How to Hide Taskbar Windows 10 when Playing Games?

Who doesn’t hate to see the taskbar tool at the bottom while watching movies or playing games? We all want a bigger screen, don’t we? And to make it happen, it’s necessary to know how to hide taskbar Windows 10 when playing games!

We have come up with some easy tricks to help you get your fullscreen fun. We have shortcuts here and also the quick fixes of hiding the taskbar if the other methods don’t work.

Have a look at the techniques and enjoy a little extra screen. After all, we all love a little extra!

How to Hide Taskbar Windows 10 when Playing Games?

Automatically Hiding Taskbar 101

If you don’t know how to get rid of Taskbar in game Windows 10, the first method is very easy! Now, when it comes to auto-hiding the Windows 10 taskbar, you can follow two different methods. We will discuss the full details of both of them here.

  • Auto-hide the taskbar: The Desktop Mode
  • Auto-hide the taskbar: The Tablet Mode

First, go through the taskbar of your computer and right-click there. You will see several options coming up on the screen. Among them, at the bottom, you will see an option called Taskbar Settings.

  • Clicking the Taskbar Settings will take you to a new window. There, you will see options called “Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop Mode” and “Automatically hide the Taskbar in Tablet Mode”.
Automatically Hide the Taskbar in Desktop Mode
  • You have to select the first one if you are using desktop PCs or notebooks. And you if are using the tablet mode, go for the second one. By toggling it, you can easily hide the taskbar even when you are planning to play games.
hide the taskbar even when you are planning to play games

Note: In this method, the operating system automatically hides the taskbar. If you take your cursor or mouse on the taskbar area and move it, you will again see the taskbar and change the settings easily!

Easy Fix to Taskbar not Hiding Windows 10

Mostly, you can easily hide the taskbar without any complication by the method we have mentioned above. But if you see Windows 10 taskbar not completely hidden in the previously mentioned method, you have to understand that it is not working automatically.

  • The basic reason behind this is the program you are running or the app requires your attention. In some cases, the program icon will flash. This is an indication that the app needs your attention or there is some important notification that addresses you.

It might happen when the program operation gets completed. Also, if you get new emails, chat messages, or calls, this happens quite often. All you need to do is go to the program icon and click it. When Windows will learn that you have checked it, the regular procedure of the taskbar hiding automatically will be switched on again.

  • Apart from the apps and programs you are running, sometimes, the background apps require your attention too. The background app icon gets changes at times. In such situations, it will need your attention. You can go through the app and check the notifications so that you can again hide the taskbar.

These are very common problems and you can solve them right away. But there are exceptions too! Sometimes the background app or the programs that are running are kept silent and they do not need your attention. For such positions, there is a quick fix that can help you out.

How to Hide/Move the Taskbar on Windows 10!

A Shortcut to Hide the Taskbar

While playing games, the taskbar showing in fullscreen game Windows 10 can be bothersome. If you don’t want to waste your time going through tedious methods, here is a shortcut on how to hide taskbar Windows 10 while playing games!

Go through your keyboard and press the F11 key on the keyboard. By pressing this, the window of the game or app you are using will set into fullscreen mode!

Yes, you do not need to use the mouse here. All you need to do is press the key. This will help you with every version of Windows. No matter you are working on a game or you just are dealing with the File Explorer or VLC, the window will be fullscreen for you!

Note: This works on every PC and Laptop. However, you might see some differences in some laptops. In that case, to hide the taskbar, you have to do a little extra effort by pressing the Fn and F11 keys together. And you will get the same result!

Restarting the Explorer

As you are using Windows 10, you can settle for restarting the Explorer process to solve the trouble regarding the taskbar. Here is how you do it!

Method 1

  1. Go through your keyboard and type CTRL, SHIFT, and ESC. Make sure you press them together. This will help you open the Windows Task Manager. In some cases, you will see the basic interface. Here, all you have to do is settle for More Details.
  2. After the first step, you have to search for the Windows Explorer that is under process. When you get it, left-click it so that you get other options available.
  3. You will find several options available there. Among them, there will be a RESTART button included. You have to click that button so that you can proceed with the restarting process.
task Manager

Method 2

You might not want the previous process and it will take a little bit extra time. In that case, from the command line, you can also restart Explorer! Whichever method you go for will do the same work for you!

  • Once again, go through the keyboard and select Windows and R together. This will bring the Runbox to your desktop screen.
  • Now, you will see a box in the Runbox. In the box, you need to type “cmd” (without quotation marks.) And then, you have to type “taskkill /im explorer.exe /f” and then once again, type “explorer” and “exit”. Make sure you are typing all of these without quotation marks. In this process, you will be able to kill and then restart the Explorer! This method is a time saver!

Wrap Up

Your games will now not be bothered by the taskbar anymore! Now you have learned how to hide taskbar Windows 10 when playing games! You can follow any method mentioned above and have fullscreen fun now!

Don’t forget to write to us about how you fixed your taskbar problems for playing games! We all have some easy tricks, don’t we?

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