


Using brackets appropriately may do wonders for the readability of your work. You’ll have no trouble putting brackets in the appropriate places after reading this tutorial that explains how to insert large brackets in Word.

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