How many Microsoft word pages equal a book page?

Sometimes you have to know how many MS word pages are equal to a book page, which is essential for your business exactly. Here are some simple ways to calculate the page count of your manuscripts before printing. So no need to wait for the answer to the question of how many Microsoft word pages equals a book page? Let’s start at…

Book page count by Microsoft word count:

Click anywhere on the MS word page, at the bottom left of your page you can see the word count of your page. As you already know the number of words on a single page, just follow the below methods to determine the number of pages.

Choose your book trim size

Choose your book trim size

This is necessary to choose a trim size first as the beginning. So select the size below, which is most accurate for your book.

For fiction: 5.5″ x 8.5″

For nonfiction: 6″ x 9″

Now the question appears what the trim size of larger books is? Basically, it is the same as regular fiction and non-fiction books. Books with larger formats use the same text block as a small format. User can use 6″ x 9″ formulae for larger format books as an initial point.

Calculate page numbers:

With appropriate word count and given formulae below, you can calculate the number of pages of your expected book. 

Calculation of 5″ × 8″ book page count:

  • If 12 pt font size divide your word count by 300
  • If 11 pt font size divide your word count by 350
  • If 10 pt font size divide your word count by 400

Calculation of 5.5″ × 8.5″ book page count:

  • If 12 pt font size divide your word count by 350
  • If 11 pt font size divide your word count by 425
  • If 10 pt font size divide your word count by 475

Calculation of 6″ × 9″ book page count:

  • If 12 pt font size divide your word count by 425
  • If 11 pt type – divide your word count by 500
  • If 10 pt type – divide your word count by 600

You can see here smaller trim size creates more pages than larger trim size for the same word count. Those formulas are based on

  • A standard margin (0.75″ on all sides except 0.85″ at the top)
  • A standard spacing
  • A standard typeface (serif typeface) for book publishing.
  • The same type of size

Number of pages calculations in front and back

Some pages are not included in word count which includes a title page, appendix, copyright page, table of contents, dedication, quote or epigraph, references, list of illustrations, acknowledgments, and other pages. Those are not included in the manuscript but must be part of your book.

Page count calculation for the Image

There are possibilities that you may add images to your book. If it is, images may keep influences on word count. Here we are proposing some formulas to estimate how many extra pages images will require.

  1. At first, you have to count your images and divide them into rough sizes: full page, half page, and quarter page
  2. Secondly, you have to estimate the number of pages based on these figures. For example:
  3. 5 images @ 1 page = 5 pages
  4. 20 images @ 0.5 page = 10 pages
  5. 20 images @ 0.25 page = 5 pages

Now you can calculate the approximate number of pages of your book. You have to just add the number of pages from

  1. Word count
  2. Front and back matter
  3. Images.

How many pages are 20000 words in a book?

Basically, 20000 words generate 40 pages single-spaced or 80 pages double-spaced. In this case, our assumption is a standard margin (1”) with a 12pt font size, and the font is Times New Roman or Arial. Page count mostly depends on your font-style, margins, and paragraph space setting.

How many pages are 20000 words in a book?

How many book pages are 50,000 words?

A book with 50,000 words tends to 100 pages single-spaced or 200 pages double-spaced with previously said standard assumption as the same count depends mostly on how dense the content is, the font and spacing, any images or graphics that may appear in the text.

Word documents that contain more than 50000 words can be nobles or other published books. One important fact is if there exist so many dialogues and long paragraphs in that book, it may take more pages. Finally, the thickness of a book depends on the paper.

How many pages are 80000 words in a book?

You may have already known that the number of words count varies with different factors. A novel is what it is. Each chapter is the length it needs to be. Still in confusion about the desirable word count for your book?

Make a book list of your genre and buy at least 10 of them. Or you can check in the library if available. The next step is to survey their lengths according to word count. One book page could be 250 words.

So 80000 words generate 320 pages book with standard assumption. The practice of this idea gives you practical ideas on book-length expectations in the market. Please don’t forget to read our another article, Microsoft Word Won’t Open

How many book pages are 10,000 words?

Normally single spaced 1000 words make 20 pages and double spaced 10000 words can make 40 pages approximately. That mostly depends on the type of your word processor setting and how you format your work.

Our approximation is based on the standard format, as previously said. The page count will vary according to margin, font style, paragraph spacing, and multiple spaces after one period. You can check our other post Spell Check not working in Word.

Although we try to make our attempt more accurate as possible, it won’t be perfect. All the issues we represented above are just estimations. Those are not a hundred percent accurate results. The page count will make you realize your book will be thinner or thicker than your assumption.

Counting all those, increasing a bit of page size may decrease the cost-effective number of pages. That information may help your book designer in various ways. 

Thanks for being with us for a long time. We hope this post is helpful to you.

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