How to Level Up in Discord Servers

Besides being a social connectivity platform, some fantastic features make Discord even more enjoyable. Levels in Discord reflect the members’ activity on that particular server. Based on the levels of the server members, many servers allow various special roles to the top-level members.

That’s why getting leveled up can be an amazing way to get the chance to perform special roles and permissions on that server. As a result, how to level up in Discord servers is the most asked question in this regard. Along with that, Discord levels are also capable of indicating status.

What is Discord Level Up System?

The level process in Discord mainly showcases how active the members are and put them at different levels based on their activity. On many servers, owners and admins reward the members by providing special roles and permissions. Based on the members’ performance from different levels, the admins or moderators’ level up those members.

So, In Discord, leveling up actually indicates that the server is providing more power to the members based on their activity. And those members can use different advanced functions of the Discord application with the help of it. For example, the leveling process of any server may look like this:

Levels 1-5: Amateur

Levels 5-10: Novice

Levels 11-20: Full-time Member

Levels 21-30: Virtuoso

Levels 31-35: Captain

Levels 36-40: Emperor

The levels won’t always be the same in every server as the server authority can set the levels in their preferred way. You will first start as an amateur and then gradually go up if you are well active in that server. Most servers come with requirements for the members to reach any particular level.

If you can fulfill all the requirements and the server authority feels the same, then you are all set to reach the next level. But the problem is that Discord doesn’t come with an in-built leveling feature. As a result, the leveling process entirely depends on the bots that the server uses for the task. 

Those specialized bots are well capable of determining the loyal and active members of the server along with casual users. MEE6 is such a bot that most of the servers use to level up the general members.

What are the Perks of Boosting a Discord Server

What are the Perks of Boosting a Discord Server

Boosting the Discord server comes with a bunch of benefits to the members and server altogether. It will introduce the server members to the experience of improved streaming quality, new emojis, and animated server icons. For unlocking or availing of more fantastic Discord features, server boosting is the way to go.

Now, there are three different perks of boosting a Discord server, and those are: 

  • Level 1 Perks
  • Level 2 Perks
  • Level 3 Perks

You will normally get emojis slot, better audio quality, and custom stickers in the Perks. Along with these, server icon animation and customization, customized server invites background, and better live streaming quality will be available. The level 1 perk is the basic one which comes with all these features and two boosts.

At the same time, the level 2 perks have all the perks from level 1, along with some extra. But the number of boosts is seven in this level for your usage. The level 3 perks have a total of 14 boosts with the same perks of level 2 and some extra perks along with enhanced quantity.

How to Level Up in Discord Servers – The Step-by-Step Process to Follow

Primarily, the leveling task is performed by the MEE6 bot added to the server. It checks and keeps track of the activity of the members and levels them up if they fulfill the given requirements. Now, as a general user, you might think about how to get leveled up when you are added to any Discord server.

Phase – 1: Join a Server that Includes MEE6 or Other Level Bots

Now, you first need to be part of a server that is the same as your field of interest. As you plan to level up your position on the server, you need to look for some criteria before joining the server. The server must have this leveling system in order to serve your purpose.

It must have the inclusion of a bot that is capable of dealing with the leveling feature in the Discord server. As the server must be using a bot, it will be better if the bot is MEE6 because it would be best for amateur members like you.

Phase – 2: Try Levelling Up in a Legitimate Way

If you are willing to level up so fast, you might get the suggestion of using bots for the job from somewhere. By using bots, you can spam chat messages, which will level you up from your starting point. If you follow this path, you can get a quick level boost from the rookie or amateur level.

But that’s neither any legitimate way of completing the job nor any safe path. Because the Discord leveling bots are well capable of detecting these spam bots and banning them instantly. Along with that, you can end up getting kicked from that server because of that.

That’s why, if you want to stay on that server for a longer period, you should always choose a legitimate path of leveling up. To do so, you need to stay super active to level up as early as possible. In the early days, you need to chat as much as possible to get leveled up from the starting level.

When the level bot of the server catches that you have done the given duties correctly, you get a level up. Once you get the first promotion, there will be some tasks to fulfill for you. Tasks of each level will be a bit different but will be pretty tricky as you reach the following levels one after another. 

By doing so, one day, you will reach the top level of that server with the contribution you have made there. But one thing is a must for every level, and that is you must keep chatting frequently. 

Phase – 3: Check Your Rank or Level

When you think you are fulfilling all the requirements for leveling up, you need to check whether you are getting that or not. To do so, you need to check your rank or level on that particular Discord server. The server might use MEE6 or other bots for leveling tasks, and the level-checking process will vary for different bots.

When you are well aware of your rank on the server, you can make a clear plan about ranking up faster.

How To Level Up Fast In Any Discord Server! (MEE6, Tatsu, Koya, etc.)

How Do You Check Your Rank in Discord

If MEE6 is the bot your server is using, all you need to do is type “!rank” or “!levels” in the chat to get information about your level. For other bots like the Amari bot, you will have to type the command “:?rank” in the chat for rank information. 

When the server uses Tatsu Bot, just type “t!points” in the server chat for the information. No matter which bot your server uses, there shouldn’t be any trouble checking the levels. If the command doesn’t work, you might be using the wrong command for the task. 

It can also happen that you are using the correct command but on the wrong server. In both cases, the command won’t be able to give you information about your rank or level on that server. But another scenario might also appear like, you are putting the right command in the right server, and it still doesn’t work. 

Using a proprietary leveling bot in the server can be responsible for that. Or your server may have customized commands for checking the level or rank information. When you are in that type of situation, you need to ask the admins, moderators, or any higher-rank member to assist you in this matter.

Final Thoughts

Leveling up on the Discord server will unveil special permissions and roles to you as a general member. To get promoted in levels and ranks, you must know how to level up in Discord Servers. But you should avoid using bots to chat and level up for you, as it can end up getting you kicked.

Instead, you should use the legitimate way and fulfill the requirements of each level which varies from server to server. The more you stay active and chat on the server, the faster you can level up.

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