Can You Get Hacked by Joining a Discord Server?

Do you know someone whose Discord account got hacked? Ever received a suspicious link from a stranger? Discord is pretty similar to other social media, and scammers or hackers always look for a chance to hack a user account. Hackers follow different methods to hack an account. So, can you get hacked by joining a Discord server?

Yes, a discord account can get hacked by other applications. Hackers aim to steal personal information and credentials. So, they message a targeted account with a fishy link. You can stay safe by not clicking those links. Also, setting a strong password and 2FA methods are a great way to keep your account safe.

Read this comprehensive guide to learn about precautions and safety tips regarding discord account hacking.

Can You Get Hacked by Joining a Discord Server?

The straightforward answer is, “It depends.” Joining a server itself is not going to hack you.

But there are a few discord servers containing spam bots or hackers. Remember, as long as you don’t share your discord info+; your account is safe.

However, your account can be hacked if you are less careful clicking suspicious download links. Moreover, scanning the QR code can steal your token.

Many discord users think that discord accounts can’t be hacked. In reality, it is a misconception. Similar to other social media platforms, hackers can hack your discord account. Hackers do this for the following reasons,

  • Share false content
  • Steal the user information
  • Share viruses
  • Spread wrong information
  • Create malware

Another reason for hacking a discord account is to access popular Discord achievements and servers.

What to Do When My Discord Account is Hacked?

Can You Get Hacked by Joining a Discord Server

“Prevention is better than cure” this principle is also applicable to Discord accounts. If you fail to ensure preventive measures, here are some acts that need to be done if your Discord account gets hacked.

Let Your Friends Know About the Hack

You must have added your friends to Discord. They might be your friends on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Send them a message saying that your Discord account is hacked.

When your friends know about the hack, they will be careful about the acts of the hackers. Such acts can be gaining access to more Discord accounts by taking phishing attempts.

At the same time, your friends can report the hacked account so that hackers can’t use them for scamming.

Change Your Discord Account Passcode

Just after identifying that your account is hacked, immediately check whether you can change the password. If it is possible, do it right away.

Many discord users believe a password change is possible after being hacked. Follow the below steps to do so.

Step 01: Launch the Discord

Step 02: Click on the Settings menu

Step 03: Select My Account

Step 04: Now, you will see the Edit section next to your username. Click on it.

Step 05: Select Change Password

Step 06: First, you will have to type the Current Password. Then provide a New Password. Next, Confirm the New Password.

Step 07: Finally, click Done

The process is pretty straightforward. These steps are for the desktop version. Remember, the steps are similar in the case of the mobile version

Activate 2FA

Hackers will fail to access your account if 2-factor activation is activated. They will require another code to ensure they own your account. Although this is not a foolproof method to prevent hacking, it lowers the chance. Here is the way to activate 2FA.

Step 01: Launch the Discord app on your device

Step 02: Select Settings Menu

Step 03: Click on My Account

Step 04: Then head on to Enable Two Factor-Auth

Step 05: You have to download either Authy or Google Authenticator

Step 06: Now you will need to scan a QR code or submit a numerical code

Step 07: Next, download your backup codes as 2-way authentication is enabled

You can activate 2-factor authentication using iOS or Android. So, a PC is not always necessary for the job.

Is your discord account linked with Stream, Facebook, Twitter, etc.? Hackers can get access to these accounts if you are less attentive.

For this reason, it would always be best to change the password of these social platforms. Then unlink Discord from those social media. By ensuring these steps, damaging your other social media accounts can be minimized.

Send a Report to Discord

If you think your Discord account is hacked, you can send a report to Discord by submitting a request.

How to Keep Discord Account Safe from Hackers?

You might be wondering whether I can keep my discord account safe. The short answer is YES. Here are a few tips to stay safe on Discord.

Tip #01: Use a Powerful Password

Simple and easy passwords are always straightforward to hack. Even 2FA can’t assure privacy. Hackers or other persons can easily guess your password if it is easy. For this reason, use a password that is mixed of the below items,

  • Upper case
  • Lower case
  • Characters
  • Digits
  • Symbols

Many websites are helping you make a strong password. A password with the items mentioned earlier will never be imaginable. Hackers will fail to hack your account if you maintain your passcode with these items.

One of the common ways to hack a Discord account is a strange or fishy link. Hackers send a strange website to download a file. When you click the link, hackers steal your personal information from your discord account.  

Tip #03: Download Files from Trusted Source

This tip has a connection with tip #02. You mustn’t download any files from any fishing or strange websites. Always download files from a trusted source.

Friends can send you files anytime, and you can’t be confused or hesitant to download them. Avoid downloading from a link sent by a stranger.

Tip #04: Don’t Share Personal Information with an Unknown Person

If you want to make friends or meet new people, discord is one of the best platforms. But trusting everybody will be a big mistake. You should trust those persons who are closest to your heart. If a new person or friend asks you something about your personal information, avoid sharing.

Tip #05: Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus software prevents the progress of malware on your PC. The best thing about this software is that it is compatible with multiple platforms. Even they can protect your smartphone or desktop from a virus.

What are Common Discord Account Hacking Attempts by Hackers?

If you ever receive messages like the one below, consider them a hacking attempt.

  • Testing a Game

Is any of your Discord friends sending you daily messages to test a game? If yes, don’t click the link. Be sure that it is a hacking attempt. Such links are most likely spam, and scammers will most likely try t steal your information following this way.

  • Free Trials

Free trial links are damn suspicious, especially if the link is from an unknown person. Reply to the sender if the free trial exists. These are mostly malicious messages.

  • Free Giveaways

Generally, free giveaways are fake. You mustn’t click a link to free giveaways unless it comes from a trusted person.

I got hacked on discord – here’s what NOT to do.

Summing Up

You have to be extremely careful while using discord. Scammers can hack your account and steal personal information. Hopefully, you got the answer to the question can you get hacked by joining a discord server?

Follow the mentioned tips and hacks to keep your account safe. Make sure to accept the friend request of those you know personally. Also, don’t share your account information, avoid clicking suspicious links, and maintain a strong password if you stay safe from hacking.

Risk is always there, even if you don’t join an unknown discord server. I suggest practicing caution. 

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