How to Convert Normal Speaker into Bluetooth Speaker?

Yes, the old speakers were incredible, no doubt. But if you compare them with the modern Bluetooth speakers, you will see tons of features missing. You admire the vintage outlook of the ancient speakers but you can’t make your like more complicated with wires, isn’t it?

There’s a solution where you can use the same old speakers with the outstanding and cool vintage look but in the wireless facility!

No, we are not talking about buying a new speaker set; we are talking about changing the one you have! How about learning how to convert normal speakers into Bluetooth speakers? Dive in, my friends!

Step-by-Step Procedure to Transform Regular Speakers into Bluetooth Speakers

Here are some steps bring out the Bluetooth speakers from your age-old vintage speakers! Stay tuned and wire things up, it’s your day!

Procedure to Transform Regular Speakers into Bluetooth Speakers

Step 1: Getting the Bluetooth Receiver

To create Bluetooth speakers with the help of the wired regular speakers, first of all, you need to get your hands on a Bluetooth receiver. It is quite inexpensive.

This small device helps in the transfer of the wireless Bluetooth audio signal. It also transforms the signal into a line-level electrical audio signal which is low voltage and resistant to noise.

With a Bluetooth receiver, you will get a female aux jack along with female RCA connections. But if you get the one that is used for the car audio systems, there will be a male aux output instead of the female one.

Step 2: The Cable Preference

Now, it’s time to deal with the cable. The cable preference depends on the Bluetooth receiver you are using. It also depends on the speakers.

Well, it’s easy to get these cables but at times, you have to improvise. With the receiver, you will get the female RCA outputs and stereo outputs; we have mentioned it earlier.

And for the car audio, you will get the male stereo aux outputs. For the computer speakers, the AUX outputs work. On the contrary, for home audio speakers, RCA outputs work.

Connection with Powered Speakers

Here, we will tell you how to connect the receiver to a Powered speaker an Active speaker. To add voltage, these speakers use a power supply. With this, they add current to the line-level signal.

Plugging in the receiver directly to the speakers will work in this case. At times, you might like to add a Bluetooth audio channel to the speakers. Add the speaker to a preamp’s output channel first. Then, go through the audio input channels and plug the Bluetooth.

Connection with Passive Speakers

Here, you won’t get the power supply through direct plugging it in. So, you have to amplify the line-level signal. For this, having an amplifier or A/V receiver is necessary.

With the amplifier, you can add the receiver to the audio input channel without any complication. With the help of the A/V receiver, you can add the Bluetooth receiver to the HT Bypass. Or you can go for the Direct In channel.

Step 3: The Pairing

Now that you are done adding the speakers and the Bluetooth receiver, you are almost done! It’s time to go through the Bluetooth receiver and turn it on. For powered speakers, it’s necessary to plug them after this.

Go through your device and turn on the Bluetooth to find the Bluetooth receiver. Once you find it, pair it and you are ready for some loud charming music!

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FAQs on Converting Speakers into Bluetooth Speakers


Can I convert a wired speaker to Bluetooth?

To turn the wired speaker into a Bluetooth speaker, you need to get a Bluetooth adapter first. Get the adapter and then connect the dots. But can you make the speakers louder? Yes, you can add multiple speakers in the same room and make it louder. But to amplify the speakers, get the speaker to a corner of your room. Trust us; it will get 40% louder than before!

How can you convert regular speakers to wireless?

To convert a regular speaker to a wireless speaker, you can add get your hand on a wireless speaker kit. With these kits, it’s easy to send the audio signal through radio frequency. But if you want a permanent solution, getting a Bluetooth receiver, adding the cables, and pairing up is necessary.

How can small speakers sound so good?

The small speakers are of a small area. As a result, they are dependent on excursions for producing a loud sound. With the help of developing the excursion in the design, it’s easy for any small speaker to sound louder and better. In this process, it can crease bass frequencies that are easier to hear. As an outcome of this, the sound is louder.

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Wrap Up

Well, well, well, you have read all about transforming the normal speakers into your favorite easy-to-use Bluetooth speakers. But you can also understand that it’s necessary to pick up the right cable for the Bluetooth receiver along with the speakers you have.

Otherwise, you have to work a little harder. Along with these, you should know that you can also make your own cable! Check out our site to learn how you can design the perfect cable for your Bluetooth receiver and speakers.

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