How to Fix a Busted Speaker?

Listening to Pink Floyd when you are dancing your heart out after you’re done with the office work is heavenly. But what you hear a noise suddenly and find out that your speaker is busted?

Blown-out speakers are not too common but they aren’t that uncommon too! Have you learned how to fix busted speakers without taking them to experts? If not, let us help you fix it!

How to Fix a Busted Speaker?

Step by Step Fixing a Blown Speaker

Are you keeping the volume high on the speakers just because you like it? Let us tell you, hot source material, volume controls, and amplification can cause your speakers to blow! Get a grip on these first. And when they are busted, don’t worry-follow us!

Step 1: Find the Speaker

Your first job is to understand which speaker is the problematic one. The best way to understand this is to get your hands on the equalizer on the stereo.

Carefully, shift the balance and check which speaker isn’t working. You can learn about it by taking it close to your ear too. It’s not much of a big deal!

Step 2: Disassemble the Speaker

Once you have found which speaker is the blown-out one, you have to disassemble it. Check out the metal faceplate of your speaker (if there is any) and take it off. You will need a screwdriver for this.

Be careful when you do it. At times, there is fabric covering it. Make sure you do not tear it while loosening or removing it.

Step 3: Fix the Cone and Coil

Mostly, the cone of the speaker gets damaged. Check out the cone and certify if it is punctured or torn. To repair this, you will need glue or rape. With these, cover the hole. Now, move to the voice coil part.

Have a closer look at the voice coil and if there’s an issue, fix it. At times, it melts and creates a gap. If you see a melted coil with a bigger gap, replacing the speaker is the best way.

Step 4: Replace the Parts

Check out the inner back part of the speaker or the cone and learn about the number of the part. You have to order the same thing otherwise it won’t fit.

If you want to change the coil or the cone, you can buy one or order one. Once you get the required gears, attach the newly bought parts.

Remove the previously added part using a screwdriver and add the new one. And then, tighten the nuts once again. In either case, reattaching the wires might be required. For this, a soldering iron will be necessary.

Step 5: Test it

So now, the new parts are added to the speaker and you have reattached the wires. It’s almost done. It’s time to test the speakers. When the speaker is ready, add the cable with it and connect it to the audio device.

Make sure the volume is low when you first switch it on. If things are perfect, you can enjoy your music. At times, it might not work like before.

You have to once again open it up and check if the replacement parts are installed properly. And even after making things perfect, it doesn’t work, you have to take it to an expert.

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FAQs on Fixing Busted Speaker

Is it expensive to fix a blown speaker?

In short, you cannot repair the blown speakers unless you replace the parts. Repairing it or taking it to professionals will cost you a lot. It’s easy to get your hands on replacement parts and add them up by yourself.

How can you tell if a speaker is blown?

A very common way to learn if the speaker is busted is the distortion of the speakers. If you see distortion at standard volumes (not high) you should get that the speaker is blown. The cone vibration is something you have seen all your life. But if you see this vibration missing, your speaker is probably blown. Rattling, noises, popping, incomplete frequency response, etc. can be symptoms of a blown speaker.

What happens when a speaker is blown?

At times, we see speakers blowing. When the driver gets blown in the multi-driver speaker, we cannot listen to the sound anymore. This is because the frequency response of the device gets altered. If you see the mid-range distorted or non-existent, you have to understand that the issue is with the woofer. In the case of the high-end, you have to fix the tweeter.

How To Repair A Blown Speaker

Wrap Up

Fixing a speaker doesn’t take much professionalism if you know a little bit about these devices. So, it’s almost easy to fix it at home if you have the replacement parts you need.

But at times, the problem won’t get solved. If taking it to the expert doesn’t work, you have to buy new speakers. It hurts, but no other options are left!

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