How to remove highlighting in Word from copied text

One of the most popular Microsoft Office programs is Word. It enables you to create, modify, and view documents with a variety of options, including Bold and Text Highlight Colors, and many more. Additionally, you can copy and paste information from other programs.

But, when you copy any text from a website and then paste the text into Word, you can see that the pasted text is highlighted or have a gray color. It’s possible to unhighlight the pastes words in a normal form.

So, if you are finding How to remove highlighting in Word from copied text, just go as follows.

highlighting in Word

How to remove highlighting in Word from copied text:

It is simple to remove a highlighted section of text in Word. 

Here are some methods to fix this problem easily.

Method 1: Shortcut method:

You can unhighlight or remove the copied text in Word by shortcut method:

  • Using your keyboard’s CTRL + Alt keys, choose the highlighted text or the entire document.
  • Now press CTRL + Alt + H on your keyboard, and that will remove the highlighted text in Word.

Method 2: By Selecting “No Color”:

Another shortcut method for unhighlighted the copied text is:

  • Select all the copied text by using the keyboard CTRL+ALT keys.
  • Go to the “home” Tab.
  • Now To open the relevant palette, click the arrow next to the shading option.
  • Lastly, click “No color” in the highlighted gallery.

Method 3: Using Find and Replace Function:

Alternatively, to quickly unhighlight the copied text, try the following method:

  • In your MS Word, Go to the “Home” Tab.
  • Click “Replace” from the editing ribbon.
  • In your document, a new box marked “Find and Replace” now appears. Ensure that you are in the Replace tab in the top menu.
  • For further steps, Click “More.”
  • Then, select “Format” in the box’s lower left corner.
  • You will see Format: Highlight below the line “Find what.”
  • Now place the cursor on the Replace option.
  • Select “Highlight” under the “Format” option.
  •  If you click on Format and choose Highlight once more, it will say Not Highlight.
  • Finally, click “Replace all.” Now all the highlighted words will be unhighlighted.

Method 4: Clear Formatting Option:

While trying to figure out how to remove highlights from MS Word, you can choose the formatting option. Here you go,

  • Go to the ‘Home” Tab.
  • Select all the Highlighted text and then search the “Clear formatting” option from the ribbon and tap it.

Method 5: Default paste setting adjustments:

Additionally, you have the option to change a few of the default paste settings in Microsoft Word. Thus your copied text will paste into plain text.

Here are the steps,

  • Go to the “Home” tab, then select the “Paste” option from the left corner of the tab.
  • Now Select the “Set default Paste” option.
  • Then, Select “Keep Text Only” from the “Cut, Copy, Paste” editing menu.
  • Click “ok” to done the process.

As a result, you’ll be able to paste the text again without any formatting.

Can’t remove highlighting in Word:

You don’t need to worry if you can’t remove the highlighted text in Word. There are so many options for unhighlighted text in Word.

Microsoft Word has a useful, easy option to Clear all formatting that will remove all the highlighted words in a single tap!

With the above methods, you can easily remove highlighted words from WORD. So, you can follow any one method from these:

  1. Select the “Clear formatting option” and tap it.
  2. Select the “No Color” option from the Highlight palate.
  3. Adjust the “Set Default paste” setting to “keep text only.”
  4. Using the Shortcut method. Select all the highlighted text and click CTRL + Alt + H on the keyboard.
  5. By using the “Find and replace” option.

How to remove Highlight from copied text in Messenger:

When you copy text from Messenger and paste it, the text background turns blue, or your copied text is highlighted automatically in MS WORD. 

But it’s not a serious issue. You can easily unhighlighted it by using any method from below:

  1. Using the “Clear formatting option.”
  2. Using the “No Color” option from the Highlight palate.
  3. Adjust the “Set Default paste” setting to “keep text only.”
  4. Using the Shortcut method. (Select all the highlighted text and click CTRL + Alt + H on the keyboard).
  5. Using the “Find and replace” option.

Thus, just pick any one method of these and solve your problem quickly.

How to remove Highlight in Word from copied text on mac:

remove Highlight in Word

Like other devices, you can also remove the highlighted text in Word on mac. The steps are easy, like in windows or Microsoft. 

To unhighlighted copied text in Word on mac, go as follow:

  • Firstly, Move the mouse pointer over the highlighted text.
  • Then click the “Delete” option.

If the Delete button is not visible, it indicates that the Highlight was added as a color behind the text. You’ve to remove the background color to get rid of it. Here is the method of removing the background text color:

  • Select the copied text and Click the “Style” button in the top-right corner of the “Format” sidebar.
  • Then, Select “More Text” Options from the “Font” section.
  • Click the color well to the left of Text Background, then click the swatch in the bottom-right corner with the diagonal line.

How to remove background color in Word after copied text:

In a Word document, removing the background shading of text is quite simple. Follow the instructions below to clear the background color of copied text in MS Word:

  • AT first, select all the copied text in Word.
  • Now go to the “Home” tab and select the arrow sign to the right of the Shading icon.
  • After that, In the shading fill box, select No color.

Thus, your copied text turns into No Colored Background. 


How can I remove highlighting in macOS?

It’s an easy process. Just do as follow:

1. Press “Ctrl+A” on keyboards to select all text in the document.
2. Select the arrow next to the Text “Highlight” Color from the “Home” panel. And choose “no color.”

That’s it!

Why can’t I stop the text from being highlighted?

Highlighting is a formatting, for which, when you begin a new paragraph, it will automatically continue in that paragraph.

To stop highlighting:

1. Create a new paragraph and Select the full paragraph by clicking in the left margin.
2. To Clear formatting, click Ctrl+Spacebar.

If the style is still highlighted, click Shift+F1 and check the Show Style Source box at the bottom of the Reveal Formatting pane.

If the style is still highlighted, click Shift+F1 and check the Show Style Source box at the bottom of the Reveal Formatting pane.

Final Thoughts!!

However, as MS word is the world-wide most popular using document pad, people use it for both personal and corporate purposes. Make a perfect word document; it needs to be written in s perfect format.

Above all, with the best solution, you may find out How to remove highlighting in Word from copied text quickly.

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