How To See What Discord Servers Someone Is In

You may be wondering how to see what Discord servers someone is in since you’re interested in joining some of the same communities as your buddies.

Knowing what servers they’re a part of may be quite helpful if you’re trying to figure out things like this (whether out of curiosity or to see if there’s anything in common between you and them). Only if you are on the same server as the other person can you see which server they are using.

How to See What Discord Servers Someone is in?

It’s really challenging to learn how many servers a person is a part of and what each of those servers is about. You will not be able to obtain information on the servers that a person is a part of.

When you join a server, the administrator of the server that you are now a member of will be able to view the specifics of any other servers that you are currently a part of. If you and the other person do not share a server.

However, you will not be able to access the information regarding the server that the other person is a part of. Discord is a platform that may be both extremely public and also very private, depending on the community to which you join. If you are an administrator of the server that an individual is a member of, it will be visible to the public, but if you are just an ordinary member on the server, it will be kept private.

If you’re interested in running your own private gaming server and allowing an infinite number of people access, check out If you’re a serious gamer who wants to level up, having your own server is a must.

A good strategy would be to search for servers on Discord where you and your target have mutual friends. The total number of servers that a user is subscribed to, along with other relevant information about those servers, may be discovered in this method. In theory, this should be totally hard and impractical, what with Discord’s many server options.

There are a few ways to find out what servers an individual is a part of in Discord; among them is to invite them to a server in which you are an owner or administrator. As soon as the user joins your server, you’ll have access to information about the server(s) in which they previously participated.

Is There a Way to See When Someone Was Last Active on Discord?

In Discord, there is no way to see when a user was last online. For as long as Discord has been, the idea of invisibility has been a hotly debated topic. Administrators of Discord servers who want to know the answer to the question, “How long has it been since a user last logged in?” may be disappointed to learn that this information is not available. The fundamental idea of having a social network is undermined by Discord.

In point of fact, users of Discord have been expressing their desire for the functionality, but the company has not responded to their requests as of now. When a user is not connected to the network, it is impossible to determine when the person was last online.

If a user has set their status to invisible, it is not even possible to determine if that person is currently online. You will be able to determine whether someone is online if the account status has been designated as online; however, there is no way to determine whether or not someone is online if the account status has been declared as invisible.

You are able to maintain an invisible status while still being online. If you want to know how to find out if someone is online, the response will be both positive and bad, mostly due to the fact that a user can choose to make him or herself invisible. If you want to know how to find out if an individual is active, the response will be both good and bad.

When Someone Was Last Active on Discord

Can Server Owners See All Servers You’re A Part Of?

It appears like a rumor is circulating that if you own a server, you will have the ability to view the servers that each of your users has joined. This would be useful information to know. But in all honesty, how much truth is there to this? Fortunately, there is no truth whatsoever to this myth. You are unable to view the other servers that your players have joined, regardless of whether or not you are the operator of the server.

However, we have heard that some servers, particularly those in fierce competition with others for players, would use aliases to get access to rival servers and “spy” on their own players. Then, if they discover that you are a member of both their server and one of their rival servers, they may exclude you from both of those servers.

Naturally, the moderators who oversee the servers in which you participate are the only determinants of whether or not something like this will occur to you. You do not need to be concerned about the majority of people at all. Always be sure to verify the rules of your Discord server to see what the stance is on joining other servers before you do so.


Can you track user activity on Discord?

Absolutely, but not by random users. Your IP address is recorded, but it is not shared with other Discord members.

Can other users see who I’m calling on Discord?

No. The contents of a user’s calls and direct messages remain confidential, and not even a friend can see what they are up to.

What other social media information can people get from your Discord profile?

Unless you connect your other social media accounts to your Discord profile, your friends won’t be able to see any of your social media information.

Final Words

If you’ve ever wondered how to see what Discord servers someone is in, this post should assist you out. Discord makes it easy to check a user’s server affiliation with a few taps. While this directory only contains servers in which you participate, it might nonetheless provide light on commonalities between you and other members.

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