How to Upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10

Microsoft has unveiled the newest edition of Windows. The publication of leaks on the Windows 11 upgrade was already reported. If you know how to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10, you may conveniently obtain the latest edition of Windows. This post will go over the procedures to update to the newest trendy Windows 11.

The anticipation is now gone after weeks of uncertainty. Microsoft has begun releasing a fresh update. This came to light after a few images of Windows 11 went public prior to its release, prompting the authorities to issue a Windows 11 Download, which became available from June 24, 2021.

How to Upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10

What Is New in Windows 11?

The Operating System has undergone significant modifications, including new and exciting features for users. Accessing and running Android applications on a PC, improvements to Microsoft Teams, alterations to the Start menu, and so on are just a few of them. Additionally, the designers have altered the general appearance of Windows to resemble that of a Mac.

  • The icons have round edges, and the Start menu and taskbar are centered, similar to how they are on a Mac.
  • Android Apps are integrated into Windows 11 and maybe downloaded via the Microsoft Store and otherwise the Amazon Appstore.
  • Widgets- You may avail widgets from the taskbar and modify them to your wish.
  • Microsoft Teams has been redesigned and will now appear on the taskbar.
  • Virtual Desktop Support- Windows 11 has enhanced virtual desktop support, with unique capabilities that are comparable to those found on the Mac. It’s also simple to switch between numerous displays for work, education, games, and other purposes.
  • Xbox technology- Xbox devices make gameplay pleasant even further in Windows 11 by delivering Auto HDR and Direct Storage on your device.
  • Seamless Transition- The new Operating System includes features such as Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, which facilitate the switch more accessible. They let you plug in and out of a monitor without losing track of where the open Windows is.

Process of Upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 10

You may upgrade your Windows in a range of techniques. Below, we’ll go through each approach in detail.

  • Launch Windows 10 on the PC or laptop where it is installed.
  • After that, head to Settings and select Windows Updates.
  • When you access Windows Updates, scroll down at the bottom left for Windows Insider Program.
Process of Upgrading to windows 11 form windows 10
  • Next, select Get started.
select Get started
  • The program will proceed to load.
The program will proceed to load
  • To connect, you’ll need a Microsoft account.
Link an account
  • Afterwards, Use one of your accounts to log in.
accounts to log in
  • Your profile should appear in your Windows Insider account once you’ve logged in.
logged in
  • Choose Dev Channel Settings first, as this is the most essential, and then proceed to Windows Update.
proceed to Windows Update
  • When you click Check for Updates, you’ll get a notification stating that the Windows 11 Insider Preview is being downloaded.
Windows 11 appears on your device
  • If Upgrade to Windows 11 appears on your device, select it. Alternatively, you can proceed to the following Method.

Switch to Windows 11 using an ISO File

Since Windows 11 is not yet made official by Microsoft, you may download the ISO file and install it on your personal laptop or pc; however, this would erase any saved data on your Windows 10 C Drive.

Compatibility of Windows 11 with Your Device

Since the release, many have been wondering about the compatibility of the new upgrade with their PC. As per the authorities, consumers should go to the webpage and install the PC Health Check app to check it. They will then be able to determine compatibility.

Furthermore, if the user purchases a new pc, the device may be eligible for a free update. Windows 10 consumers will be eligible to upgrade without any cost to Windows 11. One thing to keep in mind is that Windows must be a valid copy, and reinstalling Windows 11 may be costly.

  • To proceed, you must first download the Windows 11 upgrade file on your device.
  • Open the Start Menu and select Settings.
  • The entire Windows 10 settings page will display here. You should navigate to the Updates and Security section from here.
  • The Windows update page will surface as a result of this action. You must check for the most recent updates.
  • After you’ve finished searching for updates, you’ll see a collection of them on display.
  • For the upgrade, you must choose a particular option.
  • Review the Windows 11 update here and let your PC finish updating. After that, you may install the Windows 11 operating system on your device.

When your Device does not Satisfy the System Requirements

Insider preview editions of Windows 11 can be implemented on devices that don’t satisfy the minimum hardware compatibility ahead of the official release. Those PCs, however, will no longer receive updates once the test period expires unless their owners erase them and reinstall Windows 10. It’s likely that a few previous processors, particularly Intel 7th Generation CPUs like those found in Microsoft’s expensive Surface Studio 2, may be included in the CPU compatibility list. However, it is more probable that older PCs will be excluded from the update.

Windows 11: Upgrade process from Windows 10

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Will Windows 11 be a paid upgrade?

No, if you have a legitimate copy of Windows 10, updating and upgrading to newer versions is free. However, you will have to pay a fee for a new installation.

What is the most recent addition to Windows 11’s system requirements?

TPM (Trusted Module Version 2.0) is the most recent addition.

How long will we be able to enjoy the Windows 11 launch?

Microsoft has stated that the formal release of Windows 11 (also known as General Availability, or GA) will occur in late 2021 on new devices. The majority of informed analysts anticipate the general availability of Windows 11 in October 2021, and it would be stupid to gamble against them. At about a similar time, Microsoft will begin the process of upgrading Windows 10 PCs that fulfill its hardware requirements, which will continue until 2022.

TPM 2.0 on PC: What Is It?

A security feature that is required for Windows 11 to function properly on a PC.

Is the upgrade to Windows 11 for all current versions of Windows free?

According to Microsoft, it will only be available for legitimate licensed Windows 10 users.

In the Windows 11 upgrade, how many languages are accessible and supported?

There are several features in the Windows 11 upgrade that the System enables. There are languages such as Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Danish (Denmark), Finnish (Finland), Latvian (Latvia), and many others.

Is it feasible to get the newest version from Windows 7?

Absolutely, Windows 7 users may upgrade to Windows 11 if they want to.

Will my current software and hardware peripherals run on Windows 11?

The majority of programs and devices that function with Windows 10 should also work with Windows 11. Most programs should be able to work with the new operating system because it is so close to the previous one. Of course, preview versions exist to address that issue, so the best method to see if a device or app is compatible is to install the most recent Windows Insider preview version and test it out.


With the continual rivalry of developing technology and offering new approaches, Microsoft just released Windows 11 to the entire globe in order to improve user experiences. The current edition has piqued people’s interest with its unique features, appearance, user interface, gameplay, and other aspects. As an outcome, many users are eager to upgrade to the latest rendition of Windows. Knowing how to upgrade to Windows 11 from Windows 10 will allow you to take advantage of the most recent version of the Windows operating system.

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