5 Ways to fix Voicemod Not Working on Discord

Voice changers are an excellent technique to alter your voice. You might pleasantly startle or even frighten your pals in this manner. A voice changer allows you to modify the sound of your voice. You can, for example, use a voice changer to make your speech robotic. In this regard, Voicemod is among the most well-known tone changers in Discord. It has a plethora of voice settings that you may utilize to alter your voice. 

It’s a disappointment to discover that your Voicemod Voice Changer isn’t functioning when you’re attempting to fool your pals by altering your voice on Discord. As a result, the fix to Voicemod not working on Discord is presented in this blog.

Using Voicemod on Discord

Although using Voicemod with Discord may appear to be a complex undertaking, it is actually relatively easy. All you need to do now is download Voicemod, and you’re set to go eerie or humorous with your voice. Voicemod is one of the simplest to set up and integrate with other programs. All you got to do now is run the software in the background, and you’re ready to roll.

The first task is to have Voicemod installed on your computer. Browse the Voicemod webpage for further information. A hyperlink that reads “Get Voicemod Free” will appear. When you open this URL, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Discord profile. Once you’ve joined in, the program will be downloaded as an “.exe” file to your computer.

You must select the input and output devices you prefer to employ whenever the program first starts up. Choose the microphone which will be used as input, then assess your voice to see whether there is any background interference that you can listen to via your earphones or loudspeakers.

After you’ve chosen your input/output, you can experiment with various filtration on your voice. Every day, unique filters become available for you to utilize. If you desire to use all of the filters, though, you’ll need to subscribe to the “pro-version” of the software.

Access your Discord profile and proceed to settings to link Voicemod with it. Next, under the App settings, pick Voice & Video. Replace “Default” with “Voicemod Virtual Audio Device” as the input device.

Methods for Resolving Discord Voicemod Not Working

Below are a few quick procedures for resolving the problem. To fix Voicemod on Discord, see which option performs effectively for you.

Method-1: Initiate a Restart

A restart of your system may be able to resolve program clashes and correct certain erroneous settings in specific cases. In addition, certain modifications may require a restart to take action. The first action should normally be to restart your system when resolving voice problems. So, if your Voicemod abruptly stops functioning, try restarting it. You may also restart your system and the program where you utilize Voicemod if necessary.

Method-2: Ensure Your Microphone Is Set Up Accurately

Make sure your mic is securely connected and working flawlessly. Voicemod’s functionality might be jeopardized by incorrect settings. You may verify by performing these measures:

To access the Windows Settings program, hit the Win and I buttons on your keypad at the exact moment. Next, select System.

Select Sound from the panel on the left.

Windows Settings program

To begin, make sure your Mic is in proper working order. Configure your input device to the actual one (e.g., Headset) rather than Voicemod’s virtual Mic underneath the Input option. After that, go to Device properties and verify the Mic.

Device properties

Ensure that the box beside Disable is unchecked and the Volume adjuster is adjusted to 100 in the Volume tab.

Volume adjuster

Begin the test by tapping or speaking into your Mic. Then press the Stop Test button. If you’re asked, The highest result we found was xx, which suggests your microphone is operating properly provided xx>0 %.

Right-click the audio symbol in the lower right area of your display and choose Sounds.


To check the characteristics of your actual Mic, proceed to the Recording section and double click it.

Proceed to the Advanced tab on the pop-up box. Verify to see whether you can change the sample rate in the Default Format area. If you answered yes, set that to:

Afterward, press OK. Return to sound, after which choose Set Default on Microphone Voicemod Virtual Audio Device. Finally, press OK. You may now restart Voicemod to verify whether it works.

Method-3: Examine Discord’s Audio Settings

Discord settings are something else you’ll want to double-check. You’ll need to look at your input settings beneath Voice & Video. Make absolutely sure the Voicemod Virtual Audio-labeled mic is chosen as the input device.

Similarly, launch the Voicemod program. There must be an alternative to switch on or off the voice changer at the end. Ensure that it’s turned on.

Method-4: Install the Voicemod Driver Afresh

Since it goes out, the Voicemod not functioning problem might be related to the Voicemod program. Voicemod will not operate correctly if the needed driver encounters issues. You might try reinstalling the Voicemod driver to repair the problems.

Right-click the Start symbol & pick Device Manager from the Start menu.

Open the Audio inputs and outputs tab, then pick Uninstall device from the menu bar when you right-click Microphone (Voicemod Virtual Audio Device (WDM)).

Microphone Voicemode

To proceed, tap Uninstall from the pop-up verification box.

After that, restart your system and head to the Voicemod official web page to get the most recent version. Your Voicemod must be ready to function correctly anew after reinstalling the program according to the directions.

Method-5: Ensure that Windows is Updated

Windows 10 has two sorts of updates, each of these provides security upgrades and performance improvements. Windows updates autonomously resolve several program or driver problems. As a result, upgrading your system might quickly cure your voice communication problem.

To access the Windows Settings program, hit the Win and I keys on your keypad at the exact moment. Then, from the menu, choose Update & Security. By choosing Check for Updates, you can verify whether any updates are available. Windows will then immediately look for and download system upgrades.

Next, following the onscreen directions, install all of the identified system upgrades. Finally, r Restart your system to determine whether the Voicemod difficulty has been rectified.

Method-6: Install Discord and Voicemod from Scratch

Ultimately, if neither of the preceding solutions works, you may have to reinstall your software. To begin, see if Voicemod is compatible with other programs. If that’s the case, all you have to do now is uninstall Discord and reinstall it to see if the Voicemod problem has been resolved. If Voicemod isn’t functioning with other software, which includes Discord, remove them both and reinstall them to see if the issues have been rectified.

How To Use Voicemod On Discord


It’s a lot of fun to use a voice changer like Voicemod on Discord. Nevertheless, some individuals have expressed their dissatisfaction with the program’s performance. This might destroy the amusement you were planning on having with your Discord pals or server members. This article about Voicemod not working on Discord should be able to assist you in overcoming the matter.

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