How to Recover Discord Account Without 2fa

Discord is a chart-topping communication application for the video gamers community. Using this app one can do many sorts of things like texting, streaming, posting updates, and many more. A significant number of members use this application on a daily basis for its useful features and updated security.

Among various other security features, discord features two-factor authentication. By enabling these features users make their account even more secure and in case their account gets compromised due to this feature it remains untouchable. Discord provides users with some backup codes using those the user can log in into their account each time they log out. But what if you lost the codes? We’ll learn how to recover discord account without 2fa today.

Discord Account Without 2fa

Ways to Recover Discord Account Without 2fa

Two-factor authentication is a security feature of discord that makes your discord account more secure to use. We don’t log out of our discord account from our browser daily. What we do is just simply open the browser and browse discord.

As we do not log in daily it is quite normal to forget the password of the account. But using the recovery option it is very easy to recover the password. The problem occurs when you log out from the account with 2-factor authentication enabled on your discord but you do not have the backup codes.

Check your desktop app and Browser

Double-check all your browsers whether you are logged into the discord account or not. You should also check the discord if you have that on your computer. If you found any browser with discord logged in previously you can simply disable the two-factor authentication. After that, you can easily login into any new device or browser easily.

Search for backup codes

Recover Discord Account

Many times it happens that we forget where we stored a certain file. The same can happen with your discord backup codes. If the first method does not work for you, you are left with just one option that is to find the codes.

Go to your PC and search for “discord_backup_codes.txt” using the search option. If you are lucky and the file is on your computer you will find it. Using the codes you can recover your discord account.

Discord sends 2-factor codes on your phone if you are not currently in possession of the phone and you have also lost the backup codes. In such a situation, there is no way to log into your discord account. Now you have to create a New account and without the codes, it is not possible to recover a discord account when 2fa is enabled.

Final thoughts

Two-factor authentication features make the discord more secure to use. But sometimes this feature can also be a cause of losing your beloved account. If you lose access to your phone and logged out from your discord account and the account has two-factor authentication enabled. It becomes impossible to recover the account now.

If you want to recover discord account without 2fa and you do not have the backup codes that discord gave you while you enabled the two-factor authentication, it is not possible anymore. So, you should always carefully store the backup codes.

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