Word Numbered List Indent After 10- Fix It Quickly

In MS word, numbering is the segment used to represent a list of some objects or anything else. So, while implementing these numbered bullets, till the ninth number, you won’t face any issues. But as you reach the tenth number, a gap arrives between the number and the name from the list. 

This is called improper indentation, and you may face the issue of word-numbered list indent after 10 at some points. However, by adjusting the indentation of the tenth line, you can solve the case just like that. Along with that, users also face indentation issues of the second line of numbering, which is also easy to fix.

Word Numbered List Indent After 10 – How to Fix It

From the name of this error, you might think that it is a complex one to deal with. But things are not like that; it is a simple issue that you can solve way too quickly than you think. So now, the steps you need to follow to get your job done are:

Step-1: Take Your Cursor Over the Starting of the Tenth Line

As the problem stands, you might face this issue from the tenth line of your list. So first, make sure there is a gap between the numbering and the name of that tenth line. Then, after being sure about it, you need to take your mouse cursor over the position where the numbering of the tenth line started. 

Step-2: Enter the Adjust List Indents Section

As you have taken the mouse cursor over the numbering of the tenth line, make sure it is appropriately hovering over the number. In this phase, you will have to enter the section named “Adjust List Indents.” Then, when the mouse cursor is at the right place, you just simply press the right button of the mouse or touchpad.

After performing this action, a new small window will be on the screen. There will be several options in that window which are for entering different sections regarding your article. But it won’t require all these options as you are dealing with the improper indents and trying to fix that.

So, locate the “Adjust List Indents” from that list which is most possibly situated in the upper-middle part of the list. As you find the option, click on it to enter the section which is especially for the indentation of the numbered list.

numbered list

Step-3: Rightly Adjust the Numbered List Indent

A new dialogue box will appear on the screen as you click the “Adjust List Indents.” In this newly arrived dialogue box, all the contents will be regarding the indentation of the numbered lines. There will be a total of three options because the dialogue box is pretty small as the issue is a simple one too.

You won’t have to think about the first two options as those are not for your issue. So, scroll down to the business end where the option named “Follow number with” lies. When you find it, you will also see that there is a small box below it with a dropdown icon on the right side of the box.

Click on that dropdown icon to reveal the three options of the “Follow number with.” The first one of those three options is labeled as “Tab character.” Right below that, there will be two more, which are named “Space” and “Nothing.” You need to click on the second option, “Space,” to select it.

After your selection, you need to save the changes you have made in this dialogue box. For doing so, there will be an “OK” button at the bottom of this dialogue box which you will have to press. Now, click on it to finally save the changes you made, and it will direct you to the numbered list. 


There, you will find no more gaps between the numbering and name as the indentation is adjusted.

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Word Numbered List Indent Second Line – How to Solve this Issue

Whenever you apply the numbering and come to the second line of a numbered bullet, it doesn’t align correctly with the first line. It also happens because of improper indentation, which can be adjusted as well. Now, the steps with which you can solve word indenting second line are:

Step-1: Turn the Ruler on by Making It Appear on the Word Page

To turn the ruler on, you need to access the “View Tab” from the list of the tabs, which is in the upper section of the word window. After entering there, you will see the “Ruler” option containing a small check box at the left of it. 

Take your mouse cursor there, and tick the box to make the ruler appear on the word page.

Step-2: Adjust the Indentation of the Second Line of Numbering

In this case, the indentation of the second line of numbering is not in proper condition. That’s why you need to fix it with the help of the newly arrived ruler. As a result, the starting position of the second line will either be a bit in front or fall behind a bit compared to where it should be aligned with the first line.

As the ruler appears, there will be two tabs for the first and second lines of the numbered list. The first line indentation is correct, so, no need to change it in the first place. Put your cursor at the starting point of the second line, and the tabs will be visible in the ruler.

Now, as the second line indentation is either a bit front or a bit behind, the tab of it will be aligned to that. So, drag that tab back or ahead based on the line position, and as you do it, the starting position of the first line changes as well. So, you need to drag the first line’s tab too to make both the lines aligned to each other.

That’s how you can adjust the indentation of the second line of a numbered list.

Final Thoughts

Improper indentation mainly happens both in the tenth line of a numbered list and in the second line of a single numbering. Both these errors are pretty straightforward, and dealing with these is not hard too. You can quickly fix the issues of word-numbered list indent after 10 and improper indentation of the second line.

It may seem a bit tough initially, but as you learn the proper process, things will become easier. Once you gather the entire lesson, dealing with these errors will seem more manageable than ever before.


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