How to Connect Roku To Bluetooth Speaker?

Suddenly I heard someone asked his fellow from my back. It sparked my interest as I was looking for the answer on how to connect Bluetooth soundbar to Roku TV. It matches my issue somehow.

It’s good to learn that, I can connect my Bluetooth soundbar to Roku TV anytime. Similarly, Bluetooth makes it possible to connect Bluetooth speakers, TV, smartphone, computer, or even tablet.

However, when it comes to connecting Bluetooth speakers, you need to follow few steps. This content will outline all the steps below you need to follow. 

How to Connect Roku To Bluetooth Speaker?

How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth, a wireless communication technology maintains a process to connect and exchange data over a short distance. The distance typically is estimated at less than 30 feet. Conditionally, the device must be compatible with Roku.

Note: If you like to connect any device or like to stream audio, the device must be compatible.

How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speaker

How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speaker will be your everyday question as long as you give it a shot. As you like to connect Roku tv to Bluetooth speaker, let’s get the main ideas of the entire step-by-step guideline, before we elaborately break down the steps.

  1. Find a compatible device.
  2. Install the Roku app on the device.
  3. Turn on the both devices.
  4. Find the device on the paired list.
  5. Pair the devices.
  6. Find the Headphone Icon
  7. Enjoy seamless music.

Is Your Device Compatible?

The biggest question before you attempt to connect to Rokuto a Bluetooth device – is the device compatible with Roku? If not, no way to get that connected. For example, wireless headphone is not compatible to Roku TV.

Install the “Roku” App

Roku is not born for collaborating with Bluetooth devices. Therefore, it hasn’t the ability to get connected directly by its own. However, you can get it done anyway. for that, get the Roku app installed on your device first. You’ll get to the Roku home screen.

“Turn On” the Device

The first thing after you get a compatible Bluetooth device is – turn it on or enable Bluetooth on the device. While doing it, remember that enabling Bluetooth may vary brand to brand. In that case, go to the setting menu or Bluetooth submenu.

Get Connected with the Same Network

Make sure that both the devices (Roku TV and your android, iPhone, or iPad device) are connected via the same Wi-Fi network. Now, open the app and find the device on the list. It is supposed to appear on the list. If it doesn’t, check the devices’ network and bring them under the same umbrella.

Roku To Bluetooth Speaker?

Find the Paired Device

If both devices stay on the same network while turned on the Bluetooth, you’re supposed to find your device on the list of paired devices. However, if you’re try first ever, your device will not show up on the list. In that case, you have to pair your device first.

Pair the Bluetooth Device

To pair your device via Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth on your device and allow few seconds to show up your device on TV screen. If it appears, tap on it and start navigating the Roku private listening feature. With it, you’re going to see a menu below. However, that’s not the end of the process.

Find the Headphone Icon

Move forward by pressing “Remote” from the appeared menu. You’ll further move forward with the headphone icon when the Roku Remote screen is displayed. Thus, you’ll realize that your Roku audio is connected and played through a Bluetooth speaker.

In addition, you’ll notice the icon of the Roku Private Listening feature. that’d be visible at the upper right corner of the screen as soon as you activate the feature.

Now, you’re at the cockpit. You can enjoy seamless music that coming through the connected Bluetooth device. While you can also turn off this feature by deactivating the service by tapping the Roku Private Listening feature.

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FAQs on How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speaker

Q 1: How does Bluetooth device function?

When we try to connect any compatible device via Bluetooth, Roku launches its Bluetooth device automatically. If they are connected successfully, you’re set to enjoy anything – music, podcast, streaming, and many more. However, the available apps on your Bluetooth device provide the service.

Q 2: Can I stream audio from my Roku to my speakers?

You can amazingly start audio streaming with Roku by enabling Bluetooth features. To begin with, enable Fast TV Start feature on your Roku. To enable Fast TV Start feature on your TV, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. Go to setting
2. System
3. Power
4. Fast TV Start

Once the Fast TV Start feature is activated, you’re all set to start streaming audio and you can turn off the TV screen afterward.

Q 3: How Cn I Connect My Computer to Roku TV?

Connecting a computer to Roku TV is way simple. Similarly, you can apply the same process to connect tablets and it is applicable even for the smartphone. To connect, visit the Bluetooth setting on your device – be it a computer, tablet, or smartphone to connect Roku TV. Sometimes, if you’ve accessed them earlier, you can simply connect them from the list of paired devices.

The Bottom Lines

Experiencing a new thing is the finest adventure. Discovering How to Connect Roku to Bluetooth Speaker without learning anything prior is another form of adventure to me. No matter – if you’re tech-savvy or not, you can connect Roku tv to Bluetooth speaker by yourself with the formula described above. With a variety of electronic gadgets at hand these days, people have to experience different things anew. You can also try something new today!

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