How To Delete Discord Account Without Waiting 14 Days

Perhaps you’re wondering how to delete Discord account without waiting 14 days if you’re having problems or are just no longer interested in utilizing it. You may disable or remove your Discord account just as you do on other social networks. Simply navigate to your account settings & choose the Delete Account button to permanently delete your Discord account. For every device, the deletion procedure is outlined below.

Discord Account Disabling vs. Deletion

Fortunately, Discord has a lot of options for customizing your profile and how your account works. In essence, it signifies the following:

The equivalent of putting a hold on your Discord account is to disable it. Your private conversations, servers, and archives will all be protected within. Discord will stop sending you updates about that account, but any friend requests that have been sent to it will still be there when you log in again. If you don’t intend on utilizing Discord for a long or just need a break, disabling your account is the best option.

When a user deletes their Discord account, what exactly happens? If you remove your Discord account, all of the information associated with it will be erased as well. Every conversation you’ve ever had and every message you’ve ever sent or received will be deleted, and you’ll be kicked from any servers you’ve ever joined. In addition, you will be known as Deleted User, and this is how your profile will seem to other users:

It is recommended that server owners either hand over control to a reliable third party or permanently remove their servers.

To change who owns a server, access the Server Settings by clicking on the server’s name within the Discord program.

 server's name

Select Members from the list of options on the left side of the User Management page.


This is where you’ll hand out power to the people you choose. Once you’ve selected who should take responsibility, you may assign permissions by clicking the three white dots that appear when you scroll over the user’s name.

user's name

Select “Transfer Ownership” from the dialogue options.

Transfer Ownership

Following the completion of the transfer, you will take on the role that has been assigned to you on the server. Your continued server access is restricted to just those features for which you have the necessary permissions.

If your server does not have anybody reliable to pass it off to, or if you do not have strong feelings about the matter, you should probably just delete it. The process for removing a server is identical to the one outlined above. Once again, go down the left side of the screen, but this time skip User Management and head straight for ‘Delete Server.’

Delete Server

In order to permanently remove the server from existence, select “Delete Server,” then log in with your password to finalize the deletion. If two-factor authentication was set up for your account, you will be asked to input the code before removing the server, just as you would when deleting the account itself.

Process of Deleting Discord Account on PC

The majority of Discord’s user base has the official client software installed on their own computers. The PC client operates more quickly and smoothly. For the sake of this guide, we will be using the Windows version of the Discord software. Nonetheless, the procedure is the same whether you use the browser app, Mac, or Linux to access Discord. Here are the actions you need to do to delete your Discord account permanently:

  • You may launch Discord on a computer running Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.
  • When you get there, click the settings cog in the bottom left.
  • Preferably, you have previously opened the “My Account” settings screen. Check the left sidebar to see whether it’s already open.
My Account
  • If you want to delete your account, go over to the “Account Removal” portion of the “My Account” settings screen and select the “Delete Account” option there. To terminate your account completely, select it and hit the Delete option.
Account Removal
  • A password and 2-factor authentication code, if you’ve enabled either, will be requested in a pop-up window. Just log in with your credentials and click “Delete Account.”
Delete Account.

All traces of your Discord account have been removed at this time. When you remove your account, all of your information, including any texts, will be wiped clean.

Process of Deleting Discord Account on Mobile

When you are using Discord on your smart phone, you won’t have any significant problems terminating your account. If you want to get rid of your Discord profile on Android or iOS, just follow these steps.

Launch Discord on your Apple or Google-powered mobile device. Select the user’s image from the profile icon on the right side of the toolbar.

 user's image

Access My Account.

My Account

Here, you’ll find the option to permanently delete your account if you scroll down far enough. To delete your account, select the corresponding button.

delete your account

The next time you try to access your account, a window will pop up requesting your password & two-factor authentication code. To deactivate your Discord account for good, simply fill out the form and click the red “Delete” box.


Recovering Deleted Discord Account

The deletion request is recorded and the account is deactivated after you affirm the deletion. For the next 14 days, it will be stored, and then it will be removed forever. You have two weeks to request the return of your Discord account if you decide you changed your mind.

Once a request to delete a Discord account has been made, the service typically provides a 30-day confirmation window. You can contact customer service and request account restoration if you reconsider your decision. If the 30-day deadline has passed since the account deletion request, however, the account is permanently deleted.

Discord: Deleting an account + What happens afterwards?


How long does it take for a discord account to be deleted?

Answer- Discord needs at least 14 calendar days to completely remove your account from its servers. Within two weeks, all of the outlined procedures will be finished.

Can you instantly delete your Discord account after you contact Discord?

Answer- You can’t do that right now. To cancel or deactivate your Discord subscription, you must be signed in.

If Discord disabled your account, will it get deleted after 14 days?

Answer- Following 14 days of inactivity, all traces of a disabled account are removed from the system.


Despite Discord’s status as a leading voice chat networking platform, you may find that you simply don’t like using it. Because of this, being aware of how to delete a Discord account without waiting 14 days will make it possible for you to get rid of your profile for good.

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