How to Show What You’re Playing on Discord

Many professional gaming streamers use Discord as their favorite streaming platform. However, even if you aren’t a professional streamer, you might have played games with friends in Discord. Through gaming, you can even get introduced to new people with the same taste and become friends to grow a community. 

If your gaming activity is shown in your profile, your friends and those you are connected with can see what you are playing. But to enable this feature in your Discord account, you must learn how to show what you’re playing on Discord

How Discord Playing Status Works to Show Your Gaming Activity on Discord

If you are willing to show your gaming activity to friends and other Discord users, you need to enable Discord playing status. The Discord PC version automatically detects the game you are playing on your PC and shows that as your “Playing Status.” 

But there is no reason to worry at all if you don’t want to show others what your “Playing Status” is. Because you can also turn off the playing status from the settings section of your profile. Manually, Discord gets synchronized with your laptop or desktop from the beginning of your Discord usage.

When you are playing a verified game on your PC like FIFA’21 or PUBG, Discord will detect that game and show it as your “Playing Status.” So, the playing status will be like “Playing FIFA’21” or “Playing PUBG.” But when the game you are playing is not a verified one, then Discord won’t automatically update the playing status.

Then you have to manually set your playing status by adding the game from the user’s settings section of your profile. After doing so, your custom playing status will be shown as your current playing status.

How to Show What You’re Playing on Discord by Changing the Playing Status

At that moment when the game is not verified, Discord won’t be able to detect the game by itself. So, then you have to go through some procedures to show what you are playing on Discord at that moment. By following some easy steps, you can set your playing status at that period, and here’s how you can do it:

Step-1: Locate User Settings and Enter that Section

At first, you will have to open the Discord software on your laptop or desktop. Then, when the Discord window is on your screen, you need to search for the “Settings” icon. The Discord window will be full of many options, including the servers you have entered before. 

You will find the “Settings” icon at the bottom-left part of the Discord window below the text and voice channels. It will be situated beside your username and some other necessary icons. After locating the icon, you will have to click on it to enter the “User Settings” section of your Discord profile.


Step-2: Enter “Activity Status” Section

As soon as you enter the “User Settings” section, there will be tons of menus and options related to your profile. You need to concentrate on the menu bar on the left of the newly appeared settings window. Scroll down that menu bar until you find the “Activity Settings” section.

In this section, there lies your desired option named “Activity Status.” You need to click on it, and the “Activity Status” window will be in front of you. In this part, you will find “No Games Found,” with the message body being gray. Below that message, there will be a small notation of “Not Seeing Your Game? Add It!”

Then you need to click on the last portion named “Add It,” which is highlighted in blue. 

Not Seeing Your Game

Step-3: Add the Game You are Playing

Right after clicking on the “Add It” option, Discord will show all the applications that are running on your computer. The game you want to add will be present among those shown running applications. In addition, there will be a small slider beside to scroll down on that application list.

Use that slider to scroll down and search for the game you are playing. Within the moments of your scrolling, you will find the name of your desired game. The next thing you need to do is just click on the game name to select and add it to the status. 


As soon as you do so, the gray-colored window that was showing the “No Games Found” message will turn green. At the same time, the name of your game will be visible in the message body with a notation below as “Now Playing!”

Now Playing

Now you need to check whether the playing status is updated or not. To do so, at first, exit the “User Settings” section using the back button. Then, when you are on the Discord window, at the top-right section, you will see a pop-up containing your username and profile picture. 

Right below that, there will also be “Playing… (Name of the Game)” as your “Playing Status.”


How to Show What You’re Playing on Discord Mobile

In Discord mobile, there is no such section as “Playing Status”; instead, it has the “Current Activity” section. If you are an iOS user and ask how to show what you’re playing on Discord mobile iOS, things are the same there as well. 

As your “Current Activity,” you can set any game name that is available in “Google Play Store” andApple App Store.” Here’s how you do it:

Step-1: After entering the Discord app, you will see an icon with three straight lines at the top-left corner of your mobile screen. Then you need to tap on it to enter the “General” section containing server names and other necessary icons. 


Step-2: The avatar of your account will be at the bottom-right portion of this newly appeared section. As you click on your avatar, you will be directed to the “User Settings” section of your profile. 

User Settings

Step-3: Scroll down in this section until you locate the option named “Activity Status.” Then you will have to tap on this option to take things forward. The next task for you is to enable the “Display current activity as status message” to show your current activity on the phone screen.

Display current activity as status message

Final Thoughts

The playing status on Discord is for showing friends and other people in Discord about which game you are currently playing. If the game is verified, it will be automatically displayed as your “Playing Status” on Discord. 

But when it isn’t verified, or somehow the playing status is disabled, you need to add the game manually. To complete the action manually, knowing how to show what you’re playing on Discord becomes mandatory.

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