How to Fix Server Deafen Discord with 07 Effective Methods

Deafen Discord function is helpful when you don’t want a particular person to receive voice messages or texts in your channel. However, this function needs to be disabled when you want to hear from that specific Discord user. So, how to fix server deafen Discord?

You can fix the issue by following several methods. A channel admin can disable the deafen feature; you can also turn off the function by clicking on the deafen icon. Many other methods are discussed in this comprehensive guide.

So, keep reading!

What is Deafen Discord?

Discord is a popular platform among gamers and users who prefer to connect in groups. A discord user can easily share texts, videos, voice, and screens with other users effortlessly. This app allows remote communications between like-minded people.

However, some Discord users act differently. They send disturbing voice messages or texts. Also, they often share screens that are distracting to others.

The good news is that Discord has a feature named Deafen, preventing you from hearing disturbing members. If you don’t want to get messages or hear an audio sound from a particular user of your channel, the Discord deafen feature comes in handy.

Such a feature lets you enjoy Discord better. Moreover, it helps you make meaningful interactions with other Discord users.

How to Fix Server Deafen Discord

Here I shared several solutions to the server deafen discord problem. Consider reading them meticulously.

Fix Server Deafen Discord

Solution #01: Ask Admin to Remove the Deafen

Generally, new members in a Discord server become mute or deafen automatically assigned by admins. In order to fix the deafen issue, ask the group admin to remove the mute. Any admin can do this if your group has more than one admin.

Solution #02: Turn off Deafen

Are you using the Discord app for the first time? If yes, I recommend familiarizing yourself with the Discord features and commands. The Deafen button and universal mute are one of the essential tools in Discord.

When you enable “Deafen,” everyone in your group will get muted automatically. It means you will not hear from anyone on your channel. To disable this feature, follow the below steps,

Step 01: Find the “headphone” icon in Discord when on the server. Usually, this icon is available in the bottom left of Discord. This icon is known as “Deafen.”

Step 02: If a red line across the icon, meaning Deafen is enabled. You can disable it by clicking on the icon.

Solution #03: Check the Volume Mixer of Your Windows

After logging into your desktop or laptop and Discord, you must first check the Windows Volume Mixer. This will confirm that the Discord app is not deafened. Follow the below methods.

Method 01

  • Hover your mouse to the bottom right corner of your desktop screen. You will notice the speaker or volume icon there; right-click on it. If you don’t find it there, no worries. There is a tiny upward-pointing error; clicking it reveals a small window. The volume icon must be there.
  • After providing a right-click, select “Open Volume Mixer.” A new window will appear where you will see multiple volume bars. There will be a volume bar for “Discord.” Keep the volume for that bar at least 30%. Also, it is important to avoid keeping it too low.

If this method doesn’t work for you, I suggest following the next method.

Method 02

  • Click on the Start Menu and visit Settings.
  • Then go to System and select the sound tab available on the left.
  • Now scroll down. Open App Volume Device Preferences
  • Adjusting the volume for any application will be straightforward from this Menu.

Solution #04: Check the Audio Settings of Discord

Are you still not hearing from another user after turning off the deafen feature? Then it is time to check the audio settings of Discord. Here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 01: Click the Cogwheel on the Deafen’s right to open User Settings.

Step 02: On the left, many multiple categories of different settings are available. Click on the Voice & Video section.

Step 03: Check the output device to see whether the correct speakers or headphones are selected.

Step 04: At the same time, consider checking the volume bar. It should be a set minimum of 50%.

Solution #05: Try Website Version

So, none of the above methods is working for you? Hopefully, the website version of Discord will help you fix the problem.

Step 01: Open Chrome/Firefox or other browsers you use on your desktop or laptop.

Step 02: Select the address bar and type Then write your username and password to log in. Next, join a voice channel. This will let you know whether you can hear your group members.

Solution #06: Discord Reinstalling

In case the Discord web version works but the PC or laptop application doesn’t consider reinstalling the Discord app. So, how to do so? Let’s read it from the below steps.

Step 01: Go to Start Menu and type Discord.

Step 02: Hover your mouse on Discord and right-click on it. Then select Uninstall.

Step 03: Thus, a new window will appear named Programs and Features. You will find Discord in this window.

Step 04: After selecting Discord, hit Uninstall.

Step 05: Once the Uninstall process is completed, go to the official website of Discord and download the desktop app.

Step 06: Begin the setup process.

Step 07: Follow the instructions of the installation process and finish installing. Next, open Discord.

I believe this method will fix the server deafen discord problem. This way, you can hear from your friends when getting voice messages or screen sharing. 

Solution #07: Change the Server Region

The reason for server deafen Discord happens either for your desktop/laptop or the application. Sometimes, this complication happens due to the server region. It occurs basically when the Discord server goes under maintenance.

In this case, switching the server region will be useful. Read the below methods carefully.

Method 01

  • Hover your mouse over the Server icon and right-click. Choose Server Settings.
  • The Overview tab has a dropdown menu. Click on it to change the region.
  • Switch the server region by selecting the closest to your location.

Method 02

Regions are being dedicated to voice channels rather than the whole server, meaning changing regions for voice channels needs a separate procedure. Here are the steps to switch voice channels.

  • Click on the voice channel name. Then select Cogwheel
  • There is a Drop-Down Menu named Region Override. Select a different region from the menu.
  • After switching your region successfully, rejoin a voice channel. Check if you are hearing from your group members or friends.

Discord Deafen vs Mute – What is the Difference?

Discord deafen and mute are closely related to each other. But they are different. The mute function is incredibly helpful if you don’t prefer to hear from other users.

Moreover, using the mute function, you will be unable to hear a text message or voice from a user. However, the user can receive voice messages and texts from others.

Discord deafen performs when you don’t want to receive voice messages from that particular user or other channel members.  

You can deafen yourself, too; thus, you won’t hear from other channel members. It means you are muting yourself.

How To Deafen On Discord Mobile

Final Words

Discord users and gamers can have significant fun by communicating with them remotely. Using the deafen function, you may prevent a channel member from receiving voice messages or from listening to them. But you might want to disable the function and don’t know how. Then this guide on how to fix server deafen discord comes into play. Hopefully, you can effortlessly fix the issue.

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