How to update Minecraft Windows 11

Minecraft is amongst the most popular sandbox games of all time. Ever since its debut in 2011, Minecraft has grown in fame and accomplishment. The game can be played with consoles, desktops, and smartphones. Minecraft was able to maintain its position at the peak of the rankings by issuing daily updates and frequently offering players fresh and intriguing subject matter such as new skins, adventurous zones, and so on.

Updates are usually designed to repair bugs inside the game, make enhancements, and improve equipment performance, to insert new information and attributes. The game’s durability and functionality are also improved with the latest updates. As a result, it’s essential to maintain the Minecraft game up to date.

Normally, Minecraft will upgrade to the most recent edition automatically, but this does not always happen, therefore you will have to actively monitor for new features to obtain the game properly upgraded. If Minecraft isn’t automatically upgrading, this tutorial will explain to you how to update Minecraft windows 11.

The latest version of Minecraft Bedrock

Whether you downloaded ‘Minecraft for Windows 10′ (Bedrock) Version through the use of the Microsoft Store, the MS Store application is your finest method of obtaining upgrades for the game. The following steps will show you how to update Minecraft windows 11 and this is how you go about doing it.

Browse for Microsoft Store from the Windows search bar and launch it.

Browse for Microsoft Store

On the bottom part of the left side of the MS Store application, select the ‘Library’ option.

select the Library option

Select the topmost right side of the Library page to display the ‘Get updates’ option.

Library page to display the Get updates

The Microsoft Store would then check for upgrades for each and every application and game that are downloaded on your desktop using the store. This also includes Minecraft. The app would simply download each and every upgrade that can be found.

You may attempt to reset the Microsoft Store app when the upgrade isn’t functioning or is giving you issues. Proceed to Windows Settings, select the ‘Apps’ option on the left sidebar, and then access the ‘Apps & features’ configurations on the right.

select the Apps option on the left sidebar

Slide down to choose ‘Advanced options’ from the vertical ellipsis button that is also known as the three-dotted box beside the ‘Microsoft Store’ application.

Advanced options

Afterward, scroll to the bottom towards the Reset area of the Microsoft Store website and select the ‘Reset’ key.

Reset area of the Microsoft Store website

Turn on Auto-Update

Once auto-update is turned off, users can activate it to have the game upgrade on its own the following moment they play. Select your Microsoft profile image at the upper right side of the application and choose ‘App settings’ to enable auto-update.

enable auto-update

Next, from App settings, enable the “App updates” checkbox.

App updates checkbox

How to update Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been the edition of the game that is created specifically for smartphones and tablets. With smartphones and game consoles nowadays, a standard edition of Minecraft which is commonly known as Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is being featured.

Minecraft Windows 10 Version seems to be the same edition like this one. To repair bugs and safety problems, most games, as well as applications, publish upgrades. Minecraft updates offer new functionalities in the game on a regular basis. The Minecraft 1.15 version, in contrast, introduced bees and honeycomb bricks in the game. This article will show you how you can upgrade Minecraft on your mobile device.

Method 1: Using the Android operating system

Go to the Google Play Store and sign up with a Google account. Search for something like the logo featuring the multi-colored sideways triangle on phones that operate the Android operating system. To access the Google Play Store, touch the symbol.

The menu button should be tapped. This is the indicator on the top left side containing three horizontal lines. This brings up the menu.

Go to My Apps & Games and select it. It’s the first option on the menu. This selection shows a catalog of every one of your library’s applications and games.

Toggle to the Updates column. This is the top section on the page’s upper bar. This shows a collection of applications that require updating.

Besides Minecraft, select Update. This is the leftmost green pushbutton in Minecraft. This will download and install the most recent edition of Minecraft. Whenever Minecraft isn’t displayed under the “Updates” column, you just do not have it downloaded or are currently using the most recent version.

Method 2: Employing your iPhone or iPad

Start by going to the App Store. It is represented by a blue logo featuring a white capital “A.” To access the App Store, touch the logo on your main display.

Touch the picture of your profile. That is on the App Store’s top right side. This will bring up your account menu. This also shows a collection of applications that require updating.

Scroll to the bottom of Minecraft and select Upgrade. A grass tile is used as a logo in Minecraft. To upgrade Minecraft on the Apple App Store, touch the blue symbol which indicates Update beside the Minecraft. After seeing a detailed explanation of the upgrade, press “More” underneath the app logo.

Whenever you don’t notice an “Update” option beside the Minecraft there in App Store, you probably don’t get it downloaded or have by far the most current edition.

Method 3: Making use of the Nintendo Switch

From your Main display, go to Minecraft. To emphasize Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch main display, employ the navigation pad or left stick.

Toggle the Plus button. Mostly on the right joy-con, it must be the trigger that looks like a plus symbol (+). This will bring up the Options menu.

Software Upgrades should be selected. It can be found inside the options bar. To emphasize “Software Updates” throughout the panel, utilize the directional keys or perhaps the left joystick. Afterward, pick it using the “A” option.

Choose from a variety of options on the internet. It enables users to use the wireless connectivity to upgrade Minecraft.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

Is Windows 10 Minecraft functional with Windows 11?

Although the Mojang team has still to announce anything, it’s indeed reasonable to presume that Minecraft Windows 10 Version will be compatible with Windows 11. This will all function alright in the end. Users can verify this using the manner given above. Only a moment after this post, Minecraft was operating nicely on our Computer.


The Minecraft game must be upgraded with the latest edition in terms of playing with most new features. Once your gadget would be in standby condition or perhaps in action as well as linked to operational Network connectivity, things will proceed automatically. Unless you want to upgrade your game personally, the steps for how to update Minecraft windows 11 can be found above.

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